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Free Online Casino Strategies Ar Here. If you are a beginner and you decided to play online slot machines games for the first time, we advice you to choose your playing method. You want to play for real money or just for fun?

You will register in the Casino and you can start playing in training mode or you can try the appliances which offer free bonuses.

These appliances can be found in every casino sites. The most popular slot machines you can find and play on our site, without having obligation of registration.

To find out which game appliances are the most popular, we made a rating on the basis of the annual statistics of players who played on these games and Free Online Casino Strategies. If you have been playing in practice mode any time in online casinos on our website at free slot games, then you can begin to play also with real money. In each article you will find the answers for all the questions you may have, then you can chose a suitable casino where you can play with real money. Nowadays it is very simple to deposit your account with money, even if you don’t know well how the electronic payment system is working.

As I consider important, the fact that we should speak about the problems which may occur during the registration on the actual casino site and playing with real money. Registration in online casino may scare you, but we must remember the fact that the casino keeps your personal information confidentially. In particular this procedure at any online casino does not take more than 2 minutes, and does not require any special skill, all the personal information are strictly hidden.

After registering in the Casino, you can easily upload your account with money just going to the “Cashier” section, where you will be offered by various methods of depositing. About this procedure read special articles on our site.

There is an advantage in registration into an online casino directly from our website. All the casinos which appear on our website you can be sure that are personally tested by our professional team. We are offering you a various variety of online casino games, you can also read our strategies and test yourself using our free slot games. We wish you big prizes and good luck in gaming.

If you are seriously decided to gambling in any casino site offered by us, first of all you will need a comprehensive study. In the case if you want to make real money and you are not playing just for fun, first of all you should choose the best type of game. As an example the casino has a small advantage in the case of the Roulette and Blackjack, which has been confirmed by some figures. Thus in online Blackjack game casino advantage is just 0.43%, but in various other “Flash points” this hint goes down even up to 0,15%! In mathematics there is a very simple explanation: in Blackjack the player’s and the dealer’s chances of winning are basically equal. They both have the same conditions of the game, but still there is a distinct advantage for the dealer. To get more information about Blackjack strategies, read more on Blackjack strategy page.

In the case of the roulette, here also we can split the game into two types: European and American. In the case of American Roulette the advantage of the casino is almost 5,26%, thanks to the presence of double-0. While in European Roulette, this advantage is just 2.70%.

Like one of the most profitable card games that Blackjack, also the Baccara can be considered (consider the Casino advantage of 1.06% to 14%) a very profitable card game.

The idea is that these games are the most profitable for players, which are demonstrated in the conditions offered by the virtual casino bonuses. If you want to get a first deposit bonus in the actual online casino, just take a look around on the conditions offered by the casino. Read carefully about the wagers of the bonus offered by the casino.

Very often we hear the sentence that we must stop playing if we lost a huge amount, which is a very good advice. The problem is that sometimes it can be impossible to stop the game, but you must make this step to avoid losing all of your money.

It is not so hard to win playing on the slot machines. The hardest is to keep your gains instead of playing again. Therefore the most common mistake is when somebody cannot sit out from a winning position. The appetite of the winning players later becomes increasingly larger. Unfortunately in time they could lose all of their money. In a long term if you want to be profitable you have to put away a certain amount from all of your winnings. You have to set a goal, and if you reached it you have to put away or withdraw a certain amount from your account.

Therefore before playing in a casino, you have to ask yourself 3 simple questions:

  1. I’ll bet all of my winnings?
  2. How much of my funds will I use for the upcoming game?
  3. Can I put aside a certain amount of each winning in order to use it for future games?

If your answer for question number 3 is Yes, what percentage of your earnings can you put aside? 25%, 50%, 75%? For example if you will win 100 USD, you will put aside $ 25, $ 50 or $ 75?

No matter what amount you choose, it will represent your financial goal for that day.

Setting your financial goal is a big advantage, you’ll keep the peace and you can control emotions, regardless of what is going to happen. With no contact with other players you can control yourself and you won’t make spontaneously improper decisions.

The first step is to clear your mind. Thanks to the game experiences the goal is to enjoy it.