Every day, we receive many questions relating to online casino gambling. As a result, we have put together a detailed list of the most common frequently asked questions. To make work easier for you, we have simplified all the answers that you will find here.

However, all the answers have the best information/details that you may be looking for.

⭐ How Do I Join An Online Casino?

This is easy to do as most online casinos offer a straightforward process that is easy for everyone. In most cases, all that is required for you is to click the “Join” icon. This will then direct you to a page that will require you to enter some personal details. These details may include your name and contacts.

⭐ Are The Games On Online Casinos Fair?

In most cases, yes they do. A majority of online casinos offer games that are completely fair while using the assistance of the random number generators (RNGs) to enhance the results. Since the RNGs are computer-based programs, there is no way a casino can be able to alter the results. This is why you are most likely going to find similar results in most casinos (including live casinos).

⭐ How Do I Deposit And Withdraw Money?

Most online casinos offer different options that you can use to deposit and withdraw funds. Credit cards and debit cards are widely accepted as they are the most popular. You will also find other forms of payments like E-wallets (Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller). Well established casinos offer other modes of payments like bitcoins, money transfer (via Western Union and MoneyGram), cheque and even bank transfer.

⭐ How Safe Is My Money On Online Casinos?

Although there are one or two rogue online casinos, most others are honest and will safely keep your money. A majority of top online casinos are duly licenced, and they are generally operated by companies that have built a reputable online presence. With such casinos, you can rest assured that your funds are safe, and your winnings will be paid out within a reasonable timeframe.

⭐ Are Casino Winnings Taxable?

This purely depends on the laws that govern the gambling industry in your country. There are some countries that deduct taxes from casino winnings, while others don’t. Additionally, taxes on these types of winnings depend on other factors like the amount of money won. For example, if you win a large jackpot, it is important to consult a qualified professional so that they can advise you of any tax liability that is required from you.

⭐ Which Games Are The Best To Play?

Although a lot of players argue that the best games to play are the ones that offer the lowest house edge while costing less, our belief is that the best online casino games to play are the ones that you prefer. For long term earnings, go for games with a low house edge. If you want huge instant wins, slots will come in handy with their big jackpots.  

⭐ Are Casino Games Purely Dependent On Luck?

To some extent yes they are. As a matter of fact, all games (and not just casino games), are based on luck. However, some games will require an element of strategy. There is no known game that uses a betting strategy to overcome the house edge, however, you can use a betting strategy to minimise the effects of the house edge.

⭐ Can I Win Playing Casino Games?

Yes, you can. Since casinos are random in nature, they give you an opportunity to overcome the odds; this is where luck plays a role.  Considering that betting odds are always against you, it means you have higher chances of losing than you have in winning. However, short term wins are quite possible.  

⭐ Can I Play Casino Games From A Mobile Device?

Yes, you can. A majority of online casinos have a number of games that are easily compatible with mobile the latest devices. Additionally, there are some games that you can play using specific apps that you can download on your mobile device.

⭐ Can I Use Apple Macs To Play On Online Casinos?

Not all of them, but there are plenty of options for Mac users. A casino that offers instant games is usually compatible with Macs.

⭐ Do I Need To Download Any Software?

It all depends on the casino. There are those that require you use downloaded software, while others do not have this requirement, as they offer “instant games”. With instant games, you can play them directly from your web browser. Most online casinos provide both versions of the games.

⭐ What Are Live Dealer Games?

These types of games offer a whole new concept to online casino players. Live dealer games give you the opportunity to experience a real (land-based) casino experience. These types of games feature real-life dealers who use real tables: with all the action beamed directly to your computer screen via a live video feed. You play the games in the usual way, with the dealers acting according to your instructions.

⭐ What are Casino Bonuses?

In gambling, there are a number of different types of casino bonuses. These are the added chips that a casino may offer you as a reward, for making a deposit or for other reasons. Bonuses are available on most online casinos, and they are offered to both new and existing customers.

⭐ What Are VIP Programs And Comp Points?

These are just two different entities that online casinos use to reward players.

The comp points that you earn can then be converted into cash. Most online casinos that offer comp points will enrol you to the program automatically.

⭐ Where Do I Find The Casino’s Gambling Licence?

Legitimate and honest online casinos usually display their licence at the tail bottom of their website. You will also find a lot of details regarding their monthly payout reports as well as the licencing bodies and jurisdiction. The most reputable licences are offered by gaming regulators like eCogra, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Malta LGA, Government of Gibraltar, and the Isle of Man.

⭐ What Currencies Are Allowed On Online Casinos?

Top-rated online casinos have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the currency that they allow on their platform. These currencies include US dollars, Euros, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, and UK pounds. You can deposit and withdraw your winnings using the currency of your choice.

⭐ Can I Use More Than One Payment Method?

Yes, most online casinos allow players to use more than one deposit and withdrawal options. However, due to fraud, online casinos do not allow players to deposit with a certain method and withdraw to another. For example, a casino will not accept a deposit using a card, and withdrawal by to something different like a bank transfer.  Withdrawal requests are only processed to the same method that was used to make a deposit.

⭐ What Does Reverse A Withdrawal Feature Mean?

To reverse a withdrawal means that you have a limited time to return the whole or portion of your withdrawal back to your gaming account and continue playing instead of making a deposit. Not all online casinos offer this feature; please check our Online Casino Reviews to find out more.

⭐ What Are Wagering Requirements?

Most often, accepting a bonus requires the meeting of wagering requirements, also referred to as play-through requirements before you can withdraw your winnings. Wagering means every single bet you place on a game, no matter if you're winning or losing. This simply means that you have to keep betting until you have bet a certain amount of money for your bonus to clear.

⭐ What Is A Match Bonus And How Do I Get It?

One basic casino rule is that more money more bonuses. Each time you deposit money into an online casino; you will be awarded a bonus when applicable. Depending on the casinos or the active promotion, these added amounts could be a 100% match to your deposit or more. For example, if you make a deposit of €/£/$500 with a 100% deposit bonus, your deposit will be pushed to a total of €/£/$1,000. However, before making any deposit, ensure you read the casino terms and conditions to ensure that you qualify.

⭐ What Does A Blacklisted Casino Mean?

If you come across a casino that has been blacklisted, it means that there are certain things that the casinos are doing that are not allowed in this industry. Some of the reasons why a casino may find itself blacklisted include false advertising, plagiarism (theft of content), spamming and failure to pay players who have legitimately won. Before you engage in any online casino, does your due diligence online to ensure that it is not blacklisted somewhere.

⭐ How Can I Use A Free Spin?

As part of the bonus, there are some online casinos that award you some free spins. These spins are very helpful, especially if you want to try out a new slot machine without risking your own cash.  In most scenarios, online casinos award these free spins for a specific slot machine. If the casino awards you a free spin, you will see a pop-up notification indicating the number of free spins that you have been awarded. Just click and the spin will be yours. If you get any winning as a result of the free spins, you will be required to meet the wagering requirements set by the casino before you can be able to withdraw the funds.

⭐ Are There Any Free Games At Online Casinos?

Yes. Almost all online casinos offer a free demo on a wide variety of games. This is a great way to “test the waters” before you can fully commit to a game or to the casino. However, before a casino allows you to try out their free games, most will require you to register for an account. This means that all requirements that are needed from a paying player must be fulfilled. This includes the legal age of gambling, as well as a valid proof of address and identification.

⭐ Which Casino Games Are Most Profitable?

As a matter of fact, slots are considered the most profitable casino games.  However, before concluding on the profitability of a casino game, you need to consider a few things like the Volatility, Payout, and the number of times that you can manage to play the game in an hour. If we use this criterion to judge the profitability of the casino game, then it places games like blackjack and poker far below slots.

⭐ If I Have A Complaint Or Problem, Who Do I Contact?

Online casinos experience a few challenges that a player may find to be quite disturbing. However, the most common complaints include suspected fixed games, failed/pending withdrawals and missing bonuses.  If you suspect a serious issue like fixed Games, you need to send a detailed report (include records of your gameplay), to the casino operator.  Ensure you have enough proof that the casino is engaging in mischief.

⭐ Is It Safe To Use My Credit/Debit Card At Online Casinos?

Yes, absolutely. Most legitimate casinos are interested in safeguarding your private information; hence, they use some measures to protect all credit/debit card details. This includes the use of a secured server that is also protected by the strongest and latest firewall systems. However, if you are still not convinced of the security of your card, you can use other forms of payments available on most casinos.

⭐ What Is RTP And How Does It Affect A Player?

RTP are initials that are used in gambling to mean Return to Player. These are some types of percentages that are set by independent auditing companies, and their main purpose is to guide a player on the expected average rate of return for the games that they play. For example, if you come across an RTP of 96%, it means that for every dollar that you use to play, you can expect a win back of 96 cents.