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About European Roulette Casino Game


European Roulette Casino GameEuropean Roulette is one of the most challenging game played in casinos all over the world. This version of roulette has 37 chambers and is the same as French Roulette, compared to American one that has 38. Although this may haveĀ a small difference, it is rather significant as it nearly divide divide the house edge!



How to Play European Roulette Casino Game

If you are a new player of the roulette casino games, at the first sight it may be a little bit intimidating, but after you’ll catch up with the rules, we guarantee a lot of fun šŸ™‚

First rule first, you have to pull up a stool and settle in for a go at this emblematicĀ casino game! Next, make your bets. On any single spin, you are allowed to make any combination of the following bets:

Ranges: Guess whether the number will be in the upper or lower half of the numbers; whether it will be in the first, second or third thirds; or if it will land in the first, second or third ‘column.’

Pairs or quadrants: Put your chips between numbers to bet on pairs or quadrants of numbers.

Odd or even: Pick whether the ball will come up even or odd.

Red or black: Decide whether you think the next number will be red or black.

Single number: Pick the single number you think will come up.

Once you have made your choices, click spin and cross your fingers! The payouts for each type of bet and the maximum wager that can be placed on each type of bet are listed in the pay table.


European Roulette Payouts

Here are the basic bets on the European Roulette table and the payouts for each:

Single Number Bet – 35 to 1 payout; this bet is placed in the middle of the number.
Two Number Bets – 17 to 1 payout; this bet is placed on the line between two numbers.
Three Number Bets – 11 to 1 payout; this bet is placed on the outside line of a column of 3 numbers.
Four Number Bets – 8 to 1 payout; this bet is placed where the four corners of the numbers meet.
Six Number Bets – 5 to 1 payout; this bet is placed on the outside line where the 2 columns meet.
Twelve Number Bets – 2 to 1 payout; bet can be placed on a 2 to 1 Rows or 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12.
Eighteen Number Bets – 1 to 1 payout; bet can be placed on Red/Black, Odd/Even or 1-18/19-36.