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How to Successfully Gamble on United States Online Casinos 2022

Whether you are on the hunt for a new online casino, or you just want to compare notes, here is a comprehensive guide that will help you get the best out of the United States online casinos.

This guide has taken hours of research, from the available games to the payment methods. Also, included are the legal status of online gambling in the entire 50 states in the US.

We have used the simplest of words to help you escape the struggle of having to understand the heavy jargon that can sometimes make online gambling look like a complex activity.

Selecting the Best Online Casinos in the USA

Before giving any online gamer the greenlight to gamble on any of the suggested USA online casinos, it is important that you first understand the process that determines the credibility of the casino.

A few of these important factors include:

Availability of Trusted US Banking Options

Many countries place strict laws when it comes to gambling, and the USA is no exception. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) came up with a cap that limited the type of banking methods that can be allowed at American casinos.

One of the major culprits was E-wallets like Neteller. However, after much consultation, and considering that Neteller got the largest income from USA businesses, this method was reintroduced on online casinos back in 2013.

It is now possible to use it to make instant deposits on most USA online casinos.

Credit/Debit cards are the other convenient payment method that you can use to transact on online casinos.

The most widely accepted types of Visa Credit Cards include Maestro, Visa Electron, and Visa Debit.

These cards are straightforward, and the best part about them is that they allow very flexible transaction limits.

However, before making these cards your primary method of payment on online casinos, ensure that you are in a regulated area, otherwise, the card payment will most likely be declined.

E-wallets are also popular on online casinos, and the two most favoured in the US gambling market are Paypal and Neteller.

With some cash in any of these, you can flawlessly deposit on your gambling account.

PayPal is more preferred in regulated markets, especially in areas like Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Cryptocurrencies are the other popular types of online payments, and online gambling has embraced them so well.

Some of the most common include Bitcoin and Litecoin, and many gamblers who prefer to remain, anonymous love them since they leave no trace.

Also, cryptocurrencies have very low transaction fees, and with only a Bitcoin wallet, you are good to go.

Many good online casinos provide players with a wide array of games to choose from, and USA online casinos are good at this.

United States Online CasinosA majority are regularly updating their game catalogues with new titles, and this ensures that players always have something new to look forward to.

Trusted online site in the US offer games like:

Slots and table games – these two types are by far the most common, and easy to play games.

You will find them on USA online casinos in their hundreds, including titles that offer massive progressive jackpots.

Many USA gamblers also love table games like American Roulette, and this is available at almost all online casinos that serve the US market. You can also try the less common variants that include the French and the European Roulette.

Blackjack, Baccarat, and Craps are available as well, and you will especially love them if you want to challenge your skills.

Live dealer games are there too! If you want to enjoy a more land-based casino experience without stepping out of the house, then the live dealer section will do wonders for you.

Many online USA casinos offer this type of gaming, which is fun and more enjoyable. Engage with real humans (live dealers), during gameplay.

Common games that you can play in the live casino include blackjack and roulette. You get the same land-based casino experience since games are streamed live via HD modern studios.

If you are in a state that has banned gambling, you will have other options like lotteries, bingo, horse racing, and keno.

Legitimate and Safe Online Gambling

Despite it being the superpower of the world, the US has not fully embraced the revolution that is being witnessed in the gambling industry, Actually, many states still rely on gambling laws that are centuries old.

It’s important that you only engage legally licensed online casinos, as you do not want to get in trouble with the authority.

Also, ensure that your state allows any form of gambling before you can engage in real money casino games.

Some of the top-rated online casinos that serve the US market include:

Bonus Offers Common on USA Online Casinos

Land-based casinos are famous for bonuses and other promotions that they regularly offer their customers.

Online casinos are not left behind, and they have also become a source of all types of bonuses and rewards.

Bonuses that you are likely going to find on US online casinos include VIP programs, Welcome Bonuses, Free Spins, and other jaw-dropping rewards like No Deposit bonuses.

Although there is a limited number of online casinos that are well regulated for the USA market, the few that are available have all that you need to enjoy fun and profitable gaming.

The more you play, the more points you collect. Most online casinos use these points in the VIP program, with more giving you a higher VIP level.

Welcome bonuses are the most common type of online casino bonuses, and many people love them because of how generous they are.

Most online casinos in the USA offer up to a 100% match up bonus after you make your first deposit.

For example, the first deposit of $100 will give you an extra $100 to play with.

Such an offer offers a great boost to your initial bankroll. Just make sure that the wagering requirements are not prohibitive, and it's something you can easily achieve within the set limit.

While gambling laws in the US massively vary by state, the good news is that many states now permit some form of offline or online gambling.

Customer Care Services

Obviously, online gambling means that everything is done virtually. Therefore, you will need online help should you encounter some problems along the way.

For this reason, it is extremely important for USA online casinos to provide the most convenient methods that players can use to seek help.

Live chat is the most prefered method, but others like telephone, email, or social media contact can be of help.

The most efficient customer service should be available 24/7.

Simple User Interface

This is another area that you need to pay a lot of attention to. Since all the activity will take place on the site, a good online casino must provide users with clear, and simple interfaces.

You must be able to navigate all the pages with ease, and you can make a personal test drive to get the real ‘feeling’ of the available pages.

If you can move around easily, then you are in good hands, but if you have difficulties finding information, it's time to move on to another site.

Also, the casino should make work easier for you by providing a search bar. With such a tool, you can look for all the information that you need with just a click of the button.

Graphics Quality

Online gambling takes a considerable amount of time, and the last thing you want is to spend hours on dull, and visually unattractive US casino sites.

A good US online casino must provide you with high-quality graphics, which should not only be engaging but one that gives you a great overall experience.

Look for reviews from previous users, and see how they compare the game’s graphics.

Also, you can try the free version of the game to understand its features, and potential before using real cash.

This is a great way to get the ‘feel of the game before you can deposit a single dime on the site.

The US doesn’t have very clear gambling rules, and only a handful of states have proper gambling regulations.

The government has not set any law that punishes anyone who places an online bet, however, it is against the federal law (Federal Wire Act of 1961) for any website to accept an online sports bet.

This uncertainty in gambling laws has not stopped the huge proliferation of land-based casinos within the USA, with many more moving their services online.

Some US states that allow online gambling include:

  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Michigan
  • Pennsylvania
  • Nevada
  • West Virginia

Legal Sports Betting is also allowed by a few states and they include:

  • Iowa
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • New Hampshire
  • Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Montana
  • Oregon

More states are also considering online sports betting and they include:

  • North Carolina
  • Kansas
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Tennessee
  • California
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Missouri

A Glance at the Future of Gambling in the USA

It is believed that online gambling is the fastest growing industry, and it is projected to be worth more than $102.97 billion by 2025.

In the coming years, regulated gambling markets in the US will bring in billions of dollars in revenue.

Currently, online gambling in the US is booming, and as more states push for its legalization, things are projected to become even better.

In the meantime, USA online casino gamblers are still able to access certain casinos and place bets on popular games like slots, craps, and even blackjack.


Online gambling is fun, and profitable at the same time. However, before you gamble online, always ensure that the US online casino you want to engage in is safe.

Do some homework concerning their legitimacy, data safety, withdrawals, and other sensitive information associated with online gambling

If you are not very sure of the casino, you can take extra precaution by limiting your deposits.

Lastly, if something doesn’t feel right, it is probably not right, and it is wise to walk away.

FAQs About US Online Casinos

⭐ Are there any online casinos that accept US gamers?

Yes. However, to be allowed on the online casino, you must be a resident of a state that has legalized online gambling.

⭐ Can I play and win real money at US online casinos?

Yes. Provided that your state allows this form of gambling, it is absolutely possible to play and win real cash on online casinos.

⭐ I’m new to online gambling, can I play for free?

Yes, this is very possible since many online casinos offer a demo/free version of the available games.

With these free games, you can practice as much as possible, and also learn more about how the games work without spending a dime.

⭐ Will the casino allow me to cash out the bonus?

Yes. However, the bonus cannot be cashed immediately because it comes with some terms that you must meet.

One such requirement is wagering. A majority of online casinos require you to wager the bonus between 25 and 45 times, within a certain timespan, before you can be allowed to withdraw it.

⭐ Is there an age limit for USA online betting?

Yes. Most jurisdictions require at least 18 years of age, but in the US, the minimum legal age for online gamblers is 21 years.

⭐ Do I need to pay to access an online casino?

No. All that you are required to do is to sign up for a free gaming account. However, depending on the casino, there could be hidden charges for financial transactions.

Always read the terms associated with each online casino that you want to gamble on.

⭐ Do I have better chances of winning if I play using my mobile gadget?

You have an equal opportunity with the player who is using a computer or a tablet. This is because online games have random number generators (rng), which makes them games of chance.