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The gambling industry is one that boasts of many players, but in reality, not all of them offer top-notch quality regarding entertainment and value. One gambling platform that will always be mentioned when the casino business is discussed is the Barbados Casino. Barbados Casino has been around for some time now and has made much impact in the gambling world collecting a significant market share in the process. This casino boasts of having everything that interests the average casino game player from their well-designed website to the availability of thrilling games remains the casino to beat.


How Easy Can You Select a Game?

I have visited a lot of casino websites, but I must say that I saw something different when I visited Barbados Casino website. In the first place, it is essential that I mention that is available in a lot of platforms like Windows, Android and the rest. So it does not matter what platform you are using, you can always play. However, this is not even what thrilled me the most. What I found very surprising is the availability of top-notch games in the system, but this did not affect the process of searching for any game you desire. For instance, despite that there are lots of games in the system; you can easily search for any specific game by using the filters available on the website. Apart from that, contrary to what I thought initially that I would have to download software before playing any game at Barbados, I found out that there was no need to download any software before playing any game in the website. I was happy about this because I have seen some other casino brands that require players to first download and install particular software before playing any game on their platform. The idea of installing software on my device no matter what it does is something I find difficult to do so the Barbados arrangement ticked my box and I was able to enjoy top-notch games with ease. The only thing that did not impress me is that there is a limited collection of games. The truth is that I expected a lot more from Barbados Casino through the ones available made a whole lot of sense.

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Payment and Withdrawal Methods on Barbados Casino

There are different payment and withdrawal plans on Barbados Casino as I was able to find out when browsing through their website. I also noticed that Barbados Casino welcomes people from many countries to play and enjoy. What I took away from the payment and withdrawal system

  • You can play for free with a demo account where you can experience the whole gaming experience without having to make any money deposits. For beginners, this demo version seems to be the best opportunity to check what is in stock at Barbados Casino just for free. I decided to test the waters by playing the demo version for free to familiarize myself with the platform and also see the possibilities that abound in the website. I can boldly say that playing for free as a beginner is good. You can play for free at on mobile or for desktop before jumping into the real deal later on.
  • For depositing on the platform, I used conventional payment processors like MasterCard to my account with money, and it was successful and fast. However, I have seen other players use different payment systems at Barbados Casino, and everything went on fine. Barbados Casino offers other payment systems like Visa, Skrill, Entropay, Neteller, Trustly or other e-wallet providers’ payment system that appeals to you. You will see the various options on the website and make your choice. It is essential to that any transaction made using any payment method on the platform is safe and secured. At least many other players and I ate Barbados Casino I know have not encountered any problem with payment and withdraw.
  • Before I dived into playing on a larger scale, I played for free at the beginning, then made a little payment to test the water live and made some little withdrawals to see if indeed I can withdraw my significant earnings when the time comes. Barbados Casino passed the test as I was able to withdraw within minutes without hitches. To withdraw, you have to go to the withdrawal page and follow the instructions using any of the withdrawal options that appeal to you, and within minutes your funds are withdrawn to you, it is just as easy as that.
  • I am a bonus freak. In fact, what lured me into Barbados Casino was the eye catchy bonus it was offering. I got bonuses at Barbados Casino. At least I got my first deposit bonus after depositing just $10, and I couldn’t believe it. I also got about 50 free spins if I can remember clearly for just my first deposit of $ 10 and this reward was instant.

 How Much Does it Cost to Play at Barbados Casino

It really depends on you. I started playing for free before I became serious. You can decide to play for free before making any financial commitment, it is allowed. The free demo platform I open to all and you can use it to build your confidence as I did so that you can dive in fully when you become very comfortable with the system

What Does Upgrading to VIP at Barbados Casino Give You?

Upgrading to VIP comes with a lot of goodies which include VIP monthly cash back where you have the opportunity to get back your money at the end of the month. Therefore, you can play as much as you like and also stand the chance of getting your money back. There is also a reward point you get that can be converted to cash as you climb the VIP ladder from bronze to Prestige VIP level.

Security and Customers’ Privacy at Barbados Casino

Barbados Casino boasts of top-notch security of customers’ payment information. They employ some of the best anti-fraud services to protect against fraud in their platform. Like I mentioned earlier, you are very safe with Barbados as I have not had any credit card security issue since I started playing at Barbados Casino. For the avoidance of doubt, it is essential that I mention your funds are secured with a 128 bit SSL Encryption technology as well as fraud prevention protocol. With this, all your transaction on the platform is safe and secured.

Customer service is excellent at Barbados Casino. I remember when I started initially and was running into some issues I couldn’t understand at that time, the customer service always helped me out and I contacted them through their live chat and sometimes I sent an email. In the end, the issues were always resolved. However, it is important to note that customer support at Barbados is not 24/7 and this could be a disadvantage when using the platform.

I enjoyed or should I say that I am still enjoying Barbados Casino, you can join and see for yourself.

Barbados Casino - 100 Free Spins + €200 Welcome Bonus T&C Applies