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BoVegas Online Casino is a newcomer

BoVegas Online CasinoWith all the Online Casinos opening up around the web every day, I find it increasingly hard to find one that satisfies my gambling need that is still trustworthy, engaging and, well, fun. I call it the might online casino trifecta, the top tree necessities that makes game time just so much better - carefree and enjoyable, as you will. True my standards might be a tad strict, but there’s no better way to guarantee that my time is spent well. Luckily, when time passes by, a real gem suddenly appears on the horizon and gives my game time a special treatment like BoVegas Casino.

Established in 2017, BoVegas Casino is a relative newcomer to the online gambling scene. Registered under the jurisdiction of Curacao, the casino caters to players worldwide and is fully supported in the USA.

So, what does this place have that makes it so damn special? Well, quite a few. BoVegas has a wide variety of games for any kind of player. With over a 100 of different slot games to boot and a generous dose of table games to match, literally, everyone is guaranteed a good time. As a blackjack fan myself, I was more than pleased by the game variations available and was simply eager to try them out one by one.


BoVegas Casino as for the games themselves?

Slot machinesHonestly, I wasn’t expecting much initially. BoVegas casino gives out an old-fashioned Vegas vibe when you log in, so I assumed the worst. Gladly, I was so very wrong. The games are refreshing, and they run smoothly without a hitch, which helps you get into that Vegas vibe and immerse yourself in your gameplay with no hassle, cuz let’s face it, no one likes lagging. As for the actual gameplay, like many other casinos, BoVegas gives players the option to either play online directly on site (No Add-on required and works using only flash) or download software that lets you play on your desktop. If you’re an on the go player like me, and like the comfort of playing during your end of day commute then fear not, as BoVegas is supported on all mobile devices as well.

And as for the bonuses? Well, let’s say that the people in BoVegas do know how to make you feel all warm inside. Right after you register (Using a hefty welcome bonus, mind you) you are automatically entered to the BoVegas VIP Club which is split into 4 categories. As a new player, I was obviously joined to the first level. A humble start, as I like to call it. Each level grants bigger and better bonuses, from birthday chips to cashback insurance and a personal account manager, which all the more really does make you feel oh so very special.

And probably the crème de la crème of all of this, you can talk with them on the phone, Toll Free, on all hours of the day, and on every single day of the week. If you got a hankering for some poker and 12 AM and you can seem to get in your account, if a game for some reason stopped working or even if you want to ask them a small question, the BoVegas support centre is always there, just open for you. It allowed me to be carefree and enjoy my playtime without any weight on my mind, which for me still means plenty.

Deposit and withdrawals are straightforward and user-friendly

Both withdrawals and deposit process proved no hassle at all. As common with other casinos, you are expected to wait through an approval process until your account is fully validated. BoVegas also features some of the most popular payment methods around, including the ever so popular Bitcoin, which makes the deposit process pretty straightforward and very easy. The available payment methods on BoVegas are:

  • Amex
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Bitcoin

BoVegas Casino Bonuses, Rewards and more.

Bonuses and RewardsHa bonuses, they’re really what makes the casino world go round and round a feel you up with an extra spice of excitement. True, you can never judge a casino by its bonuses, it’s literally like judging a book by its cover, but adding an extra boost to a place that already has so much to offer is just oh so nice. So, what do we have on BoVegas? To start with the thing that greets you at the door – the welcome bonus. There are two bonuses offered on you on start, both a 250% Match Bonus and a 300% Match bonus boost that need to be used together respectively. Let’s see, that translated to up to $5500 in welcome bonuses, I’d say that’s not too shabby at all.

After the door is already open and you're already in, the bonuses don’t stop coming. With weekly, monthly, special event and just a hey you, care for treat feel you get when they visit your mailbox and throw in another bonus here and there that make you feel all the more special.

Add this the exclusive bonuses and benefits the BoVegas VIP Club offers, and I’d say BoVegas can teach promotion making to other casinos around. But then again, who cares when you still get a choice to enjoy it all yourself?

Is there anything else to say about BoVegas Casino?

When I first visited BoVegas, I honestly did not know what to expect. Classic Vegas themes site have a tendency to disappoint at the time, but boy oh boy di BoVegas deliver.

Featuring game from RTG with an added bonus boost around really managed to make playtime all the more unique and fun and the blackjack variations made my game time all the more versatile. The slot games are a joy to play with too, and I am not even too much of a slot fan. There are so many genres and types you have a game for any mood.

The logistics of the site are just a delight to deal with as well. No one likes logistics and money handling but being able to deal with it so brilliantly easy and being able to talk to support all the time if you have a problem is an honest joy. If you are in search of a new place to try your luck at, BoVegas Casino deserves a visit.

BoVegas Casino FAQ

⭐ Who can play at BoVegas Casino?

Although there are a couple of countries that cannot access BoVegas Casino, many are allowed. You must be 18+ years to play on this casino.

The prohibited countries include India, Malaysia, Israel, Russian Federation, Poland, Hungary, Belarus, Costa Rica, and Ukraine.

⭐ I forgot my username. How can I retrieve it?

There are several ways through which you can reset your password. One is by contacting Customer Support. You can do this through email, or via Live Chat, and a representative from the casino will guide you through the process.

⭐ I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

To reset your password, go to the button marked "Forgot Password".  Enter the email that you used to register on the casino and a link with details on how to reset your password will be sent to you.

You may also reach the casino’s Customer Support via email or live chat, or even by making a telephone call.  

⭐ Can I have multiple accounts?

No. Unfortunately, BoVegas Casino does not allow multiple accounts from a single-player /household.

If you create multiple accounts, the casino reserves the right to suspend all the accounts and void all the funds.

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