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Kicking it off at Cherry Gold Casino

Cherry Gold CasinoWhile cruising around the casino sphere can be rather entertaining, that search for that elusive white whale of all casinos has gotten me quite stumped. Finding a place that’ll embody that thrillingly exciting feeling while bringing a great service and an overall performance is not unheard of, but can, unfortunately, be quite rare. That is why when I'm introduced to a place that manages to keep it all together and leaves me wanting more like Cherry Gold, I love paying it its well-deserved dues.

 My Cherry Gold Experience started off quite basic. While the site was rather inviting and user-friendly, parading a dark and red colour theme, I initially didn't regard it as highly as I should have as I wasn't hit with a surprised wow. But after actually navigating through the site and having the pleasure to experience it, I was taken aback by how enjoyable my overall experience was.

Cherry Gold Casino Games by The Dozen

From blackjack and poker to roulette and my personal favourite, the slots, game time should always be fun and should never be a bore, in my opinion at least. Keeping that in mind I always try to find a place where variety does not run short and the quality outweighs the quantity, which can be an effort on its own. Being a slot and an occasional blackjack aficionado myself, I try to check out the game library of any casino I visit before game time starts rolling to assure my favourite game genre is well represented, so to speak.

And its no surprise for a casino that boasts a name like Cherry Gold that the slot game variations came marching in with a mighty bang, and the selection did not fail to deliver. In addition, it doesn't hurt at all that the casino is powered by one of the most highly regarded gaming providers, or “slot vendors” around, Realtime Gaming.

With that in mind, it's no wonder that the slot selection is literally ruling the Cherry Gold site. From old favourites like Bubble Bubble and Cash Bandits to new popular and surprisingly delightful delights ranging from the Bubble Bubble and Cash Bandits sequels to Fu Chi, Dragon Orb, Kung Fu Rooster, and holiday sensations like Swindle all the way. Staying true to the RTG name, all games under the slot categories (at least the ones that I personally encountered) are packed with amusing and well-detailed symbols, an immersive and entertaining graphics performance and an all-around enjoyable theme and backstory. Why does a  slot game need a backstory you ask? Why does anybody need anything? Take that soda for instance. You don't need it but its just so much tastier than plain old water.

As for game time itself? The software seems to be running smoothly as I did not encounter any lags whatsoever on the on-site software option (available for download as well). Navigation and reaction time are pretty spot on too, and the overall game experience is both smooth and captivatingly fun.

Table Games and Live Casino

Table Games and Live CasinoWhenever you visit a website that flaunts its slots variety proudly and valiantly (if that's even a thing) you tend to put your worries over the proper representation of your favourite slot games. Whether its poker or my personal favourite, blackjack, table game lovers are people too (go figure) and luckily Cherry Gold has not made my 21 admiration go unnoticed.

True, the table game variety cannot compete with the slot selection, but in its essence, it is to be expected. The overall manner of table games differs completely from slot game, so while creating an entire array of different variations or game formats is appreciated, it is also rather unnecessary. That said, blackjack, in particular, appears to have quite a bit of different variations on the site, and they're all rather pleasant. From my personal favourite that is 21 Face Up to 21 Blackjack, Super 21, Suit ‘Em Up, European Blackjack, and Perfect Pairs.

If you're a fan of other table games Cherry Gold also features a wider range of video poker variations with over 15 Video Poker rooms available in addition to other table game variations like Keno, Pontoon, War, Three Card Rummy, Red Dog, Roulette, and Baccarat.

Cherry Gold Casino Welcome Bonus

New starts can be harsh, so it’s always nice to have a little tap around your back when you’re in a new place, casino or not.

That's where for me welcome bonuses come in. They're not just there to boost up your game time, although that's always a plus, they are here to give you that in entrance smile, that dare I say magical atmospherethat just makes you feel welcome.

You might think it's an exaggeration but I believe that just by seeing the welcome bonus a casino offers, you can predict how well your experience at a casino is going to end up as casinos that respect themselves and their clients tend to treat them better in the ‘Hello, how are you? Here's a treat on us!' aspect.

Keeping that in mind, I tend to basically dismiss places with what I call ‘not worth my time' bonus, without checking the bonus restriction and pause for gasp - you should never do that! While some bonuses could appear to be high and lucrative many casinos tend to place them under ridiculously restrictive requirements.

And back to our topic, Cherry Gold. The site features a substantial welcome bonus of 200% match bonus. And while it's rather good, it's honestly not something that would make you want to faint over it, if you do faint over stuff like this -But (and that is a huge but) the bonus can go a considerably long way and be much more lucrative then it seems with its no existing max cash out limit and a wagering requirement of only 30x.

Though while welcome bonuses can go a long way every player must remember that a welcome bonus is a one-time deal and the true promotional value of any casino never lies solely in its welcoming treats, but in the bonuses, it offers on a constant basis.

Cherry Gold Casino Promotional Offers

Promotional OffersBoosting up your game time should always be a treat, and if I'm honest the more the merrier has always been one of my favourite phrases. That said when quality, not quantity beats that title and jumps right up to be the all mighty reigning promotional queen, it's a truly stupendous delight and it shows. 

When it comes to Cherry Gold the reigning promotional queen's presence is loud and clear. Boasting a set of constantly changing promotions and showering you with an array of treats regularly. From the already mentioned welcome bonus to a month-long promotional event that changes regularly and a game of the month featurette, usually featuring match bonuses and a handful of free spins to get your reel time started.

Though let's face it, for us bonus junkies that are far from enough, and if you're anything like me when promotional time launches you like to hunker down and wait patiently for that boost to appear. Thankfully, at Cherry Gold, you don't seem to have to wait much at all. In addition to the regular promotional featurettes, you get limited-time events and all sort of other bonuses that come out and grace that cherry-colored screen. And let's face it, it really does make your game time just so much better.

Security and Financial

Now being in the casino scene for quite a while I learned a thing or two about how to distinguish certain casinos from each other and what to avoid. Being the ever-suspicious fella that I am, there are dozens of factors on my yes and no list, but the number one thing I always make sure is true to my standards a site's security protocol.

Taking all these into account when visiting a casino before playing for the first time, I always make sure to check everything before giving my information. Whether it's assuring that the page is secured or that the payment platform uses an encryption and that my details remain safe and protected. Thankfully, and in quite an elegant way, Cherry Gold manages to check the v on any one of these standards, and while you might think it should be obvious for every casino to follow, somehow it's not, and you do have casinos out there that just let your details go unprotected constantly.

As for what happens when you actually have to deposit those funds into your account, that is other than the encryption and security part, the answer is as simple as its user's ease of access.

Cherry Gold's payment platform does not look like much at first and doesn't stick out to you as payment platforms usually do, but it does everything remarkably well and very smoothly. The platform features only a few payment options but manages to cover the basis by featuring popular common methods like American Express, Visa, and MasterCard and the ever growing in popularity Bitcoin. All deposits have a minimum of  $25 with immediate funding while Withdrawal Requests offer a minimum of $100 with up to 7 business days processing.

Player Support

The time for the piece de résistance every casino claims to excel in has arrived and its time to grade and assess the mark with pride. Now I didn’t let the fact that I personally did not encounter any issues through my wild Cherry Gold travels stop me from trying out and experiencing what all the fuss around the block involving the CG support center is about.

True to their word, the Cherry Gold support is actually open 24/7. While the CG support center does offer three different support channels (Via phone, email and a Live Chat feature) I personally chose to test out the most common and convenient method (for me at least) available, the Live Chat. And while the featurette does resemble Live Chat features on other sites, I was pleasantly surprised. For a Live Chat feature, the response time was not only fast but pleasant too. The support representative on the other end managed to explain things quite comprehensively while still being cordial, making the fuss around this support centre well deserved.

Mobile and Accessibility

As much as game time on the computer can deliver a much more immersive and smooth experience, I personally favour playing on my phone. You can blame it on my laziness or personal dislike of office chairs. Taking that into account, for me to actually favour a casino more than others, it must offer a comfortable and user-friendly gaming experience on my phone, tablet and just about anything else that’s mobile and Cherry Gold does just that.

The Cherry Gold mobile version seems to not only offer a comfortable handheld experience but great performance too with smooth graphics and overall fast response time.

Should You Try Cherry Gold Casino?

Bottom line. Yes, you definitely should. Why you ask? Well, plain and simple there just too few casinos around that offer the same wholesome experience that Cherry Gold manages to deliver and in my personal opinion it definitely deserves a try.

If not for the performance and platform then for the overall customer experience and service that is provided quite effortlessly. In short, if you're looking for a new place to warm your reeling hand in, give Cherry Gold a shot and you won't regret it.

Cherry Gold Casino FAQ

⭐ Does Cherry Gold offer any Promotions?

Yes. As a way of thanking their players, Cherry Gold casino offers occasional promotions and bonuses.

⭐ How fast are withdrawals

This will depend on the payment method that you choose. The casino offers a wide variety of payment methods, and you can choose the most convenient for both deposit and withdrawals.  

⭐ Is live support available?

Yes. To serve you better, the casino provides round the clock live support. The team of staff here are not only friendly, but they are fully trained specifically on how to handle your needs.

⭐ Which games are available?

Cherry Gold Casino offers several types of games. The casino has some of the best games from the world’s renowned top game providers.

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