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Two Up Casino Review

Two Up CasinoWhether you’re an Australia native or just a passing tourist, it’s hard to deny the magnitude that Two Up has in the down under continent. With a coin tossing phenomenon’s name at its back, Two Up Casino has emerged trying to bask in the game’s popularity, and rightfully so.

With numerous outback hints and a dark green theme, Two Up celebrates the playful Aussie vibe and brings a simple and yet rather delightful take on the outback Australian sense. While it might not look like much on my first visit, I have discovered that true to its dominating emerald colour, Two Up to appears to be a hidden gem, situated somewhere between the outback wilderness and the down under Emerald City.

Two Up Casino Games by The Dozen

When I arrive at a casino for the first time, I always like to figure out what is it that I’m dealing with, and while for most players that might mean checking that casino’s platform, software, terms or support, for me it usually refers to the games. I mean, if you’re a player you must appreciate the game time and what represents game time better than those cards and reeling slots. Add this to my unwavering search for games that are both exciting and gratifying and you get an extremely game driven person that keeps his hand on the mark for a good game upon practically every online casino visit, and when you're in my field that basically means every single day.

Now when it comes to games, I do tend to have my preferences. For instance, anything too generic in the slot department will probably make my mouth smirk in dismay. Takin that into account, certain gaming providers seem to just know what they’re doing when it comes to game designing. They put in the graphics, add in the perfect combo of audio effects and top it off with a thematic design that’s fun and sometimes even manages to introduce you to a story, and Realtime gaming is one of those providers.

No, I'm not saying that every RTG casino is automatically considered a win, but it does tend to bring something a little more to game time, especially if you know how to treat it. Take Two Up, for instance. When you first visit the site, you might not get the most innovatively amazing impression that some other sites bring, but they know exactly how to deliver. Featuring RTG as their almighty gaming provider, they made sure to back it up with a great platform that complements it rather perfectly. So, while you might think you're in it for a regular soiree, you are more than pleasantly surprised to figure out there's a nice treat waiting there for you.

As for the game variety itself, by no wonder whatsoever you can expect the sort of popular RTG games that have won players such as common old me over repeatedly. Titles such as Cash Bandits, Gemtopia, Bubble Bubble, Dragon Orb, Lucha Libre, Asgard and more than a hundred more than following the RTG game format of straight up enjoyable game time and work smoothly both on-site and via the download feature.

Table Games and Live Casino

Table Games and Live CasinoWhether you’re like me and you like to spice it up with some variety here and there or you’re just not that much of a fan of anything reel related, and searching to add some more card play to that game time flare, it will probably be safe to assume that table games are your desired cup of tea. 

And why wouldn’t they? Card games are the first ever casino games around and have been associated with the casino scene for literally centuries. Whether its blackjack, poker or even rummy they deserve to be represented well in any online casino around, so naturally I had to go and checked how well they are represented in the down under sanctum of Two Up.

Thankfully and rightfully so, I was not disappointed. The casino had submerged itself with game variations by the dozens featuring over 50 poker variations and a great batch of other table game variations as well, with blackjack taking the lead. And while different in nature, the table game experience does not fall flat from the company’s signature slot, bringing a smooth, immersive, and overall entertaining gameplay that is seamlessly effortless.

Two Up Casino Welcome Bonus

While game time in its essence can be exciting enough, nobody says it can't help a wee bit of an additional boost. Whether it's to make you feel a bit more welcome, to give you a special VIP treatment or just to boost up your gameplay, that is why welcome bonuses exist and what they do best. They boost up your gameplay.

True, welcome bonuses should never deter you away from the other things a casino provides but they do give you a very clear hint as to what to expect from a certain online casino establishment. Why do you ask? Well plain and simple, casinos who appreciate and care for their clients tend to treat them better. Whether it's in the constant deployment of promos here and there or making a player truly feel welcome when they choose to sign up.

No, you’re probably asking yourself, ok why does he keep going on and on about welcome bonuses and doesn’t just point out to the Two Up one? Well, for one reason and one reason alone. So, you’ll know what you’re getting.

See usually welcome treats are there to boost up your game time a little, or look grand but in truth hold a mountain of limitation but that is not the case with Two Up. The casino has adopted the kindred and commonly considered generous sense of its Australian theme, offering all of its new players a match bonus of 300% with no max cash out limit and a wagering requirement of only 30X, available using the code BONZAPLAY on a player's first two deposits. To phrase it with my very limited knowledge of Australian slang; ‘in the world of welcome bonuses, it's practically an ace’.

Promotional Offers at Two Up Casino

Promotional OffersAs I already mentioned before, bonuses are a great way to make your game time even more fun, add some additional excitement to the mix and make your time a little bit, or a lot more worthwhile. But welcome bonuses aren’t enough. Nowadays in order to give players their well-deserved attention its best to add some treats to the pile of bonuses regularly if not constantly.

If a casino truly invests in their players and want their game time to be atrociously fun, it’s the least they can do and it is to be expected. Then again there are a lot of online casinos that fail to deliver at that department or just deliver and disappoint players terribly.

Now, where does Two UP Online Casino fit on that scale? Well quite high thankfully and unsurprisingly after checking their welcome bonus. The Australian themed site is packed with a wide assortment of bonuses to choose from on a regular basis, starting from game specials and going all the way over to monthly specials and limited time promotional events that pop by on special events or holidays and boost up your game time faster than you can say kangaroo. And yes, I just had to sneak in a ‘kangaroo’ somewhere, but can you blame me?

Security and Financial

No, it's not that I don't appreciate a good bonus or two, but everything else around basically means squat and can even be considered as tomfoolery if the principals of straightforward security are not met. Let’s face it, match bonuses mean nothing if your information is not properly secured.

Upon taking all this into account it's quite easy to know exactly what to expect. You need to check the casino’s policy regarding encryption and assure that the payment platform is fully secured, and while it might be somewhat complicated at times, it can usually be validated through the site privacy policy. Though in truth, that usually just covers a certain basis and might not even reflect the site's security policy fully as it should. Now while there are several other ways that can help you validate fully that the site you're using is protected, whether it is an online casino or any other site in the world wide web, the most important thing at times is to validate that it is working and valid.

But how do you do that? Plain and simple. Check for the https mark on your browser. You already know which as it usually appears green on your address bar. Ever wondered what that thing is? Well, in Two-Up or any other self-respecting site that stores sensitive information, certain encryption technologies are used to implement the site’s security protocol, most commonly SSL Encryption. In our case, Two Up uses one of the highest available technologies around, 256 bit SSL Encryption to secure each transaction and to secure each player's information and the number one way to see that the site is actually encrypted is secure is, you guessed it the https on your address bar.

Great, now that we made sure that the Two Up site is all guarded up like Buckingham Palace, let's get to the good stuff – The money. So how do you deposit funds to your account? And how easy is the payment platform? Well pretty darn easy.

Two Up created a nifty and user-friendly platform and has featured a handful of popular payment options for players to choose from. To make a deposit you can use either Visa, MasterCard or Bitcoin with a minimum deposit of $25 and immediate funding, and while it doesn't seem like a huge payment methods list, it does seem to cover the basics.

For withdrawal requests, players may use Visa, MasterCard, and Bank Wires.

Player Support

Now I know I keep saying this is important and this is important but when it comes to needing help I literally cannot think of anything that's more important than an open ear, and thankfully neither does Two Up. The casino is diligent in providing the best available customer support experience around and while nothing is ever as perfect as you want it to be, from my experience the Two Up payment platform holds no fault.

Open 24/7, Two Up has implemented three common support channels for players to choose from with Toll-Free Phone, Support mail and an on-site Live Chat feature that's both easy to use and has a remarkably fast response time.

Mobile and Accessibility

While in the past playing on your computer might’ve been enough, nowadays game time seldom counts as anything unless it’s on when you’re on your mobile. The need for access on the go grows stronger by the day and any self-respecting casino must comply, whether using an app or a mobile-friendly version.

And as for our green outback themed site? Well, while there's no available app or any of the sort the site still offers support on all mobile devices and is compatible with both Android and iOS operating system via a mobile-friendly version. As for pc users, the site also offers a downloadable version, which delivers better performance and accessible via desktop for that special extra hit of game time immersiveness.

Should You Try Two Up Casino?

While the site might not look as much at first take it does offer a rather entertaining and simplistic experience all while staying through to its theme. Whether you’re an Australia native or not, there’s no denying that Two Up has quite a bit of thing going for it, and great game time is only one of them. It might not sweep you off your feet with a big bang, but enjoyment and overall great experience are pretty much guaranteed.

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