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Age Of Gods Roulette Game Review

Age Of Gods Roulette GameRegarding franchise game titles, Playtech, the frontrunners of the gaming industry has built quite a big reputation in making slots. This software developer is a real competitor, but it happens to compete in an unconventional way, meaning with itself. They already made Age of God slots, and now they incorporated it into a roulette version, which is innovative. With this strategy, its sales went skyrocketing!

In my in-depth review, I will tell you everything that you need to know about Age Of Gods Roulette casino game. If you happen to be worried about how would a game which has a mixture of slot and roulette work, I rest assure you, don't be. You’ll soon get familiar with the rules and how to play free Age Of Gods Roulette.

Play Age Of Gods Roulette Casino Game For Free!

It's relevant if you're experienced in the gaming world or if you're a newbie, you need to have the correct knowledge of the gameplay before you even decide to spin the wheel. Or perhaps you can practice playing a table game for free and after some time investing money would be a proper thing to do. Whatever you intend to do you have to know that you can play Age Of Gods Roulette casino game for free. The setup of free Age Of Gods Roulette is the same as you would find in a European version, but the only one aspect that is different is that this game is accompanied by a slot, which means that instead of thirty-seven, there are thirty-eight pockets in Age Of Gods Roulette casino game.

Thus bonus slot in free Age Of Gods Roulette will play its part, but only if you place bets with some of your own money. Also, it will be relevant when you access the 4 progressive jackpot pools in the Age of Gods Roulette casino game.

On the wheel of Age of Gods Roulette casino game, there are one zero pockets, and the numbers go from one to thirty-six. The identical types of bets can be made in the free Age of Gods Roulette as you would make in a European version. The layout of Age Of Gods Roulette casino game happens to be split into :

  • 1st dozen
  • 2nd dozen
  • 3rd dozen
  • Three columns
  • Three evens
  • Three odds
  • Or three halves

You can place a bet on a number which you prefer and just get going. A slightly better alternative is to make outside bets, because if you do that the chances of being victorious will increase significantly. The betting limits in Age Of Gods Roulette casino game go from €0.2 to €300. Like I mentioned before you have an extra wheel in Age of Gods Roulette casino game which is there to improve your winnings. Placing a bet on the bonus field is recommended because if you win that bet, you can go to the bonus round of this table game. Three free spins will be given to you, and if you make a win, your payout will range from 5x to 100x.


Age of Gods Roulette casino game is like no other because there are not only elements of roulette, but there are slot elements involved. Playtech has proven once again in making games that many gaming fans admire. Play it for free, or be a high-roller, but ultimately, you have to try out Age Of Gods Roulette casino game!

UPDATED ON: by James Worden