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Alkemors Elements Slot (Betsoft)

Alkemors Elements Slot (Betsoft)Alkemor's Elements, a magical-themed slot title, is one of the new 2022 slot machines provided by Betsoft. The inspiration is obvious, as Betsoft already released an earlier slot machine in this sequence.

The slot that was released in 2015 is known as Alkemor's Tower.  They're finally releasing a sequel, so we'll see Alkemor the magician again, but this time around, in a more modern form, perhaps with some impressive things to fire up the series.

Game Set-Up

Alkemor’s Elements offers a fairly large grid setup, and here, you will be working with 25 pay lines, on 5x4 reels.

I saw several useful features inside including the elemental wilds, modifiers (up to four variants), and the free spins.

Betting and Prizes

I noticed that this slot is a little more expensive to play for real money as the lowest that you can use per spin is $0.50. For higher bets, Betsoft has allowed up to $200 per spin.

Alkemor’s Elements may not impress you with its top payout, and the MAX that the slot can pay is 1,200xs the stake. Also, the RTP of 95.45% on this game is not all that great.

Alkemor’s Elements Slot Features

You will be playing the game in Elemental Cycles, as they are popularly called. These involve sets of up to10 paid spins that you need to go through, and along the way, you collect the four variants of Elemental Wilds (as many as 5 of each can be collected).

This interesting cycle will conclude with an Elemental Wild Spin, on the condition that you collected at least 1 wild along the way.

Elemental Wilds comes in four variations, each related to one of the four elements. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water Wilds are available. Whenever they appear, they are substitutes, but you can also collect them for the final round.

The most frequent Elemental Wild will determine the number of free spins you get, plus the variant of modifiers that will become active.

These modifiers are:

Fire: it can cover up to 4 reels with the Fire Wilds.

Water: between 4 to 6 Water Wilds are placed randomly, afterwards, 4-5 will move by at least one position, starting with the right, and then to the left.

Air: between 4 to 6 Air Wilds are randomly placed, and afterwards, 4-5 will spread by at least one position but in a random direction.

Earth: between 6 to 10 Earth Wilds are positioned in random places.

3-5 Key scatters will earn you 8 and 12 free spins, and each will get a random active Elemental modifier. Unfortunately, you can’t retrigger the feature.

Theme & Design

Alkemor’s Elements draws inspiration from the wizard as was the case with the first title, and in this new slot, we are looking at his elemental magic.

It’s a game with great graphics, a very creative setup, with some very impressive symbols. Premium symbols include the Yin Yang logo, some bowls containing green liquids, Sun/Moon cards, orb, scrolls, owls, weighing scales, green crystals, and Alkemor himself.

There are five Royals (10 to A) that are used in the low-value section.


Alkemor’s Elements offers a lot to players, and I’m particularly impressed by its excellent graphics that are combined with unique features.

However, the top payout may not be as impressive, and I feel like the slot is more suitable for casual players.

UPDATED ON: by Shawna Dudley