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Aztec Gold Mines Slot (iSoftBet)

Aztec Gold Mines Slot (iSoftBet)This slot is an addition to the already popular Aztec Gold series. The newest Aztec Gold: Mines is the third iSoftBet title to join the series, and it comes with somehow unusual Aztec-themed visuals.

If you know about the Minesweeper board, then this slot will take you down memory lane. Here is all there is to know about Aztec Gold Mines:

Game Set-Up

Aztec Gold: Mines offers a 5x5 grid and up to 15 pay lines. You get different modes to play in, and 1 to 15 mines will be hidden. However, there is also a changing number of choices that you will make until you get to trigger the top prize.

For the features, Aztec Gold Mines offers things like Free spins bonus, Mine-Game Pick Bonus, and a Win Multiplier.

Betting and Prizes

Real money bets are quite simple to place, and you only need to pick the sum which will activate the upcoming spin. The least amount that you can put in a bet is $1, but if you are a high roller, you can use as much as $300 per spin.

Some versions of the game pay as much as 24x the stake, and others offer up to 288x. This largely depends on the total number of picks made, and the number of round-ending mines concealed there.

Naturally, the slot’s highest RTP will be unveiled once you get 1 pick, after which you can cash out. For larger prizes, you get to work with RTPs of between 96% and 96.38% (the version with 7 mines as you make 9 top 12 picks).

Aztec Gold: Mines Slot Features

IsoftBet has not made things all that complicated here, and you get started with choosing the number of mines that will go into hiding. You may get between 1 and 15 mines on the screen.

In case you mistakenly hit a hidden mine, that round will come to an end with no rewards.

If you’re good at handling higher volatility, then the slot will pay you a better price.

This is how it works:

RTP of 96% to 98.88% - will require1 mine, 24 picks, and a maximum prize of 24x the wagered amount

RTP of 96% to 97.52% - will require 2 mines, 23 picks, and a prize of up to 288x the wagered amount

RTP of 96.25% to 97.68% - 3 mines, 20 picks, and a prize of 222x the wagered amount

RTP of 96.09% to 97.60% - 5 mines, 5 picks, wins of up to 205x the wagered amount

7 mines, with 12 picks, and a prize of 270x the wagered amount (RTP of 96.38% to 97.20%).

RTP of 96.38% to 97.20% -10 mines, 8 picks, in addition to a prize of up to 162x the wagered amount

RTP of 96.28% to 96.80% -15 mines, 5 picks, winnings of up to 204x the wagered amount.

Theme & Design

The design is obviously inspired by Aztec, but I must admit that it is not one of the most impressive selections in this category. At the top are some not very attractive snake-like decorations.

Aztec Gold Mines has two forms of symbols (Prizes and Mines). Several reptiles and vicious predators can be seen moving around.


Aztec Gold: Mines may appear like a very unusual game, but it can be an enjoyable slot to play. The different RTP levels allow players to sample different betting levels, and it’s a slot that I can recommend to all levels of players.

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