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Blackjack UK Review

Blackjack UKMade by the famous casino game provider Playtech, Blackjack UK is a standard blackjack game, only differs a bit from classic games of the same type. It has some additional rules, including up to 5 hands at a time, making it appealing to casino players. Check out our review and find out the rules of Blackjack UK and how to win while playing it.

How Blackjack UK Plays

The basic strategy of Blackjack UK is quite standard and simple to follow. Blackjack UK uses the standard variant of six decks and can be played in both single and multi-hand mode. I’ve you’ve played blackjack games at a casino before trying out this one, you will notice that all of the usual actions are available, with certain exceptions and restrictions. For example, you can’t split hands that consist out of 5’s, 4’s or 10-valued playing cards. With this being said, you can still re-split and double down after splitting. The most prominent aspect of Blackjack UK is the option to split for a total of 4 times, but only if the cards you’re splitting aren’t a pair of aces.

When playing Blackjack UK, you will also notice that, though there is win insurance in place, it can only be triggered under relatively strange conditions. You can buy insurance only if you have a blackjack, and the dealer’s card is an Ace.

How to win at Blackjack UK

Although Blackjack UK is mainly a luck based casino game, there are some strategies to implement to bolster your chances of winning against the dealer. Having a cheat sheet could be very useful, plus, there are plenty of play charts which could help you tailor your strategy depending on the situation you are facing with each deal.

Try Blackjack UK Now!

You should give this game a chance, and if you try it at a good casino that offers a nice welcome bonus, you can start with a decent playing budget and win a lot. No matter if you’re from the United Kingdom or not, Blackjack UK welcomes players from all around the globe. The RTP for Blackjack UK is set at 99.47%. With such a fairly low house edge and a nice set of features, Blackjack UK is a good choice for gamblers who are just starting or playing on a low gambling budget.

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