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Blackjack Classic (NetEnt)

Whether playing in an online casino or the traditional land-based outlets, blackjack has stood the test of time, to remain one of the casino classics that fit almost everywhere.

NetEnt is one of the developers who have heavily invested in this area, and they have created Blackjack Classic, a game that aims at presenting a product as close to its roots as possible.

NetEnt’s designers have certainly succeeded in breathing a new life into this game. And now, fans no longer need to visit the traditional casinos to enjoy it, since they can easily access it virtually.

The software provider is respected for producing some of the best products, and Blackjack Classic promises a first-class experience. Here is more about the game:

Visuals and Layout

As previously stated, Blackjack Classic was developed by one of the top software companies. NetEnt is best known for its attention to detail as well as its stunning graphics that bring life to a game. Once you get started with the game, you will immediately encounter a simple interface that is also simple to understand.

Players who decide to try the game should expect an extremely realistic gaming experience similar to that of a traditional casino. Gamers are allowed a full frontal view of the virtual table, which is an exact copy of the tables found in land-based casinos. It is complete with their shoe, a chip tray, and five betting boxes. 

Also, blackjack fans will notice a variety of chip values, allowing them to place bets that are appropriate for their budget.

Players will certainly notice that NetEnt has worked hard to recreate this classic casino game. Besides, they have managed to incorporate every detail from the real blackjack table into its more modern mobile version. Regretfully, there are no thrilling sound effects in it.

Players can, however, keep track of their hand total, which is presented in a small white box beside the cards. This feature allows you to make decisions more easily and quickly because they won't have to do the math and add up the sums. This will significantly speed up gameplay and enable you to place additional bets. Casino lovers can also enjoy the benefits of the "Fast Play" option, which improves the speed at which they can play.

Bet Limits

NetEnt has undoubtedly created a realistic game that offers an experience that is strikingly similar to that found in land-based casinos. To play the game, you will need 4 standard 52-card decks. It's important to remember that the decks are shuffled before every round. Therefore, you need to employ some basic strategies while playing.

The game pays standard payouts, with naturals paying 3 to 2 and regular winning hands paying even money. You can place real money bets ranging from $1 to $40 (or the equivalent currency). I noticed that the total bet limit is a little lower than in a typical table game. However, it's not a very bad limit, since it can still meet the needs of the majority of players.

Special Features

The virtual dealer must stand on all totals of 17, regardless of whether they are soft or hard. Also, the dealer must draw to a total of 16. When the dealer's visible card is an Ace, players have the option to purchase "insurance."

It is considered a side bet where the player bets half of the initial bet money. If the dealer gets a blackjack, the player wins twice the amount of the insurance bet. When the dealer's visible card is an Ace, the player is again offered money, which triggers wins of a 1-time wager.

When two cards of the same value are dealt to the players, they have the option to split and double their original stake. Only one split is possible, meaning that players will get two hands at once.

The first card is replaced by a second, and you must then decide whether to accept another card or stand. After that, you go on to the second card and continue the process.

After viewing the first two cards, the player has the option to double down. Afterwards, you can only have one more card that will help you to complete your hand. Except for the splitting of two Aces, you can double down after a split.

Unfortunately, one of the game's major flaws is the lack of a surrender option.


Blackjack Classic manages to stay true to its blackjack roots, a game that many players enjoy. It is actually one of the most player-friendly games, with an RTP of more than 99%. This means that the house has a less than 1% edge over the players, making the game quite profitable.

UPDATED ON: by James Worden