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Cosmic Fortune Slot Game Review 

Cosmic Fortune slot game is among numerous slots games having an interstellar motif and includes five reels, three rows plus a preset 15 pay-lines, 10 bet amounts, four coin worth and a slew of unique features such as wild symbols, two bonus games, free drops and the opportunity to win five distinct jackpots.

A slot game with 'falls' instead of spins and which provides players with the opportunity to win sums of money, Cosmic Fortune slot game includes plenty of features. Below we'll have a peek at the game's jackpot symbols, limits and cover table to offer a synopsis of what it is all about to you.

Cosmic Fortune Slot Game By NetEntIt is a game of 2 halves as soon as it comes to the jackpot offered to Cosmic Fortune slot game players, in that there's 1 payout over the game and then the opportunity to win one of five bonus jackpots.

These five jackpots comprise then and two little jackpots three different sized jackpots, the biggest of which may pay enormous amounts of money out. Those jackpots can be obtained will be described in detail, but additionally, it is worth noting that a decent sum of money can be obtained inside the game.

When a player matches five of their most precious of this game's symbols inside among those 15 pay-lines in actuality, the payout equates to 1500 times.

Cosmic Fortune slot game packed full of symbols and features such as also a scatter symbol and wild symbols.

The 'Free Falls' are played in coin worth and the best degree of this autumn when the symbols from these, any combinations outcome are changed into marbles and which triggered them.

Marbles from the 'Coin Win Cup' pay prizes in coins out in line with the game's cover table while marbles from the cup are inserted into the 'Jackpot Meter'. If the jackpot meter reaches three marbles that the Jackpot Game is triggered.

If three marbles fall to precisely the jackpot cup Coin Win Cups more work in precisely the same manner, but now, the player wins the jackpot. That jackpot may be just one of 2 little jackpots that are fixed or among one of them, and those three progressive jackpots may be won per game.

It's clear that the most and most significant winnings which could be accomplished through Cosmic Fortune slot game come in the form of the 3 jackpots. Not payouts can also result from play if five symbols constitute among those game's 15 pay-lines.

The most precious five emblem combination that is such is one composed of the face emblem which yields winnings although five of that emblem, of 1500 times the wager degree of the spaceman pays out a 1000 times the wager degree.

As is the case of slots, the amount of all pay-lines for Cosmic Fortune video slot game is preset and in this situation is set in 15, which means that players command their gambling amount per collapse (spin) by placing both the Bet Level as well as the coin worth.

The entertaining space themed symbols and simple to understand intriguing game-play make it fun to win are impressive.

Within the standard game, spins that all happen at the same time and may result in pleasant payouts at the thousands of pounds as gamers have the opportunity to win money during the jackpots.

The Free Falls and also two bonus games that can activate those jackpots add an excess dimension to the game and amp up the pleasure and amusement if they supreme outcome in not or a win.

All of this makes Cosmic Fortune online slot game hard to criticise at all. More Free slots to play HERE

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