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Crazy 7 Slot Game Review

Crazy 7 slot game by Playtech. The business has chosen to return to the great old times of 1-line casino slots. There are not any Wild attributes or bonus games in the Crazy 7 slot game. Therefore, there is not much in the way of grinding your way to riches by relying on multiple pay-lines or lucky Wild spins. You can win it by getting 3 sevens' mix and betting 3x 5 coins. That is all there is to it. Easy by all standards, though the win is nothing to brag about. By the time you strike those "lucky sevens," you have probably spent this amount on coins. Still, the returns playing on the 3 coin level are decent enough to keep you playing. Even the lowest winning mix gives you a max of 75 due to the win multiplier that is 5x.

Play Free Online Crazy 7 Slot Game By PlaytechThe only difference is their colour, the choice being red, green and blue in order of the value on the pay table. Of course, that means you'll find the lowest potential prize just 4x the amount you wager. Quite an excellent mimic of this atmosphere you get in actual casinos. Just picture it. You eventually manage to get 2 red sevens on the first reels. The last reel appears as it takes forever to cease, and your heart's racing. Have you encountered it rich? Nope. Or the casino's cashier to get more change.

The story that is heartbreaking above did have a goal. Namely, to go over the horrible spinning speed of these reels. Annoying sound effects apart it is possible to turn off those mercifully, we all understand that it adds a little suspense and realism to the game. Nonetheless, it is a video slot. If we wanted that high-end realism from it, we'd have gone into a real casino and played there. There is also the simple fact that the very last reels do not spin quicker if the first one is a dud. What use is there to await the others to finish spinning if it's a loss? Playtech could have added a simple click and bypass option for the impatient players on the market. Or the animation to hasten.

Since there is only one pay-line, you don't need to be worried about any line bets at the Crazy 7 slot game. The absolute minimum bet you can set is 0.01 at the one coin degree. A coin's maximum value is 5. Of course, if you play at the three coin level is 15. Each of the win multipliers is conveniently displayed in the corner anyhow. Nitpicking concerning the reel rates aside, the Crazy 7 slot game by Playtech is a modestly entertaining experience. If you've got nothing going on a single day, crack open a cold one with the boys and try your luck at Crazy 7. You'll acquire a little cash for drinks. Or you may strike it wealthy, who knows? $6000 might not be the greatest of Jackpots, but we're sure about winning it, nobody complained. We hope so. In any event, enjoy this inclusion.

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