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Dragon's Luck Deluxe (Red Tiger)

Dragon's Luck Deluxe (Red Tiger)Dragon's Luck Deluxe comes as the third game in a series that Red Tiger is developing.

The deluxe version of this series follows closely in the footsteps of the first title, but it cannot match the action that the Mega ways delivers.

If you are looking for a slot that offers an Asian-flavoured atmosphere, here is what you can expect with Dragon’s Luck Deluxe:

Game Set-Up

On its beautiful pagoda frame are 5 reels with 20-pay lines, and for its features, I came across several that include Free Spins, Stacked Symbols, Colossal Symbols, Mystery Symbols, and Extra Spins.

Betting and Prizes

If you are on a betting budget, this is the slot for you! With as low as $0.10, Red Tiger will allow you to spin the reels, and the highest that you can use per spin is $20.

Volatility fluctuates between low to medium/high, while the RTP is 95.77%.

For the top pay-outs, Dragon’s Luck Deluxe has the potential to deliver as much as 3,999xs the stake per spin.

Dragon's Luck Deluxe Features

One of the most surprising things about this title is the fact that the developer has not given it any wilds. I find it quite unusual because wilds are present on almost all modern slots.

However, there are other interesting features like the free spins that I got to enjoy here. Dragon cons are the ones that reveal the free spins, and with 5 such symbols in view, the slot will reward you with some free spins.

Then Dragon Coin mystery is a symbol that lands more often than any other.

These coins can randomly show up on any reel and in any position. If there are any that are on view. Then they will all spin at the same time to reveal a similar symbol.

Mega Coins are present but are quite rare to get. You can get them in either free spins or the paid ones, and they appear 3x3 in size.

Just like the way the Dragon Coins, these Mega Coins work by flipping over to reveal similar symbols.

Due to their size, plus the pay in any position mechanic, you are guaranteed to collect a playout when a Mega Coin lands.

Theme and Design

Graphically, Dragons Luck Deluxe is the title with the most appealing visuals, when compared to its predecessors.

a subtle upgrade to Dragon's Luck Deluxe makes it the most pleasing one visually What stands out for me is the hazy mountain that appears in the background.

For the symbols, Red Tiger has used Lotus, Asian Gods, and the Koi Fish.


Red Tiger may have noticed how effective the use of Dragon Coin mystery symbols is, and it could be one of the reasons why the developer is going back for more titles, using this ideology.

Dragons Luck Deluxe is a great free slot machine, and I appreciate the work that has gone into developing it.

However, its medium to high volatility, accompanied by not so high pay-out, and low RTP makes it ideal for casual players.

UPDATED ON: by James Worden