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Drive Multiplier Mayhem Online Slot Game Review

Drive Multiplier Mayhem Online Slot Game is a reel and 3-row slot game, with 15 pay lines and plenty of multipliers to raise the winnings out of coin worth and different wager amounts.

As its name implies, Drive Multiplier Mayhem Slot Game is a racing slot which makes use of multipliers to improve the jackpots which players may win.
Drive Multiplier Mayhem Slot Game By NetEntDrive Multiplier Mayhem online video slot game is among a few which state and it's 750,000 coins. Having a maximum coin worth of 0.50 therefore, that high jackpot could be well worth a hugely impressive 375,000 to any participant who wins it. Explaining the way the best jackpot can be won nevertheless is somewhat complex, as that enforced maximum is truly beneath the theoretical best payout to get the most precious spin potential in line with this game's paytable. Push's most precious purple-haired motorist emblem whatsoever pays at a speed of 150 times the present wager amount, which in the highest 120 times multiplier (more on this later) and wager amount ten equates to 180,000 coins each line. Together with 15 pay-lines consequently, the theoretical jackpot ought to be 2,700,000 coins but it's little surprise that the jackpot is capped before there.

Centred upon multipliers and themed around road racing, it's little surprise that the particular symbols of Drive Multiplier Mayhem Online Slot are associated with those two components. There are 3 unique symbols inside the game, together with the Multiplier Wilds symbols as well as the Scatter symbols within the game as well as the Nitro symbols appearing during spins.

The wilds proceed toward making the most precious potential mix on any cover line that they're a part of, and also apply a multiplier to some winnings. The multiplier of every Multiplier Wild depends upon which reel it seems on, using a crazy on reel one supplying no multiplier, a crazy on reel two supplying 2 times the winnings, reel three supplying 3 occasions and so forth. If greater than one Multiplier Wild seems on a cover line, the multipliers of these symbols are multiplied to offer you a possible multiplier of 120 occasions for every pay line.

Scatter symbols are yet another significant element of this Drive Multiplier Mayhem slot, as most of those appearing anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 after a spin trigger ten spins. Those free spins have been played in precisely the exact same bet degree and coin worth of the spin that triggered them, and it's during those free spins which Nitro symbols may also appear. Three of these Nitro symbols emerging on reels 2, 3 and 4 matches a participant's 'Nitro Collect Meter' and consequently both award additional free spins and assist the participant 'defeat' the motorist they're racing and proceed on another competitor. There are four distinct drivers and every time one is conquered with the end of the 'Nitro Collect Meter', further spins will also be awarded.

The five most precious symbols in order will be the participant's very own purple-haired driver emblem, the rival termed bruiser's emblem, the automobile emblem and then another two rival motorist symbols. If a participant accomplishes any of these five symbols on most areas of reel one after which a Multiplier Wild on the rest of the areas across the reels, that they will win the top jackpot of 750,000 coins that may be worth #375,000 in the maximum bet degree and coin worth. The jackpot accessible with no multiplier equals a total of 22,500 coins also happens if a participant matches all areas on all reels with their haired driver emblem.

Even the 15 pay-lines of Drive Multiplier Mayhem video slot are pre-set but gamers may control just how much they wager per spin by setting their wager degree and their coin worth. Coin value could be put at six distinct levels between 0.01 and 0.50 along with also the ten wager amounts from 1-10 dictate the amount of coins have been wagered each spin. Each bet amount adds an excess coin each cover line, in order at the two lowest rates a participant's total bet would equivalent 0.15 and in the greatest levels, it would equal 75.

Drive Multiplier Mayhem Video Slot Game is the ideal slots game for any player that wants an appealing and yet straightforward slot that provides the possibility of enormous winnings. The off-road racing theme of this game makes it boast appealing and intriguing symbols and graphics, whilst the authentic game-play of this slot remains comparatively straightforward. The part of this game isn't actually a bonus game since it is built into the free spins feature of this slot and free spins it is the multipliers that Push has that elevates it traditional slot game. Those multipliers also, are what enable the game to supply a high jackpot that's possibly extremely high and which is the top bet degree and coin worth can be worth 375,000 into some player. That is unquestionably among the most notable fixed cost jackpots about and is sufficient to create the Drive Multiplier Mayhem Video Slot Game an extremely attractive slot, even without taking into consideration the game's additional benefits as mentioned earlier.

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