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Energy Stars Online Slot Game Review

Energy Stars Slot Game By BF GamesAre you ready for a few spins that are out of this world? Energy Stars Video Slot Game is a Bee Fee slot machine that takes the slot machine aesthetic and blasts off it to space, enabling punters to wins up to 100,000 coins in any 1 spin.
The 5-reel video slot contains 20 paylines, which can be a generous amount for the game that's based on a fruit machine layout. 

What cosmic puzzles have we yet to discover? Are we in the world? Well, according to this slot machine, the cosmos is full of surprises. That is because Energy Stars Slot Game takes some of the typical retro icons from arcade gambling history and flings them spinning in an interstellar environment.

So, as you spin the reels you will see watermelons orbiting systems, plums such as moons, lemons and oranges as suns while cherry and grape shaped comets whiz by. Recall following an apple dropped on his noggin when Isaac Newton theorised universal laws of motion and gravity? Well was that a coincidence or was it the super smart sentient fruits?

Conspiracy theories aside, this free slot machine is rather a game to behold. Naturally, distance themed slots are specific to be spectacular on the visual front, but this particular attempt does an excellent job of not overdoing it. Therefore, it retains a lot of sophistication and the class that's normally associated with gambling games like the retro slot machine.

Not a great deal of slots have 20 pay lines, but Energy Stars Slot Game is not your average classic slot. That said, the game isn't likely to cover wins on each spin. In fact, the trend for symbols to pile on the reels makes for a comparatively higher level of volatility, meaning spinners might need to wait it out before the prizes come their way. The upside is that icons tend to mean multiple wins at once, which is never a bad indication for the balance that is gambling.

The line bet multiplier to get a mix is 2,000x and that is awarded five-star symbols align on a payline. However, because this icon appears in piles, it is likely that all 15 places on the reels with be filled with stars and consequently tripping all 20 paylines for wins worth up to 40,000x the value of this line wager. That will turn the maximum line wager in the game right into a 100,000 coin jackpot, which is on another planet compared to a slot machine online. This star icon is a wild symbol with the capability to substitute for another icon that is paying that is standard.

Spinners can choose to play paylines in this game, though it will pay to play with all 20 since the slot comes with a scatter symbol that multiplies the entire bet. The minimum possible stake with all lines in play is 0.20 credits whereas the maximum stake is 50.00 credits.

bonusAuthentic to retro slot machine fashion, Energy Stars Online Slot Game doesn't go with all the bonus features other than the scatter and symbols. Meaning that there are no free spins or bonus facet games to take into consideration -- something that will go down nicely with slot machines purists and not so well with lovers of modern video slots.

There's one way to break up the spins, however, and that is having a 50/50 bet game. This feature is available to trigger after each win, and it takes punters to guess a turned over playing card's color correctly.

Energy Stars Slot Game is a Bee Fee game which intends to construct a bridge between the traditional fruit machine and the world of video slot machines. Visually, the game can't be faulted, with some views of a scene and some definition berry icons. From a playing point of view, the game leans towards the volatility of retro games and stacked symbols could hold the key to some wins.

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