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European Blackjack Game Details (Betsoft)

Many players swear by the strict set of regulations that govern European Blackjack. Then Betsoft appeared, introducing this incredible table to a far broader online audience!

Six decks are used in the game, which is shuffled at the start of each round. Instead of live dealers drawing cards, RNG determines whether you win or lose. As with past Betsoft games, the graphics are fantastic and entertaining to watch, and you are also allowed the option to skip them.

The game offers an impressive RTP of 99.34%, but you will not get side bets here. Here is more about the European Blackjack game:

How To Play European Blackjack

European Blackjack offers an in-depth strategy guide that, if followed, will increase your chances of winning. Up to three hands can be played simultaneously, which is a big boost for this Betsoft release.

All of your chips are located at the base of the playing field. Find one that best meets your needs and place it in each betting area where you intend to wager. If you placed a bet in the earlier round, you can re-bet the same amount by selecting Repeat.

There really is no timer because this is a single-player RNG-powered game. Adjust the stakes to your liking, and when you're ready to play, simply click the Deal button, and you are good to go.

The dealer will then begin drawing cards. For each active hand, you will get two cards, however, the dealer will only get one card. You will then be prompted to Stand, Hit, Split, or Double.

Doubling can only be allowed if your hand is worth nine, ten, or eleven. After splitting, you will also be allowed to double. You can split any set of cards, but this is only once in each round. Splitting two aces and then getting 21 will not be counted as a blackjack win.

The dealer will draw their second card once you have finished playing. They are free to draw until their hand value gets to 17 or above. The game will then check to see if either side has gone above 21, resulting in a bust. If neither team has busted, the next step is to see who is closest to 21. Unless equal in value, the hand with the closest value to 21 wins the round.

European Blackjack Extra Features

Apart from the ability to play many hands at once, this Betsoft edition lacks the side bets. This isn't a problem if you plan on adopting the standard method to maximize your profits. However, if you chose to take risks, this game will not allow you that opportunity.


Luckily, you can always count on blackjack to reward you for your efforts! Once your first two cards form a 21, you get a 3:2 payout! The minimum amount that can go into a bet is $1.00 while the maximum is $100.

Although with one exception, typical wins come in a standard even money reward. Once you manage to call an Insurance bet, a payout of 2:1 will hit your side! However, the odds of winning Insurance are way too low for such a large prize. Therefore, this may not be a wise bet to place.


Betsoft's European Blackjack is ideal for players who want to tweak their favourite game just a little bit. This game does not include any new mechanics, as we have seen in Pontoon.

Instead, it modifies a few rules in between to give the blackjack we know a new lease on life. Betsoft did an excellent job with this table game, and I can say Hats off to them!

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