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Fountain Of Youth Slot Game Review

The Fountain Of Youth Slot Game the winnings that this easy three reel and three pay-line slot game may provide are quite real indeed and may even allow you to sense younger. A classic Vegas style slot machine with no wild symbols or bonus rounds, payout rates using Fountain Youth are stakes and high low, which makes this online slot ideal for low rollers that are aching to acquire any cash. In the event, the player chose the bet that is potential 15 that jackpot is worth a total of 12,000.

Play Free Fountain Of Youth SlotGame By PlaytechAs we have stressed during, Fountain Of Youth Slot Game constructed for simplicity and also for ease of play, and as this doesn't incorporate some attributes outside of its own standard three reel primary game. There are no wild symbols; zero scatters without bonus around, it's only a fantastic old fashioned Vegas design three reel slot game. As there are not any wilds, scatters or bonus symbols, so it's the slot's standard symbols which take centre stage. There are many of these symbols either using only five ones making up the slot's pay table. These five symbols would be the fountain of the butterfly emblem youth emblem, the bird emblem, the frog emblem as well as the emblem. As previously mentioned, the fountain emblem has become the most valuable and also the worth of a mix of all of the additional symbols is 250, 125, 60 and 30 times every participant's wager respectively.

Three is the magic number in regards to the Fountain Of Youth Slot Game, as the 3 reel game also comes with a max of 3 pay-lines. To be able to command their gambling better, however, players may decide whether to have every one of those busy or to possess either just a couple of busy for every spin. Alongside that option, players can even place their gambling level per line for additional control over their bet. A minimum of only per line could be staked if demanded, using lots of amounts up to a max of 5 percent line.

Whether Fountain Of Youth Slot Game will interest you as a slot game choice will very much depend on what you're searching for out of a game. If your supreme desire is to obtain a slot that is fast and simple to comprehend and may be performed with very little focus necessary to be paid for it, Fountain Of Youth Slot Game will probably be straight up your street. If you're searching for immersive and intriguing game-play, but you're very likely to discover this slot for a tiny pedestrian for the tastes. Whatever that your game-play tastes, you can not quibble in the temptations of a possible 12,000 top jackpot. However, even that contrasts somewhat unfavourably with all the payouts located elsewhere.

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