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Golden Horns Slot (Betsoft)

Golden Horns Slot (Betsoft)With this title, Betsoft seems to be targeting the Eastern Asian market, if the theme and the symbols are anything to go by.

Golden Horns is among one of the few great 3-reel slots you are likely to see.

The inspiration behind this title is Year of the Ox, and it’s a signal of what 2021 will be about.

Here is my full review of Golden Horns slot:

Game Set-Up

On its 3 reels, the slot only provides 1 active line. Among its major symbols is the wild, and some multipliers.

Betting and Prizes

Despite it being a classic slot, Golden Horns promises good payouts, and for a single bet, you can use as little as $0.02.

The highest amount that Betsoft allows for this title is $4.50 per spin. Although it may not be an attractive slot to high rollers, it’s an ideal game for players on a tight budget, and it also comes with an impressive jackpot of 25,344x the stake ($101,376).

I’m happy with the RTP of 96.26% which is rare to find on a classic-themed slot machine.

Golden Horns Slot Features

Golden Horns has several features, and one of them is the Wild Bull. It works as a substitute for the regular symbols, and you can use it as part of a new combo.

In addition to acting as a substitute, this feature pays the highest amount. With 3 appearing on the same line, you will earn a prize of 288x the stake.

Then there is the random multiplier that is applied to the win. This ranges between 2x and 88x, and it is the feature that will assist you to hit the jackpot.

The feature is known as the Charge of the Wild Ox, and it can boost your wins up to 25,000 xs the stake.

Theme & Design

Golden Horns seems to draw its inspiration from the Year of the Ox. It is not a wonder that the developer has used an OX as the main symbol.

The symbol appears as a Wild Ox that sits on a heap of gold coins. This suggests that some sort of wealth is possible on the slot. Royals are present as well.

I’m quite impressed with its overall design that is not only gorgeous, and one that also plays along the line of what is expected. Remember, Betsoft seems to be targeting the Asian market with this title.

The gold decorations are well designed, and so are the red paper lanterns.

With its imperial look, Golden Horns looks better than 99% of all 3-reel games that I have come across.


Golden Horns is a great slot, and one of the best additions to the long list of games from Betsoft.

Since its a classic slot, you may not get much in terms of payouts. However, even with its 1 Line, the slot still manages to deliver good payment.

It is a great choice for all levels of players.

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