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Hammer Gods Slot (Red Tiger)

Hammer Gods Slot (Red Tiger)Hammer Gods is a slot game developed by Red Tiger Gaming, featuring the dwarf brothers Brokkr and Sindri. These two dwarfs are looking to strike it rich in the Norse mythology world of Asgard while using their hammers to cause some destruction along the way.

Below is my gaming journey with this interesting slot title:

Game Set-Up

Hammer Gods feature a 5x4 grid that plays host to 30 pay lines. It is a feature-packed slot that offers great features like Free spins bonus, Extra Wilds, Stacked Symbols, Switching Symbols, Symbol Upgrade, and Wilds.

Betting and Prizes

Hammer God is well packed with features but in this section, I must admit that it’s not all that glossy.

To place a real money wager, I used as little as $0.10 per spin, but the slot developer allows for spins of up to $100.

Red Tiger has given the slot an RTP of 95.69% which I do not find appropriate for such high volatility. The highest that you can expect from this title is 793xs the stake.

Hammer Gods: Slot Features

In the Hammer Gods slot, each brother gets his own feature and this is triggered when one of the available 1x2 non-paying hammer icons land on the reels. You will only get the red hammer o the 2nd reel, while the blue one appears on the 4th reel.

Each time I landed the red hammer, the Brokkr feature was triggered up to 3 times, eventually transforming into a wild. When it is active, this feature enables the low paying symbols to be transformed into a single high paying icon.

A repeated trigger will then transform the high paying icons into higher-value ones.

Upon landing the blue hammer, the Sindri feature was also triggered up to 3 times, eventually transforming into a wild. When the Sindri feature is activated, one high paying symbol type is transformed into wild symbols. The subsequent trigger will transform a high-value icon into a wild.

If both blue and red hammers land simultaneously, you earn yourself a cool 10 free spins. Hammer icons will not appear during the free spins mode, but one, however, you are guaranteed to get two or three of the feature activations on each spin.

Theme and Design

The slot has some interesting symbols, and Five ore lumps represent the low-value icons, while rings, amulets, helmets, belt buckles, and gauntlets offer premium pay.


They say first impressions last, yet this isn't always the case. Hammer Gods is a good example of a game that appears to have great potential, but when you get inside, it is the exact opposite.

Although I had lots of fun playing it, the slot’s below-average RTP, brutal volatility and low payout potential make it ideal for casual players.

UPDATED ON: by Shawna Dudley