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High limit European blackjack Review

High limit European blackjackIt is a two-deck blackjack game made by Microgaming and is created as a game for high rollers and casino VIP players. It offers mind-boggling gambling that can go up to $1,000 per hand. If you’re interested in playing High limit European blackjack, read our review and find out what are the rules and features included in High limit European blackjack.

High limit European blackjack Rules

High limit European blackjack uses common blackjack rules and gameplay condition. We will only address the ones that deviate from standard blackjack rules. Some of the rules that differ and can affect your experience are that you cant split card of a different rank. The insurance option is included in High limit European blackjack, but only when the dealers face up card is an ace.

Payouts and wins in High limit European blackjack follow the traditional blackjack principle. A regular win pays out 1:1, a blackjack win pays out 3:2, while the insurance option pays out according to the 2:1 ratio. Unfortunately, High limit European blackjack doesn’t offer any bonus payouts or progressive jackpots.

Interface Features

The user interface is fairly simple, and there aren’t a lot of options you could change that affect your gameplay experience. There are standard buttons that include: deal, stand, split, double, and the + and – buttons to help you tailor your wager per hand. The only non-gameplay option is the option to toggle sound on/off. The interface is smooth and visually appealing, and the control options are very easy to use and don’t hinder the gameplay experience.

Where and How to Play

You can play High limit European blackjack at any Microgaming featured casinos, or try it out for free first, as a demo version. High limit European blackjack is a game made for those who like to play big and don’t mind losing a lot of money along the way to their big goal. Keep in mind that even if you play this game with really low stakes, you will still be risking a lot of money, much more than an average casino player usually spends in a sitting. The bets range from $20 to a sky-high $1,000. Without a big budget of several thousand dollars, don’t even think of getting into it. But, with this being said, if you do decide to start it up, know that you will be running for some seriously big money wins. 

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