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Hooligan Hustle Slot (Play n Go)

Hooligan Hustle Slot (Play n Go)The Hooligan Hustle slot machine is one of many new slot machines set to be released in 2021. Play n GO is developing this game and plans to release it before the winter holidays, making it one of the few new titles that do not follow the traditional Christmas concept.

It’s a slot with violent scenes, as any hooligan inspired game will, but it’s also a slot with strong potential, so it's one to keep an eye on.

This is what you can expect from Hooligan Hustle:

Game Set-Up

Hooligan Hustle offers 5 reels with up to 243 ways, but it is also possible to get as many as 248,832 ways to win.

The features are great too, among them are the Traffic Cone wilds, free spins, Molotov scatters, and Mystery symbols.

Betting and Prizes

Betting for real money starts from as low as $0.10 per spin, and the developer allows bets of up to $100 per spin.

With the many ways to win possibilities that are available on Hooligan Hustle, it is obvious that the game has a lot of potentials when it comes to payouts.

25,000x the stake is what you get on a good day, but you will also be ready to battle extremely high volatility.

As usual with Play n GO, the developer allows online casinos to offer different levels of RTP but the highest is set at 96.20%.

Hooligan Hustle Slot Features

The wild is among the basic features of this slot, and as usual, it comes in handy (substitute) when you are forming winning combinations.

There are a couple of random modifiers that can be activated, but I noticed that there is no guarantee when you are in the paid spins.

This is how they work:

Splitting Symbols: once triggered, these modifiers split a random symbol, where it is present on the reels. 1 symbol will give you 2 symbols, and this is a great boost to the number of ways to win (up to 248,832 are available).

Mystery Symbols: they are the slot’s special symbols, and they showcase some crates that have question marks. All of these transforms into a single version of regular icons or wild.

Rumble Row: this one uses a row of selections that are splayed on the top part of the reels. It’s a modifier that can convert the regular reels into some full wild reels, sync 2 reels to give out matching icons in similar positions, or add multipliers to wins coming from different reels.

Scatters are the features that will help you activate the free spins, and with 3+ of these icons, you can get any of the following choices:

1 free spin that 4+ modifiers coming from the Rumble Row;

5 free spins that have 3+ modifiers coming from Rumble Row;

10 free spins that have 2+ modifiers active from Rumble Row.

Theme & Design

I love the design plus the graphics of Hooligan Hustle that look like a comic book style.

On the reels are different symbols that include baseball bats, beer, bricks, crowbars, knuckledusters, four different hooligans (top icon), as well as feature symbols (Molotov Scatters, Mystery Crates, Traffic Cone wilds).


In general, Hooligan Hustle is a slot that looks like an interesting online casino game, especially when you consider it’s a unique theme, excellent features, and modern graphics.

What I was not quite comfortable with is the fact that a lot of action occurs randomly. However, it’s a great slot that I can recommend to all levels of players, provided you can be able to handle its high volatility.

UPDATED ON: by Shawna Dudley