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Mahjong 88 Slot Game Review

Mahjong 88 slot game by Play’n Go Mahjong 88 is introduced to you thanks to one of the most reputable software companies in the world, Play’n Go. This online slot machine is based on a Chinese-tile game, and it also has eight rows and eight columns. I have some really good news for the gaming enthusiasts, and that is that they can enjoy in Mahjong 88 on any device imaginable, whether it's their mobile phone, tablet or PC. The betting range of Mahjong 88 is pretty wide, and it goes from a minimum of €0.1 to a max of €100.

Read my in-depth review regarding Mahjong 88, and you’ll be able to conquer it in no time!

Gameplay And Symbols Of Mahjong 88

The symbols of Mahjong 88 are the following ones:

  • Tiles with bams and dots
  • Four different flowers
  • An autumn wild
  • A summer wild
  • A winter wild
  • A spring wild

The icon of Mahjong 88 which is going to give you some nice payouts is the lotus flower tile. If you get twelve or more of these Mahjong 88 symbols, you're going to get a 500x multiplier. If you're eager to be victorious in this online slot machine, you have to create some winning clusters, and you can do that if you get identical symbols formed in a cluster, in either a horizontal or vertical line.

In this game, there are so-called Concealed Tiles, which are actually empty spaces on the reel grid which will eventually be revealed as a neighbouring icon in Mahjong 88. Every time you get a successful combo in this Play’n Go slot, it will be boosted with the assist of the  Fortune Frog Meter, which sounds incredible. This Mahjong 88 meter can be charged with a max of 33 icons. In a situation where you don’t get a winning combo in Mahjong 88, you’re going to activate one of these effects:

  1. Hope- one icon will be chosen in a random manner and it will destroy the neighbouring symbols on the reel grid.
  2. Croak- one set of Mahjong 88 symbols are going to be chosen in a random fashion and will be paid in scatters.
  3. Spawn- one randomly chosen set of icons will be transformed into another set of symbols.
  4. Tongue- two edges are going to be chosen in a random manner, and the icons between are going to be modified into some other symbols.

When the Frog Meter of Mahjong 88 has eighty-eight or perhaps more icons, you are going to activate a special bonus feature. That feature is the Super Charge Bonus Feature. You’re rewarded with a 5x multiplier.

As I before mentioned, there are for wild icons, one for every season. They serve as a replacement for every other icon, and they're removed if you get a winning combo, or if you somehow activate the Frog Fortune bonus feature of Mahjong 88:

  • Winter- a max of four wild symbols show up on the reel grid
  • Summer- a max of five wild icons show up, and the neighbouring reels are removed
  • Spring- a max of twelve wild symbols can show up
  • Autumn- a max of eleven wild icons can show up


Mahjong 88 has high volatility which means you’ll win quite regular and it also has an excellent RTP of 96.62% RTP. All that it remains for you is to try to play Mahjong 88 as soon as possible!

UPDATED ON: by Shawna Dudley