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Mini Roulette Game Review

Mini RouletteThere is a big number of roulette variations, and just as you thought that you'd seen them all, comes a type of roulette like no other. If you didn't play the Mini Roulette casino game, I would recommend you to play this exciting type of roulette which is filled with action.  You can see that there are fewer numbers on which you have the possibility to place a bet. Does this mean you can get with ease or is it just an illusion? Something that is basically guaranteed is having a fun time while playing Mini Roulette casino game.

There are a couple of versions of Mini Roulette you can find in online casinos, but this one powered by Playtech is the most popular among the gaming enthusiasts. Playtech always rises to the occasion in terms of players high expectations. Read my review so you can find out why would you choose free Mini Roulette as your new online casino table game. Without further ado, I’ll begin to share more info about the Mini Roulette casino game.

First, Try The Demo Version of Mini Roulette

See for yourself what its like to play Mini Roulette casino game in the demo version. There are twelve numbers and a zero that you can bet on, meaning that you have 3x more chance to pick a number that is, in the end, the correct one.  Even if I recommended you to play Mini Roulette casino game for free, it is better than you know what you're getting yourself into. So, in the next paragraph, I will tell you what the main aspects of free Mini Roulette are.

What Are The Rules?

When you load up Mini Roulette casino game, you'll probably be wondering about the petite size of the table, but don't be. This version of roulette is less complicated than the traditional roulette, having thirteens slots, and I like I mentioned before, there are twelve numbers with a zero. You should expect no difference in the rules when compared to classic roulette.  You can place the following bets in Mini Roulette casino game:

  • Straight up
  • Split
  • Corner

Although you can place these bets in Mini Roulette casino game, it is more likely to win if you bet on a certain number. Something important to say is that you don't have as much betting options as you would have in the European and French version of roulette. No French bets will be given to you as an option, and you can only place half a dozen bets. The layout of the table in the Mini Roulette casino game is simplified, and that is another reason why players that are new to the gaming world chose this particular roulette. The betting limits in the Mini Roulette casino game go from €0.1 to €400.


Mini Roulette is pretty straightforward, and it won't take you a long time to get familiar with it. Only twelve numbers and a zero makes it addictive to play and no wonder that so many gaming admirers are very eager to spin the wheel and get going. Trying the demo version is a must, but when you conquer it, be a high-roller and play Mini Roulette casino game for real money!

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