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Monster Smash Slot Game Review

Monsters should be scary and ugly. They are believed to play the role of personification of all our fears and flaws. But what if there was a bunch of some friendly and funny monsters able to direct you? Creators of Monster Smash Slot Game prepared a game that can make you laugh and win lots of money at the same moment.

Play Free Monster Smash Slot Game By Play`N GOIts action takes place in the imaginary world presented in one of the most popular Disney's movies: "Monsters Inc." When you've seen this movie, you will guess that among the symbols presented on the reels of this game it is possible to get the characters of Monster Inc.: Altomi, Munchi, Wonic, Stigil along with Bob funny-looking monsters. They are all equipped with various kinds of weapons and may smash their tools against icons. Other icons used in the slot would be the images of three separate words and kiwis, pineapples, watermelons, plums, baseball bats of this sentence Here We Go.

Monster Smash Slot Game delivers a significant number of special attributes, which will certainly turn your time spent with a game into a profitable and funny experience. At the top of the reels, you'll be able to watch two boxes: Tropical and Monster Bonus. The sum of each bonus increases together with the number of lines featuring monsters or fruit. You can win the Tropical Bonus if you grab three baseball symbols on reels one, three and two. Monster Bonus will be triggered when you locate three baseball bats on reels four, five and four.

What is more, five baseball bats onto the reels triumph the two bonuses? When you block the reels together with all the symbols "Here" "We" "Go" appearing on reels one, three and five, you will activate 5 Free Spins in "Smash’em Game". And that is where the fun begins. During each Free Spin, the adjacent symbols will be splashed by creatures and show the hidden prizes. It is fairly nice-looking, and of course the gains. Free Spins could be re-triggered around 100 spins.

A few of the symbols appearing on the reels may be surrounded with the rings. If you manage to land three of such icons everywhere on the reels, you'll win a game in which your task is to spin the wheel of luck. You will be rewarded with one of the 3 jackpots: Tasty Jackpot available when you grab Luxury Jackpot four rings, 3 golden rings, Dream Chance Jackpot five rings if you are fortunate. Furthermore, when you win the initial jackpot, you can try to acquire the next one as all jackpots wins are handled just like a sort of a game divided into three levels. If you'd love to bet some of your wins, you may pick a 'Double Up' or 'Triple Up' choices visible at the bottom of the game screen. Your task in both Gamble Games is to pick among the three or four cards and uncover your winning or reduction.

Jackpot, personalities that are a handsome range of bonuses and features -- will you ask for much more? Monster Smash Slot Game is going to uplift your spirits and help you acquire a fortune. Check it!

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