Game description

Myths of Bastet Slot Game (OnlyPlay)

Myths of Bastet Slot Game (OnlyPlay)Game format: instant win lottery.

RTP: 95.76%

Volatility: 5.64

Myths of Bastet — slottery in the form of single-reel slot, released by Onlyplay in October, 2020. This format of games is very popular among both more experienced players and amateurs — that significantly reduces the price per every player. The design of the game is made at such a high level that it is almost impossible to distract the view from its main heroes. Since the main theme of the game is Ancient Egypt, it will especially appeal to those players who are interested in the history of the emergence and development of ancient civilizations. Golden sands, mysterious pyramids and majestic Egyptian gods attract the attention of the player, thus immersing the player in the game process more and more, thereby increasing the retention time. Appropriate sound effects complement the immersive gameplay. Bonuses, jackpot and other pleasant surprises are also available in the game. Since the player can stop the game and take his winnings at any time, the player's loyalty to the taken risk significantly increases. The target audience of Myths of Bastet is the whole world, but the game is especially popular among users from Asia and Latin America.

What makes Myths of Bastet unique?

  1. Exclusive game format - slottery, which has a wider target audience than classic slot games, since it combines the target audience of both lottery players and fans of social games.
  2. Ideal for players, who are interested in history, as the main theme of the game is Ancient Egypt and its mysterious mythology.
  3. The price per player is lower due to the popularity of single-reel slots in the modern gaming market.
  4. Availability of profitable bonuses, free spins and jackpot.
  5. High-quality animation and cool design.
  6. Wide target audience worldwide.
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