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OMG! Kittens Slot Game Review

Play Free OMG! Kittens Slot GameSince the slot's title indicates OMG! Kittens Slot Game is all about those furry little critters. Unlike many slots, OMG! Kittens Slot Game doesn't have symbols including the card hints. You will find pictures as a jar of milk, a wool ball, a collar and a cat trying to catch a goldfish in a bowl. There is an OMG! The kittens operate from the game as symbols that are stacked. What is intriguing is that there aren't any near misses from the game as the kittens appear when they fulfil out the reel.

OMG! Kittens Slot Game delivers several bonuses that raise the winnings rather good if a player strikes a combo of Tiger, Bubbles or even Mr Whiskers on reels 1 to 4 and all the bonus that the OMG! A participant receives a bonus after hitting on a kitty emblem. Every kitty has a function in this characteristic. Mr Whiskers (the brownish and white kitty) overlooks to get a Scatter and Bubbles (the white and the most adorable one in my estimation) raises the amount of Free Spins.

OMG! Kittens Slot Game is fun to play and looks cute with. Animations and the graphics are great. The reels stay in and out to some participant's action in the game, and a backdrop is of blossoms and grass.

To be frank, I must admit I have enjoyed playing with this slot even though I am not a cat person. OMG! Kittens Slot Game has a few potentials for winnings and supplies an assortment of bonuses which makes it more interesting to perform with. The game is since the level from the game is overwhelming, but I would suggest the slot to guys as the winnings are significant. If you are allergic to cats, they hate animals, give this game a try since you could be amazed at just how much fun you may have!

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