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Piggy Bank Bills Slot (Pragmatic Play)

Piggy Bank Bills Slot (Pragmatic Play)The idea of using a piggy bank as a source of inspiration for a slot machine is not new, and this has previously been used in many slot titles.

I have come across online games, where pigs have been used as acting bankers, but I must admit that Piggy Bank Bills is among the better-designed games in that category.

As a Pragmatic Play slot machine, I knew that I would be in for a great treat, and this is what I experienced playing the game for real money:

Game Set-Up

Piggy Bank Bills slot relies on 6x3 reels design, and it’s a unique setup in that, the slot relies on banknote halves which must be put together, and not the regular pay lines that we are used to.

It’s a game with a good combination of features among them free spins, scatter symbols and wilds.

Betting and Prizes

As earlier mentioned, this slot will not give you the regular lines, but that does not mean that it is not going to try to pretend to be giving out some.

I was able to use 20 coins/lines here, but if you need more, that is possible as well. Between 20 and 200 coins are available, with the coin values hitting $0.50. This way, I was able to place bets between $0.20 and $100 on every spin.

With a single pair of symbols landing next to one another, you can get up to 1,000xs the stake.

Piggy Bank Bill is a slot with many surprises, and on a good day, you can walk home with up to 5,000x the stake from just one single round. Although it has the potential to offer good rewards, I noticed that it is also highly volatile.

However, Pragmatic Play has given it a very decent RTP of 96.5%.

Piggy Bank Bills Features

Its combination of 6x3 reels and 18 symbols did not allow me to form regular combinations. Instead, what I got are banknote symbols that are of different values, and these are cut in half.

All that I needed to do was to match two banknote halves whenever they appeared next to each other.

The banknotes offer a prize range of between 0.25x and 1,000x the stake, and I got up to 10 different types of banknotes.

The Wild is green with its own logo, and it is among the available banknotes. I was able to use it as a replacement, but cannot be used to trigger the free spins.

The free spins will only be accessed via a scatter, and it is the pink banknote decorated with a golden Free Games logo. With two of such icons facing each other, you get a full note, and this is how I ended up with 8 free spins.

Upon forming two banknotes, you get to play without the lowest paying icon /banknote. Three triggering banknotes will prompt the free spins to remove the two lowest value bills from the game area.

While in this mode, it is possible that you get 2x and 3x multipliers, and I noticed that these appear as overlays on the icons. They have the ability to boost the value of their reward if the bill is formed.

Actually, it is possible to simultaneously get two multipliers for a bill, which will then multiply their values. There is also a chance that the lowest paying symbol will be removed from the game area, as you play.

Other features that can randomly trigger while you are playing this game include:

Piggy Bonus, Piggy Win, and Piggy Wilds.

Theme & Design

A whole range of banknotes serves as the regular symbols, and each one has its own design, and colours, while the pigs serve as their characters. The wild and the scatter serves as the features symbols.


Piggy Bank Bills is among the slot machines where Pragmatic Play have gone with a totally different setup.

It may be full of risk due to its high volatility, but that does not mean that you cannot have fun while playing it.

UPDATED ON: by Shawna Dudley