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Pink Panther Online Slot Game Review

Pink Panther online slot game from Playtech is a great slot machine in just about every sense. There are bonuses, there's a bet attribute spins, and a decent jackpot to boot. All told, the audio is appropriate and the art is elegant, the system retains its own against almost any others on the market. Great theme and design. High jackpot and progressives. Plenty of variety over bet sizing. The jackpots in The Pink Panther video slot game have been awarded for matching the value symbols across win lines. These all have been inspired by the franchise.

Pink Panther Slot Game By PlaytechOne of Pink Panther video slot game strongest selling points has to be the range. There are just a few free slots out there which provide this many side games. This attribute is triggered randomly throughout the primary game. The pink panther appears and blows up between six and two symbols on the reels, turning them to wilds. These symbols substitute except scatters. Again, this bonus is triggered throughout the main game. The pink panther opens safes for games, multipliers, or a crazy on the reel. The bonus ends whenever the panther opens a secure with dynamite in. Following this, the participant is given with two extra free games, and the bonus spins begin with the prizes. Another triggered bonus here. In it, the man and the panther paint a wall of amounts from pink and blue respectively. The overall bet that was current multiplies the sum of the pink amounts on the wall to make a cash prize. Players may choose to try their luck or to collect their award following the painting round finishes. They could play around three rounds. Any prizes out of the round are accumulated and gamers return to the main game. Triggered the Wheel of Pink bonus sees our hero spin two wheels. The external one awards various cash prizes (multipliers of this participant's complete bet). Meanwhile, the interior wheel comprises a re-spin or an amass. Re-spin means only that, gamers get another shot at the outer wheel, and "collect" returns them to the principal game with their winnings.

Every footstep wins a prize and these are tallied and multiplied by the bet of the spin. The Inspector can either proceed or collect his trophy. If gamers are lucky enough to finish all rounds, their winnings are multiplied by two. Beware, though, because there exist cubes which can the trophy and return the player to the principal game.

The Pink Panther slot game has two jackpots available: Important Pink, and Minor Pink. They are triggered randomly inside the primary game. The higher the bet that the player makes on each spin makes entry to the jackpot game more likely, although any bet is potentially eligible. Players who hit the jackpot adventure are guaranteed a prize. It may be one of the 2 jackpots, also it may be the consolation prize. To play the game, players must select doors to open. The Major Pink Jackpot is won by uncovering five pink panthers, whilst by uncovering four Inspector Clouseau doors, the Minor Pink Jackpot is won. At length, the consolation prize will be won by only three-man doorways.

Within the game, there is a bet mode. Next into the spin button is one labelled Gamble. It will illuminate after a win is paid out. Clicking on it begins the feature. If a participant opts to gamble, they're taken to a different screen where there are five playing cards laid out, face down. The dealers are the one furthest to the left. The value of the prize won initially is the stake, and players may decide to wager either half an hour or the amount double. Following their selection, the dealer reveals their allocated card. It's now up to the participant to flip any one of the remaining cards over to show if their gamble was successful or not. They win the gamble if their card is of value, and are compensated a full double up, or either half of their win. They could choose to collect their funds or gamble on. This sometimes happens till they accumulate, bust from the dealer, or reach 1,000. They can correct the value of each coin, the number of coins bet per line, and also the number of lines on. With all values set to the minimum, the lowest bet potential is just 0.01, and with everything maxed out, each spin will probably cost players a substantial 2,000.

Pink Panther online slot game is feature-packed. It offers excellent bonus rounds and plenty of them. The art is true to the franchise, and the theme is a look back at the preferences of a character. With jackpots, big bets, along with a multitude of ways to vary wagering round the reels, there's a lot to get excited about using this machine that is exceptional.

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