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About the Premier Roulette

PREMIER ROULETTE ReviewThis vintage table game has grown in terms of popularity in online casinos but also in brick-and-mortar casinos. I can say that something that will attract many players is that you have the possibility to choose what exact level of specific risk is going to be involved in your wager. Microgaming is the software provider of the free Premier Roulette, and this particular provider is well-known for making fantastic slots, but how do they manage when table games are considered, you will soon find out in my in-depth review about Premier Roulette casino game.

You have to know that Premier Roulette casino game happens to be the European version of this traditional game. This means that it is different from the American version, because the one from the USA has 2 zero segments, while the one from Europe has only one. The version from Europe has a better RTP when compared to the US version.

Once you load up Premier Roulette casino game, you will see much useful information on the playing screen. The main feature of free Premier Roulette is the roulette which happens to be located above the betting table. On your top right-hand corner, you can see the status of your games and on the left are options such as game speed, win details and video zoom.

Keep reading to find out some extra information about Premier Roulette casino game.

You Have The Chance Of Playing The Demo Version

When it comes to picking your preferred version of roulette in online casinos, you have a lot of options, and it is not very easy to make the right decision. The free Premier Roulette gives you the possibility to try out the demo version so you can conclude that this is the one variation of roulette that you truly want to play. The exciting fact about Premier Roulette casino game is that the wheel will never stop to spin, which was probably because Microgaming found out that the game looks better in terms of aesthetics because of that.

What Are The Rules?

When you decide to play free Premier Roulette, you’ll see that the rules are no different from the European Roulette version, and they’re pretty straightforward and easy-to-conquer. If you’re eager to bet, you are obliged to pick the size of the chip and place it in the correct place on the playing table. Also, a minimum bet in Premier Roulette casino game is €0.25, while the max bet can be up to €10000, which players find to be satisfying.

For more complex bets, you should see what’s the racetrack all about which you can find on the left-hand side of the game’s table. In Premier Roulette casino game you can place call bets which I will present in the following list:

  • Tiers Du Cylindre
  • Les Orphelins
  • Voisins Du Zero

The regular outside wagers of free Premier Roulette have the so-called even money odds:

  • Red/Black
  • High/Low
  • Odd/Even

These bets pay out 2:1.

On to the common inside bets of free Premier Roulette which are:

  • Lines, which pay out exactly 5:1
  • Squares, which pay out precisely 8:1
  • Streets, which pay out 11:1
  • Splits, which pay out 17:1


Premier Roulette casino game is an exciting version of European Roulette in which many players enjoy it. I would recommend you to try the demo version first, and then you play regularly. Try your luck and play Premier Roulette casino game!

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