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Primal Megaways Slot (Blueprint)

Primal Megaways Slot (Blueprint)Primal add to the long list of MegaWays slots, a niche that has continued to grow in leaps and bounds.

Blueprint Gaming has also joined this niche after getting a MegaWays license from Big Time Gaming: the pioneers of the Megaways mechanic.  

Blueprint has done quite well with this particular release, and I like the creativity that has gone into the design.

I got the chance to play Primal Megaways, and here is my review:

Game Set-Up

Primal MegaWays comes with 6 reels, and each column has a maximum of 6 symbols.

When combined, it will give u to 46,656 MegaWays, which is lesser than the common 117,649 ways popular with Big Time Gaming.

Free spins, retriggers, wilds and multipliers are among Primal MegaWays features.

Betting and Prizes

Primal does not allow the use of large amounts to place a wager, but this is as a result of the huge potential returns on the placed bets.

Wagers will cost between $0.10 and $10, and in return, you will be able to receive much more. This is why the developer has tried to limit the exposure of the casinos.

The highest potential will come via the free spins and the multipliers.

Primal: MegaWays Slot Features

The MegaWays system uses a fixed number of reels (6); however, the number of symbols that you can get per column varies.  Each reel can come with between 2 and 6 symbols.

The least number of ways to win on any spin is 64, but this will mean each reel gets at least 2 symbols. In case the get the entire 6 symbols, you will get the maximum number of ways to win, which is 46,656.

Some slots are using the MegaWays that have the potential to get as many as 7 symbols on each reel. This will result in up to 117,649 ways, a higher number than what is availed by Primal.

Primal reaches its optimal level when you are using the free spins. The free spins mode allows you to retrigger, and it’s in this mode that you can get guaranteed winnings of at least 10x the stake.

The free spin seems to get a major boost from the wild multipliers. These Wild Claws have the ability to transform to as many as 3x multipliers, which means bigger winnings.

If we look at a quick example, with three wilds, each will get a 3x. The total result will be 27 xs, but they do not always stop at this level.

Theme & Design

Primal uses a very great design and the theme is quite cool. By the look of things, it’s clear that Blueprint focuses on the Stone Age theme.

The creatures that feature on this slot are not available in the world today. These include sabre tooth tigers and dinosaurs.

The Royals are here too, and they appear in the design of a colourful stone.


Primal MegaWays has kept its promise by offering a great innovation, while at the same time delivering a great MegaWays system.

The payouts are good, and I would recommend the slot to all levels of players.

UPDATED ON: by James Worden