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Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot Game Review

The most significant potential jackpot of this Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot Game is possibly the most attractive feature of the entire game, but the way it may be won does require a little explaining. Wins from the game are attained by three or more matching symbols appearing on sequential reels from left to the right but unlike many games, these symbols don't need to form cover lines. The payout for any selection of fitting symbols is dependent on the value of this mix from the cover table multiplied by the bet amount and then by the number of equal symbols appearing on every reel. The most precious emblem from the game is that the man pharaoh emblem and as stated by the game's cover table, five of these symbols in conjunction is worth 50.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality SlotGame By NetEntPyramid Quest for Immortality Slot Game is a slot game that offers players the opportunity to win jackpot numbers that are possibly life-changing. Below you'll see details of this game's top jackpot, together with an explanation of this game's specific symbols, cover table and limits.

There are a small number of attributes and special symbols built into the gameplay with this Pyramid slot. These attributes are the game's Wild symbols, its own Avalanche Feature as well as the Avalanche Multiplier.

Wild Symbol in Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot Game function in precisely the same manner as conventional wilds and substitute for the other symbols to be able to compose the highest possible winning combination on a wager way. The symbols are created whenever a logo that lands on the very top of reel 2, 3 or even 4 is a portion of a winning mix, and they stay for succeeding Avalanches even if they're a part of a winning mix themselves. The game's Avalanche Feature is created from how symbols look via drops instead of spins in this specific slot. When winning combinations are attained after a collapse, symbols inside the mixtures explode and vanish, leaving spaces for additional symbols to fall into place in what's known as an Avalanche. Each period three successive Avalanches happen, the game's Avalanche Multiplier rises by one degree from x 1 to a max of x 10, which x 10 multiplier stays active until an avalanche no longer generates a winning mix.

The man pharaoh emblem has become the most precious of all and contains a cover table worth of 50 for five symbols, meaning that the best jackpot potential for that emblem is set by multiplying 50 from the wager amount and then by the number of symbols appearing on every reel. It's the pharaoh emblem that's the game's second most precious, and five of those symbols have a cover table value of 25 — being half of the value of the pharaoh emblem that is man, that comes in in 1,800,000 coins and implies that the top jackpot for this emblem is exactly of the worth.

It boasts an enjoyable and intriguing motif, has exciting and immersive gameplay and it features a massive jackpot.

The Egyptian theme of the game works with its usage of sized reels and drops rather than spins, to provide the slot with a look that will appeal to players. What is more, the Avalanche and Avalanche Multiplier attributes of this game also make gameplay aid to increase the size of jackpots and more enjoyable.

It's in that region of jackpots that Pyramid Quest for Immortality Video Slot Game simply blows competing for slots clean from the water. The theoretical best jackpot of this game is worth 7.2 million and this represents a payout much more significant than any most important game jackpot accessible everywhere and more generous than many innovative jackpots too.

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