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Take Olympus Slot (Betsoft)

Take Olympus Slot (Betsoft)Take Olympus takes you to the home of Ancient Greek deities. It’s a slot with a very beautiful setting, and I love the atmosphere that is created around statues, ancient temples, and a beautiful garden.

After viewing a small preview of the game, I was hooked and had to try the title. Below is my full review:

Game Set-Up

Take Olympus offers a 5x4 reels design, and on it are 50 active lines. It works with something they refer to as the Cycle of the Gods. With it, you work with a series of 10 spins.

The other features that I got here include Wrath of Abundance, Archer of the Wild, Spreading Pleasures, Waters of Chaos, Allfather’s Grace, and Spreading Pleasures,  

Betting and Prizes

The wager that you place covers all the lines, and it ranges between $0.10 and $40 per spin.

I find it quite impressive, but it’s top payouts of 2,328xs stake ($93,120) is a little disappointing.

The low volatility makes up for the low payout, but the below-average RTP of 95.49% is not something that Betsoft should be proud of.

Take Olympus Slot Features

As I have mentioned above, the slot requires a series of 10 spins, called the Cycle of the Gods. Each of the cycles consists of 10 spins, and one of the five gods’ reigns over it.

The power of the gods is released upon hitting the 10nth spin. From there, it will reset paving way for another god to be selected for the upcoming spin.

These gods are Apollo (Archer of the Wild), Aphrodite (Spreading Pleasures), Poseidon (Waters of Chaos), Hades (Wrath of Abundance), and Zeus (Allfather’s Grace). Each of these gods plays its role.

Theme & Design

The titles main focus is directed on Olympus, the home of the Greek deities.

I love the background image of a beautiful garden, that is filled with pretty flowers, well designed white marble temples, and some ancient statues.

It is a great design for a home inhabited by gods.

Symbols present include icons of deities like Apollo, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Zeus or Hades, and Poseidon. Others are a bow and arrow, leaves, tridents, thunderbolts, and some monsters.


Take Olympus is a slot that has a lot to offer. BetSoft is a renowned game developer and sure enough, they did not disappoint.

I’m particularly impressed by the high-quality graphics that the developer has given this title.

Considering that it’s a low volatility slot that also offers average payouts, I would recommend it to all levels of players.

UPDATED ON: by James Worden