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Top Gun Slot Game Review

Top Gun slot game is a Playtech operated video slot which loves 5 reels with 243 possibilities that are potential. Betting begins from 0.25 a twist and extends up into 1250, based upon your gameplay option. The 1 thing that we imply is that the more. Remembering the famous quotation: `'I believe the need. The demand for speed", we invite you to play higher bets to generate the same adrenalin infused gameplay we all love.

Play Free Online Top Gun Slot Game By PlaytechDon't blame it should you're feeling the need after playing with this video slot.

The key attractions of Top Gun slot game comprise the Danger Free Game that awards you with 8 spins. As if you land this attribute you'll win sky winnings mind you this is the time which we're encouraging Dogfights.

Action packed and enjoying images, we love playing with this video slot, and funnily enough even though Maverick is not because of what we believe is licensing rights, so you will like Playtech Gun slot game.

Appreciating some of the most features and characteristics Top Gun slot game welcomes an array of benefits and bonuses which will please all kinds of players.

Among the recalled and most prominent facet of this slot would be that the Danger Zone Bonus Game. And we're singing this tune with you! To activate this feature, you'll have to land 3 fighter jets on reels 1, 3, and 5. After this attribute is triggered, you're instantly given with 8 spins while an F -14 jet flies across your screen promising you and giving you the Dog Fight Wilds winnings.

The Dog Fight Wilds is just another attribute that exposes you and is a fan favourite. After this feature is activated, an F -14 Tomcat fighter will land onto your reels unleashing a sizable number of Gun winning symbols. Your target is a max of fight wilds which guarantee to float your pockets with coin winnings.

We'd have loved to watch Maverick featured, but each of the bonuses and benefits that Gun slot game provides is sufficient to counter for overlooking that face. We adore Top Gun video slot machines, and yes we're away to see the movie once we complete our time spinning the reels.

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