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Trolls Bridge Slot Game Review

Trolls Bridge YggdrasilTrolls Bridge is an online game which is brought to you thanks to one of the biggest software companies across the globe, Yggdrasil. This game happens to be packed with five reels, and it also has twenty paylines, which is pretty standard. Something that every gaming fan who loves to play games on the go has to know is that they have the chance to enjoy in Trolls Bridge online game on any mobile platform that they select, whether its the tablet or mobile phone. As for the betting range of Trolls Bridge online game is that it is really wide,  going from about €0.2 to a max of €200.

Keep reading my review regarding Trolls Bridge online game, and you'll know many pieces of information about this Yggdrasil online slot game!

How To Play Trolls Bridge?

The visual design is similar to the World of Warcraft game, and in Trolls Bridge you'll be able to encounter with these icons:

  • Hearts
  • Diamonds
  • Spades
  • Clubs
  • Four different trolls

The troll symbol with the red hair will give you the biggest prizes in Trolls Bridge. If you somehow manage to get five red-haired troll symbols, you are going to get two hundred and fifty coins. There are four various wild icons in Trolls Bridge:

  • Standard wild symbol
  • Sticky wild symbol
  • Troll wild symbol
  • Random wild symbol

You can find the standard wild symbol just in the Trolls Bridge base game.

Onto the next features, you have the right to choose whether you will play with activating the Gold Bet or perhaps not. If you’re not eager to play with this feature, you can play from around €0.2 to a max of €200. In a situation where you’re eager to play with the Gold Bet bonus feature, you have the right to play it from around €0.25 to a max of €250. If you activate this feature, the RTP will be 96.30% instead of just 96%.

Now, onto the base game of Trolls Bridge online slot. If you get a Bonus Pot icon on the fifth reel, you are going to one of these rewards:

  1. With ten free spins in this Trolls Bridge feature, you'll also get exactly five feature picks, which is great.
  2. With eight free spins in this Trolls Bridge feature, you are going to be rewarded with four feature picks, which is nice.
  3. With six free spins in this Troll's Feature, you are going also to get three feature picks, which is fantastic.
  4. You can get somewhere between forty and one thousand coins.

You can activate the free spins special bonus feature if you somehow get three or even more free spins icons of Trolls Bridge online game. Five, four or five free spins symbols will bring you the exactly identical awards just like on the list which is just above a few sentences.

Also, there’s a Bonus Stone special bonus feature where you can get these multipliers:

  • 2x multiplier
  • 3x multiplier
  • 4x multiplier
  • 5x multiplier


In terms of visual design, Trolls Bridge is stunning, and also the bonus features are rather impressive as well as the fun gameplay. You should really try and play Trolls Bridge online game!

UPDATED ON: by James Worden