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Vegas Single Deck Blackjack (Microgaming)

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack is a blackjack table game that was developed by Microgaming. What surprised me most is the fact that the game only uses a single deck, as compared to other newer versions of blackjack tables. Especially those common on online sites that use anything between six and eight decks.

The game features stunning graphics and animations, plus an excellent user interface. This design allows for a flawless blend with the table. You can even enable Quick Deal located in the settings if you wish to speed up your games.

Here is more about Vegas Single Deck Blackjack:

Game RTP

The RTP is one of the things that every real money gamer should consider, and this was my first stop before I could load any money to play the game.

For this blackjack table, Microgaming has been generous enough to give it a 99.69%. This is extremely good given the game’s low volatility, in addition to a fair betting range of between $1.00 and $200.

If the dealer has a soft 17 in hand, they will most likely hit. The computer will also verify its face-down card for blackjack and give players an insurance bet. However, unlike what is common in other tables, there are no side bets in Vegas Single Deck Blackjack.

Playing Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

Once your coins have been placed on the table's edge. You get started by clicking or pressing them. Players can use the arrow facing down to reveal larger chips. This allows them to place a larger stake.

There is only one spot on the screen where you can place your wager, and it is clearly marked. After you've placed your bet, tap deal to begin drawing cards.

Players are dealt two cards and must choose whether to hit or stand. Gamers can also split and double down, but only in certain conditions. You must have a pair of cards with the same value in order to split.

You will only be allowed to split once every round, and doing so requires an extra wager. To enjoy a double, you must have a hard eleven, ten, or nine in your hand.

The dealer will expose their facedown card after playing the cards. They'll continue to draw provided their hand is a soft 17 or lower. If the dealer goes above 21, or if your total is closer to 21 than theirs, the dealer loses. If you win the Insurance bet, you will only get the prize associated with that wager. The main round is still lost because the dealer has a blackjack.

Extra Features of the Game

Since single-deck blackjack makes card counting easy, most casinos have abandoned it. It would be extremely useful in this case if the game didn't shuffle the whole deck after each round.

As more cards are revealed, savvy players can continue to take advantage of this. The effect, however, is limited to very special cases. It doesn't have a big impact on the game's balance.

Other than the game’s insurance bet, you will not get any side bets on Vegas Single Deck Blackjack. In fact, such a scenario may not have any negative consequences, especially if you overlooked them and went for a better blackjack strategy. If you are a fan of single deck blackjack, as well as side bets, then you will need to pick one. You can't have it both ways.


There will be no extravagant wins here. The game features the standard blackjack payouts found on most other tables. Blackjack often pays about 3:2 and is the top prize in Vegas Single Deck Blackjack. In the meantime, standard wins are paid out at a 1:1 ratio, whereas Insurance pays out at a 2:1 ratio.

We do not recommend placing the insurance bet because the chances of winning are too low for the payment it delivers.


What you're looking for in a table will determine how much you enjoy Microgaming's Vegas Single Deck Blackjack.

Big wins coming from a lucky side bet are not something the provider can promise. However, if you enjoy gradually building up your capital base while following a strategy, then you will love this outstanding work from Microgaming!

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