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Video Roulette Game Review

Video RouletteThis version of roulette, Video Roulette casino game has no lack of features and is one of the best games from the software provider, Playtech. Free Video Roulette is for players of all experience levels, from the ones who want to keep it straight with simple bets to the gaming enthusiasts who use complex strategies to win in roulette.

Feel free to test your luck in Video Roulette casino game in basically any online casino, or you can first play the free version of this table game. It is probably better if you first try and play the demo version of Video Roulette casino game so you can become familiar with the rules. If you're a high-roller, the following fact about free Video Roulette will be exciting to you. The betting limits seem to be between €1 and €250000. You've read it right; you can place this enormous bet which makes free Video Roulette a game with one of the most significant betting ranges in an online roulette game.

How To Play Free Video Roulette?

Playtech has given the name Video Roulette to this table game because every time a player hits the spin button, a video will appear and on it will be a human dealer who will throw the ball in the air. The reason Playtech shows you the footage is that they want you to see how its like to win in a brick-and-mortar casino, and experience the sheer thrill of coming out victorious. If you do not want to watch the video, you have a „Turbo" option that is available to you. In Video Roulette casino game, when you hit that button to skip the video, a winning number is going to be revealed to you.

This online table game is a perfect mixture of French and European roulette. This versions of roulette are the very best you can play. The table layout of Video Roulette free is just like the one from the European version, while the side bets are from the famous French roulette. Also, the so-called Le Partage rule in Video Roulette casino game is brought from the French version.

The racetrack from free Video Roulette gives you an option to place neighbour bets but also the following bets:

  • Tiers Du Cylindre
  • Voisins Du Zero
  • Orphelins
  • Zero Game

If you click the „Special“ button which is located in the right menu you can place these bets:

  • Finale Plein
  • Red Splits
  • Black Splits
  • Finale Cheval

There’s a „Stats“ section where you can check how many times a certain number has won. Also, in Video Roulette casino game you can find a heat map. It helps you to pick your next bet by colouring the number boxes in red. Those number boxes in free Video Roulette can be found on the racetrack and also on the table.


A high-roller will be eager to play Video Roulette casino game because he can place a massive bet of a quarter of million euros, which is a big sum of money. If you tested the demo version and you liked it, it’s time to play Video Roulette casino game for real money!

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