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  1. Video Slots
  2. Video slots History
  3. How do Video Slots Work?
  4. Video Slots Features
    1. Autoplay
    2. 1024 Ways to Win
    3. Bonus Games and Multipliers
    4. Special Symbols
    5. Comprehensive Paytables
    6. Retriggering and Gamble Options
    7. Progressive Jackpots
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  6. Slots of the Future

Video Slots

Online video slot games are the most significant contributors and the most popular game genre in both land-based and online casinos. Though technically speaking, video slots are the same as regular slots, the difference between the two is that video slot games consist of more than 9 paylines.

Video slots are generally much more vibrant in content and design, and present an improved product over classic slots. Due to the massive popularity of the genre, in this piece, I will talk about the history and future of the type as well as share some tips on how to win and what are the best games you should try out.

Video slots History

Not so long ago, video slot games consisted of only a few paylines and a limited set of features. There were 3 reels with up to 10 symbols, which if aligned properly, win you a certain money prize.

If you started gambling way back, you might remember featured symbols like fruits and bars, which were most often the centrepiece of a slot game. During the years, slot machines and slot games evolved into what we today call video slots. They are jam-packed with features, bonuses, jackpots, and mini-games. There are no regular symbols anymore since each symbol represents something.

They are tied to multipliers, hidden features, and special tricks and effects when activated. Unlike regular free slots, video slots are also much more complex in design, both visual and audio.

For me, playing some video slot games feels like an immersive and special experience, as I get to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, backgrounds and in some cases, even character stories and development as I progress through these games.

How do Video Slots Work?

There’s a misconception that you can affect the way a slot works by adjusting certain aspects of the game. In reality, video slots work on a random number generator, where each spin is completely separate from the last one, with no relation between games.

That’s why I would specifically mention that it doesn’t matter if the previous jackpot hit was two minutes or two weeks ago. You have the same chance of hitting big with each spin.

Video slots also have a large number of paylines, so the best strategy to win in the long run is to spread your bets across as much paylines as you can. This approach gives you the best chances to line up multiple symbols across your paylines.

Although there are many systems and guides for sale, many of them have useless information. The most important thing when playing video slots is to understand the game, manage your bankroll and, most importantly, have fun.

Video Slots Features

As I’ve mentioned at the beginning, today's video slots are rich in features and content, offering players an entire experience, instead of just a slot game. The most common features video slots have, and the most important ones are:

  • Autoplay

A feature that’s becoming increasingly popular with time, autoplay is a great way to enrich your experience and make the game more exciting and less repetitive at times. I often use it when I want to kick back, relax and just watch the spins unravel on their own. The whole process is completely automated. Yours is only to set the number of spins you want the game to play by itself.

  • 1024 Ways to Win

Video slots can also abandon the payline concept and grant a win to any left, right, up and down combo. This is generally an optional feature, which you can choose to turn on and off. Though it is a great chance to maximize your potential wins, I wouldn’t recommend it to players gambling on a tight budget.

  • Bonus Games and Multipliers

Specific video slots have mini-games and bonus features that you can unlock by lining up many special symbols. These mini-games can be played for a wide range of additional prizes, including cash, bonus multipliers, and free base game spins. Multipliers are the most popular reward in these games and can add up nice winnings to your overall budget. Many players, including myself, love to play these types of games because you never know when the big multiplier win will hit.

  • Special Symbols

Unlike regular slots, which consist of plain symbols, almost all video slots have a large number of special symbols that offer different benefits. Icons like scatter symbols often trigger free spins bonuses, while wild symbols have the power to replace all other regular pictures on the reels. Additional symbols like expanding and stacked wilds, as well as sticky symbols, all add to the overall experience, making the gameplay more exciting and interactive.

  • Comprehensive Paytables

Every slot machine, from classic to video ones, features a paytable. It serves as an instruction manual and covers all of the aspects in regards to gameplay and betting. While classic slot paytables are simple, video slot ones are overwhelmingly stacked with details. There you can find bonus information, betting and wagering examples, as well as advice on what you should look for when playing, which I find especially useful and beneficial.

  • Retriggering and Gamble Options

Retriggering is an excellent way of prolonging your casino experience, by essentially launching the bonus game over and over again. Most video slot games feature retrigger bonuses that can be triggered consecutively without a limit, which can lead to some very lucrative bonus money wins. Many video slots also feature a gamble option, which gives you the opportunity to double your winnings from the previous round if you choose to activate it.

  • Progressive Jackpots

I’ve made a long list of benefits video slot games offer, but I'm saving the best for last. Progressive jackpots in video slots are by far the most rewarding prize you can win at online casinos. These jackpots can grow up to tens of millions of dollars and can be won by any player playing on a maximum wagering limit.

  • Book of Ra Deluxe – Nothing quite matches a game that can deliver on all fields, giving you great prizes and payouts, while also being masterfully designed and enjoyable to play. Book of Ra Deluxe is certainly one of the best video slots on the market and is a real treat to play. If you’re looking to embark on a thrilling adventure, the Book of Ra Deluxe is as good as they get. I find myself coming back to it very often, as it has a special charm and appeal to it.
  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe- This five reeled game isn’t filled with bonuses and high jackpots, but instead offers an enjoyable experience with moderate and frequent payouts that can help you grow your bankroll over time. It does feature a scatter symbol which is the best valued one in the game, though all symbol mixes are almost as equally rewarding.
  • Safari Heat – The excitement this game offers you will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. Besides nice bonuses and sky-high multipliers, Safari Heat has beautifully designed visuals and graphics as well as fast-paced gameplay, which all add up to a memorable and enjoyable video slot experience. This game is also available for free play at every reputable online casino, so I would recommend you check it out before depositing your money into it.
  • Starburst – There is rarely a video slot game list that excludes this super popular NetEnt, and I'm not about to do so. This game is indeed a premier example of the video slot genre and shows the real potential of online gambling. Awesome disco music accompanied by the vibrant and flashy background colours guarantee a good time playing this game. Excellent sound and visual design are not where this game stops, not in the slightest. With up to 50.000 coins available to the lucky winners, Starburst has one of the highest regular jackpots out of all video slots.

Slots of the Future

Video slots are certainly here to stay, and their rich design makes them attractive for both beginners and experienced casino game players.

After playing hundreds of video slot games myself, I can wholeheartedly recommend this genre as one of the best in online gambling. When playing online video slot games, remember to set your budget and do your research.

With so many games available, explore your options until you find the most entertaining and enjoyable one, and stick to it until you win it big. It's as simple as clicking the spin button.

 If you’re feeling weary of trying out video slot games, remember, you can play most of the new slot games for free check here. That’s right, no registration, no deposits, no downloads required, just launch up the free version of the game you want to play and enjoy, simple as that.

There are thousands of video slots, with some of the best gambling games you have yet to experience. So, what are you waiting for? If you feel you want to try your luck whit slots for real money grab a great casino bonus and start your online real money gambling adventure.