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Winter Berries Slot Game Review

Made by Yggdrasil Gambling, Winter Berries slot game is a beautiful video slot with 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. The reels are stuffed with various types of berries: red and black currants, blueberries, bilberries, briars, cranberries and barberries among others. When included in a combo, the symbols are beautifully drawn, but won't display any cartoons. In the background you will notice a winter landscape, making the entire presentation of this game even better.

Winterberries Slot Game By YggdrasilWould you enjoy berries? These fleshy fruits aren't very yummy, but could also provide you. How? Check out in Winter Berries slot game!

But, Winter Berries video slot game does not just look nice. This slot will allow prizes that are adequate to be won by you thanks to its Freeze re-spin and Multiplier features.

Every time you hit a line in Winter Berries slot game, the symbols will freeze, and the game will spin again, together with the winning symbols staying in their positions. If a new emblem of the same kind appears during the re-spin, this may freeze and also another re-spin will be awarded. This may continue until no new emblem freezes. Then the symbols will pay out their wins. If some symbols of a different type appear during a re-spin, these bonuses will be paid out.

Furthermore, if all symbols in two or more columns have the same type, up to x5 will multiply the decoration of the symbols that are frozen. Your multiplier will be equal to the amount of successive filled columns, counting from the left. You can win massive prizes if you hit a couple of columns of the symbols and get a multiplier even though the jackpot in this can be quite modest.

Winter Berries online slot game got prizes, all of which make it a recommendable pastime images, and it all attributes! After playing this game, you'll never again call berry machines boring! If you still want to try other slots you can do it here

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