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Betting SkillsCasino betting is one of the busiest and most recognised forms of gaming. There are those who visit either land-based or online casinos for pure fun while others are there to make money.

Additionally, there are professional gamblers, whose only income is from betting in casinos.

Whether you are spinning those video slots reels or enjoying some table games, it does not hurt if you worked on improving your results.

Different players have different tactics that they use. There are those who choose bets that have the lowest house edge, while others rely on correct decision making.

Either way, both sports betting and casino gaming offers players of all level a chance to make money and there are many ways you can reduce the house edge to improve your chances of winning some cash.

Below, we have shared some gambling tips that we believe will go a long way in improving your gaming experience:

  1. Spotting Value

Value is one of the simplest concepts in the betting industry. However, how many gamers are able to spot value and use it appropriately?

For you to be able to spot value, you must be in a position to spot good odds. Good odds are the ones that are not only too high, but they are also consistent, and systematic. This is how you will be able to capitalize on the opportunity that they bear.

Most successful gamblers will agree with us on the fact that to spot value, you must be able to judge probabilities. This may be a little challenging for any gamer but it is the only way you can beat the bookies.

To succeed with this, you will need loads of practice and with time, you will be able to identify value but only after you do the hard part.

  1. Understand Basic Maths

If you are the guy who keeps on rehearsing the popular phrase "I'm not a maths guy but....” you may as well quit gambling!

In this industry, you cannot really entirely on instincts and at some point; you will need some basic math especially in division and multiplication.

This is what will help you in getting the probability of your choice.

  1. Love the Ugly Duck

Most experienced bettors know this fact. Most bookies know offers betting odds based on the team that is seen as the stronger one. This is particularly common for highly published gaming events.

The trick here is to either avoid a highly published gaming event or to go against the wind. By going against the wind, we mean betting on the team that no one favours.

This may sound a little counter-intuitive but the truth is, some of those teams are only overrated and the less published ones could be better in terms of value.

  1. Move On!

If you have been on a losing streak, don’t dwell on it for far too long. These are some of the things that even professional gamblers experience, and you need to know that it has not only happened to you. Other players have experienced it as well.

On the other hand, don’t celebrate for too long if you have been making consistent wins.

Stick to your analysis and work on your plan.

  1. Avoid Greed!

Whether Teasers, Multi-bets or Parlays, only bet with these strategies when you are 100%.

They are very sweet to the ear with the high potential that they carry; however, they are also a terrible way to lose your bets.

Alternatively, you can aim to build a gaming strategy

For instance, some casino games like blackjack and roulette are based on probability. On the other hand, games like video poker will require a particular trick to tackle.

Developing a logical betting strategy will bring along faster success, as compared to plunging into the scene with no clear betting plan.

Whatever strategy you opt to work with, ensure you familiarise yourself with the available odds before placing a wager

  1. Aim for Long Term Success

Successful gamblers take betting as a long term investment and not a get-rich scheme. Take time to build your betting portfolio as well as your bankroll.

Avoid starting off with a huge bankroll but start small and aim to build it over time.

A small bankroll will also prevent you from becoming bankrupt.

With time, you will have mastered the art of self-control (this is very important in betting by the way), which will help you make a decent income on the side.

Always remember to tackle betting like a marathon, and not a sprint. It may take you a while to grow your bankroll, but success takes time so be patient.

You can set up a betting budget every month and this should be money you are comfortable losing.

  1. Know When to Quit

This is one of the best pieces of advice for every gamer who is looking for profits from this ever dynamic industry.

There are no guarantees in life and this applies to bets too!

Program your mindset to accept both profits and losses because these two will occasionally happen.

The biggest mistake that most punters commit is trying to chase a lost bet. This will see many people adding to their bankroll with the aim of securing some wins which could result in more losses!

Do not try to chase a lost bet and if you can, take a break from betting altogether.

With the right mindset, you can start all over again after the break.

  1. Choose Your Gaming Speciality

In betting, you will find little success if you plan to be a master of many.

Most professional gamblers only have one speciality and at most two.

It is common knowledge that there are a number of popular casino games like slots, live games, progressive slots, as well as table games.

When it comes to table games, they are quite diverse and they include video poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, among others.

Casinos use the house edge and each game has its own house advantage. Opt for games that have the lowest house edge.

  1. Track Your Progress

The other thing that every professional gambler works with is tracking their results.

Just like a business person, note down your profits and losses. Look at your betting trend. You can note weekly progress and see how well you have managed your bankroll.

If you are in a country where a tax on betting proceeds applies, note down all that is required so as to avoid getting in trouble with your paperwork or tax documentation.

  1. Analyse Your Betting Abilities

This is another strategy that professional gamblers use. With it, you can analyse games based on your ability to play them as well as their house edge.

If you enjoy playing video poker, start by analysing their payback percentages. Look for ways to master the most suitable betting strategy so as to keep the house edge as low as possible. 

Additional Tips for Betting on Slots

Slot machines remain the most preferred games on both lands based and online casinos. The current versions of slots are all glamorous with modern animated features and excellent bonuses. Here are some tips on how to win with the latest slots:

Stay away from progressive jackpots

We all love the potential that comes with progressive jackpots offered by most slot games. However, what many players don’t know is that the massive jackpot that is available is actually made from tiny contributions with every spin you take. This has an overall reduction in the payout percentage for the slot game.

Be careful with slots that offer several bonus features

These bonus features use the same trick to pay as the progressive jackpots. The more bonus features a game has, the less it will pay on regular wins since it has to use part of the money to cover the bonuses.

Go slow on slots with very many reels and/or pay lines

If you are a regular slots’ player, by now you may have noticed that the more complex the slot is, the less likely it’s going to pay a higher percentage.

Avoid airport and bar slots

If you love playing on land-based casinos, stay away from slot machines located in those two areas because they are known to offer extremely low pay percentages.

Ensure you use your players’ club card

Most casinos offer regular players an opportunity to own a player’s club card. Always insert it into the slot machine when playing because it earns you some cash every time you spin the reels.  

Go for higher denomination games

With higher denomination slots, you can always expect higher payback percentages.

Additional Tips On How To Play Video Poker

Apart from blackjack, did you know that its only video poker that has an edge over the house?

However, not all video poker games come with this opportunity, but you can learn to get the house edge with this type of game by mastering the strategy. Below are a few tips to help you with the same:

Get clear on what video poker is and what slots are

Slots and video poker tend to confuse a lot of players due to their many similarities. However, there are some differences between them. For example, with a video poker game, you can be able to tell the payback percentage beforehand.

Additionally, with video poker, you have the ability to make choices that can/will affect the final outcome of the game. This is not the case with slots.

Take your time to study and understand the paytable

In casino games, payback percentages are determined by the paytable. Most games that offer the best odds are those that come with the best pay tables.

Make use of a training software

No one is perfect and it is not wrong to use help where needed. With video poker, it is absolutely necessary to use training software which will guide you in case you are making some mistakes.

This is one of the best ways to prepare for your next poker game, and especially if you are new in the industry.

Every time you play, insert your players’ club card into the machine

You may not know it but this way, you will be given rebates of between 0.2% and 0.3% on all expected losses each hour you play.

It is important to note that this action does NOT in any way affect your chances of making a winning.

Using your players’ club card does not come with any downside apart from the many ads from casinos.

Multi-hand games and their paytable

Often times, you will find a huge difference between pay tables on online casinos. For example, online casinos tend to offer low paytables for multi-hand games as opposed to the more generous ones offered for single hand games.

Always double-check the paytable and see how generous it is before playing.

Free online training is very helpful

Thanks to the internet, you can self-teach on many things online and one of them is video poker. No practice or learning is too much. There are many free online resources that you can use to learn the ropes as well as to practice how the controls work.

Try your hand at Pick’em Poker.

This is a video poker version that is simplified and comes with very minimal judgment as compared to other versions. With proper practice and good training, you can get a paytable with up to 99.95%.

Final Thoughts

Money growingIn this industry, there is no sure way of gambling, but there are tested ways that you can use to get the most from this lucrative industry.

To increase your winning potential, try and work with at least five of the strategies that we shared above. This will not only increase your chances of making profits, but it will also help scale down your losses.

Most importantly, put in the hard work and bet when you are psychologically prepared.