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best online casino bonusesCasinos and the gambling industry have been popular since prehistoric times. How do we know? We’ve seen them in The Flintstones. In fact, in all seriousness, archaeologists and historians have also vouched that games actually do date back to prehistoric times. Casinos are a huge source of interesting myths, stories, and legends. The emergence of online gambling has further created an upsurge in the industry. More and more users are signing up to online casinos and gambling on their favourite games in the hope to win big.

Online casino come in all shapes and sizes, but if used properly, a player can be able to make some good profits while enjoying maximum fun.

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Some of the tales bring out interesting facts about casinos that are worth a read:

The Founder of FedEx Gambled in Vegas to Save his Company

This fact is rather an inspiring story for aspiring gamblers and small business owners. The founder of FedEx earned $27,000 in blackjack at a casino in Vegas and used the money to save his floundering company. In 1973, the company only had $5,000 when Frederick Smith decided to fly to Vegas and try his luck. Even though this isn’t a good investment strategy, Smith’s gamble paid off, transforming into a fortune for the company.

You can Voluntarily Ban yourself from Casinos

If you feel that you are addicted to gambling and this isn’t doing any good, you can ban yourself from casinos. This voluntary exclusion program is offered by several states and once you have assumed the ban, stepping onto the casino floor is taken as a crime. This ban can be either for a year, for five years, or for a lifetime. Remember that you must mean the ban because there’s no way to get your name removed from that list once you commit to quitting for good.

The Nevada State Prison had a Casino for Inmates

Gambling is so popular in Nevada, that even the state prison had a private casino for inmates. This casino lasted for 35 years before the new warden from California shut it down in 1967. The casino allowed inmates to play craps, poker, and blackjack.

Citizens of Monaco are Not Permitted to Gamble at the Monte Carlo Casino

The Monte Carlo Casino is a gambler’s paradise. However, if you’re from Monaco, you need to go elsewhere. In the mid-1800s, Princess Caroline announced that it is illegal for the citizens of Monaco to gamble at the Monte Carlo Casino and revenue should be generated only from foreigners.

Slot Machines Dispensed Chewing Gum

Slot machines use fruit symbols on the wheels. Do you know why? This is because, in the era of 1880s, slot machines actually dispensed fruit-flavoured gum.
To begin with, slot machines were introduced for the purpose of entertainment.
They had small pictures of fruits and other beverages and on hitting a jackpot, the machine dispensed chewing gum or tokens that were meant to be exchanged for drinks and cigars. It was only in 1888 that slot machines started to dispense actual coins and real money was involved in slots.