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How to Beat Online Casino Slot Machines

Many of you realise that playing slot games give you the best chances when trying to beat online casinos, especially if you’re playing to meet wagering requirements. Although this is true, there are some things you need to know to be more successful in beating online casino slot machines. In this article, I’ll share some of the most powerful tips and tricks I've learned over the years.

Always bet the Maximum

Always bet the MaximumI know, this was supposed to be a strategic article sharing the best tips and advice on how to win and right off the bat I’m giving reckless advice. Hear me out for a second. If you have the playing budget to bet maximum amounts on your slot games, you should do it. There are many reasons for that being the case. The first one is that casinos offer better multipliers as you wager more money. The second reason is that in some casinos you aren't eligible to get the jackpot unless you’re betting the maximum. You have to keep in mind that, if you want to win big, you need to bet big.

For example, when playing a slot machine, it makes a lot of difference if you bet €1, €2 or €3 in coins. If you bet €1 in coins, you will generally get a 1x bonus multiplier; €2 worth of coins will get you 2x multipliers on your winnings, and so on. Like I’ve said, different bets will produce different consequences.  When playing you will have to manage two important categories:

  • The value of your coins
  • The number of coins you want to bet
  • The number of active reels and paylines (If a game gives you the option to choose)

If you’re not willing to bet big money on your games, then you would like to look at low-volatility games, or slot games that offer nice bonuses and free spins. Watch out for multiplier bonuses, because even though you will be playing on smaller bets, multipliers can still make a huge difference.

Calculate Your Chances

Calculate Your ChancesTo better understand the game, you’d want to calculate the number of winning combinations. This is a pretty straightforward thing to do, and I’ll show you how to do it. Let's say that you have a game that has 5 reels with six symbols. The math would look something like this: 6x6x6x6x6x6=46656 total number of winning combinations. When you put it on paper, this is a huge number of possible combinations. Of course, not all combinations pay equally well. The more valuable and harder to get the symbol is, the bigger your reward will be. Knowing how these mechanics work can give you a nice edge and help you when deciding on your betting strategy and other aspects ill share with you in a minute.

Use the paylines to Your Advantage

Staying on the subject of balancing your budget, mastering the concept of paylines is absolutely essential if you want to win at slot games, no matter if you're going to play at a land-based or online casino. If coin numbering and value is the most important thing, I would say that paylines are the second most important thing; and an aspect most players tend to overlook. Like I've said above, if you don’t play the maximum, you might as well say goodbye to those jackpots and huge wins. But that doesn’t mean that if you play smartly and tactically, you won't have a chance of winning nice payouts. For example, the way you play and how you line up your paylines can make a huge difference. I'm going to be straightforward: always try to spread your bets. It's not the same if you bet 10 coins on 5 paylines or spread the same amount across 25 paylines. If you have a larger amount of active paylines your chances of lining up a winning combination increase. it doesn’t make a difference if you’re playing on a small or big budget, always try to spread your bets across as many paylines as you can.

Decide for a playing style

If you’re chasing short-term wins, regardless of your budget, you should stick with games with the smallest jackpots. The smaller the jackpot is, the more likely its going o trigger, making it easier to cash out in a shorter amount of time.

If you are in it for the long run, choose a game with a high jackpot.  This jackpot is harder to achieve, and you might lose money during the way, but if you stick through, the jackpot will trigger. Choose your style and decide if you want to put in a lot of hours into getting that big jackpot or just want a short and relaxing playthrough.

Pick a Proven Strategy

During my years as a gambler, I’ve found two strategies that have proven to be the most successful. Regardless of your style of play or betting range, I’ll share with you two strategies that I think work the best for online slot machines:

  • Pick a Proven StrategyThe One Play Strategy – The simplest and easiest strategy to implement. You can use it no matter your playing experience and skill. The whole concept of the One Play Strategy is to play one machine at the maximum amount. If it pays out, you stay at it, if it doesn’t, you move on. This is a straightforward strategy that requires a bit of luck but also saves you the stress of trying to play a machine for hours without any success.
  • Standard Deviation Strategy – A much more complicated, but also proficient strategy. This one requires a bit of calculation to determine the best chance to win a game. This strategy requires a lot more patience and concentration but also guarantees much better chances of winning. There are some excellent tutorials online on how to master this strategy and trust me. It's really helpful.

Manage Your Budget

Strategy and tactics aside, the most important tip I as a gambler can share with you, is to carefully monitor and manage your playing budget. And by this, I don’t mean the number of coins, paylines or anything I've mentioned in the article so far. This means setting aside a specific bankroll you can afford to spend on the games. Sounds logical, right? Well, this is just a part of a two-fold strategy when playing slots. The other part is selecting slot games that cost accordingly to your budget. What do I mean by this? For example, if you have set aside a budget of €100 for your evening gambling entertainment, it's important to know the betting range of the games so that they don’t eat up your budget before your evening has even started. Pick a slot that fits not only your style but your budget, and you’re guaranteed hours upon hours of delight.

Relax and Don’t Think Too Much

Relax and Don’t Think Too MuchHave you ever been to a land-based classic casino? If you have, you might have noticed that there are players who roam the halls looking for hot and cold slots to play on. They watch other gamblers playing games and try to calculate when the slot will cash out. The ugly truth is that this is not only a strange thing to do but its also completely unnecessary. Slot machines don’t function in that way, as I've mentioned above that their entire mechanic is completely randomised. It doesn’t make a difference if the machine paid out one or ten rounds ago, it can cash out at any point. While at online casinos you cant stalk other players on slot machines, it's still completely unnecessary to stress and obsess about a game not paying out. Stay calm and relaxed, and you will have no problem with the machine.

It's Up to Luck

No matter what you do, there will always be one factor that you don’t have any power over. When you hit the spin button on your slot game, a random number generator triggers, creating a completely random combination, regardless of any previous combinations before. Though there are slot games which have a spit/stop button combination, this is an aspect of the game you don’t have almost any influence over.

Try out my tips and Enjoy!

These have been some of the best and most important tips and tricks you need to know in order to win while playing slot machines. Now its time to head to your favourite casino and try out a few of the tricks you’ve learned here. I’m sure you will have a very productive and successful gaming experience if you remember just a few of them. Just keep in mind that you’re playing these games for the fun and entertainment and that no matter if you cash in on that colossal jackpot or win a small prize, you will get the best out of your time and have an enjoyable outing.