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Slots are hands down, the heart and soul of any casino. It’s no secret that slots are the most played casino games out there. They have a strong and loyal following which seems to be growing at a supersonic speed. On top of that, one-armed bandits are the main breadwinners for online casinos, accounting for the biggest part of their revenues.  

Whether you’re a die-hard slot fan or wide-eyed casino newbie, drop whatever you’re doing and read on. In this quick guide, we’ll reveal the secrets of how to maximize your gambling experience at slots. 

1. Find a good online casin

Finding a safe and reliable casino operator is the cornerstone of enjoyable gambling —especially if you're good online casinogoing to play slots for real money. Choosing the best online casino is a big deal. After all, you’re going to trust it with your personal and banking information. 

While there is no lack of trustworthy operators out there, searching for the right casino may take some time. There is a bunch of factors to consider. What gambling licenses does the casino operator possess? Does the casino get its games tested by independent auditing companies? How many banking options are available to players? Basically, you need to play a private detective and run your own mini-investigation. 

If you’re looking for a reputable online casino, try out Australian casino Casinonic. With a stunning slot portfolio and juicy bonuses, this gambling site checks all boxes! 

2. Decide between free and real-money mode

Some gamblers play slots for the pure joy of gambling. It’s the gameplay and not winnings that matter to them. If you belong within this category of players, you’ll be perfectly content playing in demo mode! At the same time, there is an opposing camp of gamblers who can only enjoy gambling when risking their money. For them, it’s an opportunity to experience strong emotions and feel on the edge. 

If you don’t know yet which side you're on, give yourself some time. Start to get acquainted with one-armed bandits by playing for fun. If you don’t know the first thing about how a slot works, the last thing you want is to risk your hard-earned money on it! Explore slots in demo mode first. Try out machines with different RTPs and volatility levels. See how free spins and double features work. Play around with bet sizes. Don’t switch to real-money wagers until you’re 100% sure you can handle the pressure and responsibility.

3. Find a theme that interests you

Nowadays, slot providers go out of their way to please their player base and develop slots to meet all tastes. When scrolling down the list of one-armed bandits on a casino site, a casino newbie is very likely to feel panicky. The selection of themes and genres is head-spinning! Some of the most popular themes include adventures, mythology, romance, pirates, vampires, space, history, travel, and more. Pick a game that goes in line with your hobbies and interests. The secret is being genuinely interested in the theme or storyline. Only then will you be able to fully immerse yourself into the game and truly enjoy it. If, for example, you’re a keen comic book fan, you’re sure to like the fancy branded slots themed around Superman and other superheroes. 

4. Choose between video slots and fruities

video slotsAll one-armed bandits fall into two big categories, classic slots and video slots. Classic slots, aka fruities, are direct descendants from physical slot machines which used to be the staple of every pub and bar in the XX century. They got nicknamed “fruities” because they used colorful fruits as symbols. Classic slots have straightforward gameplay with hardly any extras. Another prominent characteristic of fruities is the lack of top-notch visuals. Video slots are a major step up from their classic rivals. They tend to be chock full of extra features, such as bonus rounds, free spins, gamble games, jackpots, and more. 

If you gravitate towards relaxed, slow-paced gameplay, you can’t go wrong with classic slots. If, on the contrary, you’re into dynamic games with big winning potential, go for action-packed video slots. Deciding on the type of slots you like will help you navigate through a bewildering selection of slots on online casino sites.

5. Take heed of the software provider 

Be sure to find out what software company manufactured the slot you’re about to play. The industry’s leading slot developers include such big names as Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, BetSoft, Novomatic, Aristocrat, and the like. If a slot was produced by an acclaimed brand, you can rest assured that it will have drop-dead visuals, immersive music, engaging storyline, and exciting bonus features.  

At the same time, the igaming market is full of emerging software suppliers. Many of them produce top-tier slots which can hold a candle to the praised creations of prominent brands. If you’re adamant about exploring a slot by an obscure brand, be sure to first test it in demo mode. If you remain satisfied with the graphics and other aspects of the game, you can move on to real-money stakes. 

6. Follow the money management rules

This next tip concerns those who play for real money. It’s crucial that you know how to spend your bankroll wisely. The thing is that slots are extremely dangerous casino games. With their absorbing animations and flashing symbols, they make you forget about reality while sucking money out of your pocket. With that said, setting the Stop Loss and Stop Win limits is an absolute must. Once your losses or winnings reach the predetermined amount, you must call it a day and close the casino site. This is when your self-discipline can save you from reckless spending. 

Here is another crucial rule to stick to. Set aside a sum of money that you can afford to spend on slots in a week or month and never go beyond this budget. 

7. Focus on high-paying slots 

If you’re playing for real money, be sure to consider the parameter called RTP (return to player). This value indicates what part of the money wagered by players a slot pays back in the form of winnings. The higher the RTP, the better for your purse. A decent RTP varies somewhere between 95% and 98%. I advise you against wasting your time and money on stingy games with RTP below 95%.

Here comes the tricky part, though. Slots with progressive jackpots tend to have lower RTPs than their regular counterparts. Plainly speaking, if you stand a chance of hitting a life-changing money prize, you must settle for a smaller payback. (You can't have it all, as it turns out!) So if you’re hunting down the most generous one-armed bandits, you should skip progressive slots.

8. Choose a comfortable volatility level

Volatility is another technical characteristic that impacts your player experience big time. Low-volatility slots are programmed to pay often, yet their payouts are mostly small. When playing a high-volatility game, prepare to embark on a long series of winless spins before finally hitting a decent payout. Medium-volatility slots are somewhere in-between the above two types. If you’re stretched for money and your bankroll is unlikely to survive a long losing streak, you should keep away from high-volatility slots. Instead, pick games with low volatility that will encourage you with regular payouts.

9. Stick with small bets

Let’s be honest. Most of us have a limited gambling budget, and we want to make the most out of it. The best way to make your bankroll last longer and extend your playing time is to stick with small bets. Nowadays, software providers tend to develop more slots with low betting limits to suit different bankrolls. For example, there are the so-called “penny slots” where you can wager as low as 1 cent. Also, by making small bets across more paylines, you boost your chances to land a winning combination and get a nice payout. 

10. Never play in a bad mood

Gambling for real money when you’re feeling down is an outright bad idea. When you’re frustrated or angry, you can’t properly control your emotions and therefore risk spending more than planned. Even a short series of losing spins can set you off, making you want to recoup your losses at any cost. Seasoned gamblers know that recouping your losses is a major no-no unless you want to see your bankroll dry out in the nick of time.

At the same time, playing slots can have the power to boost your spirits and brighten up your day. Still, if you’re feeling low, it’s best to keep away from making real-money wagers. This is when the demo mode may come in very handy!

Wrapping up 

Despite having their tricks and pitfalls, slots are the best thing that has happened to gambling. Like with everything in life, you need to find your groove with one-armed bandits. This may take some time but the result is definitely worth it. I hope the above tips have provided you with guidance on how to improve your gambling experience at Casinonic and other reputable Australian online casinos. I wish you many enjoyable hours playing and winning at slots!