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Online gaming has increasingly become popular around the world and Canada has not been left behind in this positive trend.  We cannot deny the fact that a lot of the changes we are seeing in this industry could be attributed to things like the emergence of the Kahn awake Gaming Commission, which has shifted the ground to enable favourable online trading.

However, the continuous success of Canada’s Online Casinos could also be as a result of a business model that offers a wider range of likeable features, like bonuses.

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One of these is digital technology. Most online casinos in Canada have greatly tapped into the e-commerce industry and we are now seeing more digital casino games incorporating the latest software and features.

Online Casino Software

Online casinos in Canada employ some of the most sophisticated technology and the Software used is able to control how a punter interacts with the games. Additionally, most use advanced graphics that works wonders on the gaming environment.

The common games on most Canadian Online Casinos are from renowned developers like Microgaming and NetEnt.  However, other reputable Canadian developers like Blaze Soft, 3 Oak Gaming, and Aberrant Software have also come on board with some excellent games.

Here are some new technologies that most Online Casinos in Canada use to come up with the best possible games.

Live Casino Technology

Live Casino TechnologyOnline gaming has been around for a while now, having made its debut in the late 90’ (1996 to be precise). As technology continues to advance, so are the online casinos and with the help of state-of-the-art technology, you can video stream your favourite game from any part of the world.

To enable this to happen, your online casino uses some very sophisticated equipment to monitor and direct the ebb and flow of the game in question. The GCU (game control unit) is what most live online casinos use to make this happen.

With the help of GCU, an online casino is in a position to transmit and receive video feeds at very high speeds. This also helps the live dealer to monitor each and every player, and in case of any data delay that could compromise the player’s participation, the issue can be sorted promptly. 

24 hr Call Centre Support

Online casinos are much like an e-commerce setup. With most Canadian online casinos, you will find that most offer 24hr customer service. This can only be made possible by the use of some technology.

Just like any other e-business, an online casino requires software to run and or setup things like customer care service, secure online payments, marketing, and website design among many other things that go into making an online casino successful.

One of the most essential of such soft wares is a web server. This software can be operated either through Windows or the Linux platform. However, the casino’s business model is what will determine whether to use a dedicated server or a hosted space via a third-party server.

Either way, a web server must work with server software and some of the most popular include Windows IIS and Apache.

That is not all as other web tools must be used in the design and creation of the front end (what you see when you visit the casino) and back end (the casino’s framework that enables it to function).

Additionally, every casino needs to create the most reliable customer care platform and things like loyalty programs, chats, email responses as well as personalisation, will require special software like be CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Handling Analytics, Big Data, and Data Science

If this is the first time you are coming across these three words, then just know that they all concern data. Here is a brief look at each one of them:

Big Data is a massive amount of raw data that is not easily handled by most applications.  Furthermore, this amount of data is not easy to store and is quite challenging to structure. However, for an e-business to effectively plan and execute its ideas, it will need to properly gather this data.

Data Science is all about processing huge amounts of data. This comes with many stages that include analytics, data cleansing, statistics, data capture and programming among others.

Data Analytics is what goes into gathering all the relevant information and making final conclusions from raw data. It is common for many industries to use these analytics to verify and/or execute operations models or any new theories. This is also effective in predicting alternative outcomes for any new business model.

Customer data is actually the biggest area of interest for any company. For example, in online casinos, this is what the industry uses to gather all the important information about players.

What most online casinos in Canada and the world at large want to know about players is how much money and time they spend on gameplay and the players’ demographic. This helps them to know other demographics that they can target to grow their customer base.

SSL protocol in Online Casinos

SSL was first introduced to online casinos in 1995. The three initials refer to Secure Sockets Layer which is a protocol that ensures maximum security. This is possible by data by encrypting all communication between the casino’s server and the client’s.  

It is one of the best forms of security especially in protecting online transactions as well as private data.

SSL protocol works by creating a standard convention that is in return used to establish and/or conduct communications via the internet.  SSL has two sub-protocols: the first type is also known as a ‘handshake’ protocol. With this type of protocol, two separate entities must be able to agree on the best form(s) of encryption that is suitable to use for the session.

The other one is an ‘r which is simply used to agree on the best possible way that will enable the two parties to use SSL to effectively exchange data. This is also the protocol that decides the best specifications which are able to govern the preparation of transmission data and this is how the data gets verified and encrypted.

Most Of this process is confidential and may not be visible to everyday users. However, you can be able to tell if an online casino uses SSL or not by checking their URL. If it appears as HTTP, then it is not secure but if you see HTTPS (HTTP Secure), then this is a highly encrypted website that takes data security very seriously.

The Future of Online Casinos

Although technology is facilitating today’s online gaming, we will definitely see a major shift in the future due to the newly emerging trends. Technology keeps on evolving and for online casinos, this will definitely have a profound influence on the future of gambling.

Future of Online CasinosOne of the most likely changes that we are going to see is the use of facial recognition. With technological advances, facial recognition will be used to scan and capture a gamer’s facial features. The collected data from this can be used to develop an avatar from the captured image which can then be used to participate in on-screen gaming action.

Some developers are already at advanced stages and with the help of Intel’s RealSense 3D camera, some of them are working on casino games which will be able to adapt to the player’s facial expressions.

There is also the possibility of developing games with gesture recognition.  With such games, a player will only need to use their hand to control the game. A good example is the virtual roulette wheels which are actually spun by the use of hand gestures.  If you love poker then you will enjoy the possibility of indicating a bet by the use of only a gesture.

Another addition will be the use of a human voice. The advanced use of technology will enable devices to recognise voices as well as understand all voice commands. This is how we are likely going to see an emergence of voice-controlled games whereby, a punter will be able to place a bet while chatting with other gamers.

When we look at the latest trends in the gaming industry, we already see a substantial use of Virtual reality (VR) in online games. Already, some developers have released into the market games with the virtual reality poker is a good example.

5G mobile internet is the latest to hit the market having been introduced lately, in 2019. This looks like the technology which will impact greatly on most online casinos given its ability to provide online latency (time delays).

5G offers rapid speed that is able to banish glitches which are common especially when live streaming a game.


With these many technological advances, the gaming industry is routinely becoming sophisticated. This means that only those players who are flexible and can be able to swim with the tide will get the competitive edge.

On the other hand, Online Casinos in Canada that you can FIND HERE need to continuously check what their competitors are offering in terms of new technology, so as remain stable in this ever dynamic industry.