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To effectively do that, we need to be highly vigilant, due to the ever-dynamic nature of the gambling industry.

Additionally, we must keep constant track of any new changes in gambling regulations in, different jurisdictions.  Simply put, this involves a lot of work.

Our work involves the services of writers, researchers, managers, and coders, and we must also purchase things like software, hosting and web servers.

All these services are quite costly, and not easy to sustain.

Because we believe in honesty and transparency, it is important to let you, our valued reader, know that this website runs an affiliate marketing revenue model, which helps us to pay the bills.

Here, you will find lots of casino reviews, game reviews, betting guides, details touching on bonuses, as well as information regarding mobile gambling.

To ensure that you receive the most relevant and accurate information, we do a personal review of all products and services mentioned here.

All the casinos that I have mentioned here have been deeply researched and vetted to ensure that they are safe, reputable and they stick to their offers.

Please, note that we do not receive any product or services in exchange for the affiliate links. In this industry, an affiliate receives only a small commission if they manage to send new customers.

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With our strict vetting, we are able to bring you information that is most accurate, and free from any hidden interests.

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