An eCheck, or electronic check, is a digital version of a traditional paper check, used to make payments online. This payment method allows funds to be electronically transferred from the payer's checking account

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eCheck - Bringing Your Checkbook To The 21st Century

An electronic check, also known as an eCheck could be easily described in a nutshell as an electronic payment that is made from the checking account you own. Have you ever used a regular check? Well, an eCheck works very similar to that, the difference is that you do not have to tear out a piece of paper from your checkbook. Instead, you will have to fill in an eCheck authorization form to provide information for your payment: bank account, payment authorization, routing number.

All these data are needed for the electronical process of your payment.

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More About eChecks

So, again, how do these eChecks work? Just as described above, these eChecks work as the paper checks. The difference is that they are written electronically and they are executed also electronically. You work with it in front of an electronical device and you will not need any paper, or pen, or to sign your name anywhere.

The process works as an electronic fund transfer, or as they call it, an EFT, and after you introduce your part of the data, the online casino and your bank will communicate about the details of your payment.

When you use this kind of payment method (EFT/ electronic check), the casinos that accept eCheck will ask your bank if the amount of money is available in your bank account, through a transmission. The answer it gets from the bank (yes or no) will also come as a transmission.

According to the answer transmitted from the bank:

  • if the answer was yes, the Canadian eCheck casino will instantly credit the player with the deposited amount of money,
  • whilst a negative answer means that your payment will be declined by the casino.

Just as in case of a paper check, the online casino will not receive the money amount that you asked to deposit for the usual 3 to 5 business days. But in the case of the electronic check, the eCheck casinos Canada will know that the money is available in your balance. That is why they immediately give you, the player the access to the deposited amount, because they know that the bank has started processing the money from the user's bank account.

eCheck Casinos

eCheck Casinos in Canada include the following widely known brand names like: Spin Casino, Ruby Fortune, Royal Vegas, Mummys Gold, Jackpot City, Lucky Nugget, River Belle, Gaming Club, Poker Stars. These eCheck casino operators provide transactions for deposits and withdrawals with the use of eCheck payments.

Please note that Ontario differs from other parts of Canada, in the meaning of jurisdiction applicable to online gambling. eCheck deposits and withdrawals are made available here too by eCheck online casinos as Spin Casino, Royal Vegas or Jackpot City.

Online Casino Account

When choosing the online casino where you would like to open an account (sign up/ register), you should always take into account the payment methods this service provider offers. eCheck casinos in Canada are those online casinos that accept eCheck payments.

Online gambling websites accept mostly more than one payment method, including bank transfers, credit and debit card payments, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and some of them even accept cryptocurrencies.

When setting up your online casino account you will be asked about your preferred casino payment methods. But even later you will be able to choose the actual payment methods when performing deposits and withdrawals, so there you will find the eCheck casino payments as options at instant eCheck casinos in Canada.

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eCheck Casino Payments

If you decide to start your online casino carrier at those gambling service providers which accept eCheck, you will need to have a checking account. If you are new at the playground, you should have an overall check of all of what a casino offers: features, functionalities, bonuses, games, etc., not only the payment methods of eCheck casinos Canada. Yes, we know that these are very important, you are right.

In the following sections you will find information related to the process of depositing and making withdrawals at eCheck casinos Canada. These will help you make your experience at online gambling service providers hassle-free and smooth.

eCheck Casino Deposits

Making eCheck casino deposits is not that complicated at all. You just need to follow the next steps:

Your first job is to verify and ensure that you have the large enough amount of money in your account to cover the wished deposit. In other cases, you might meet some inconveniences related to a bounced electronic check.

In order to fund your casino account balance, at the banking section or cashier select the payment method as eCheck.

Some personal details will be required, so enter the necessary information: banking information, name, routing number, etc.

Waiting for approval when paying for deposits through eCheck may need a process of 1 to 7 days, but do not panic, your deposits are mostly processed quicker. Withdrawals take more time.

Deposit Limits with eCheck

When it comes to eCheck deposits, Online Casinos provide payment limitations. There are two dimensions of these limits: there are limits on how often you can deposit with eCheck and limits on the amount of money you can deposit with eCheck.

The next table shows you the usual deposit limitations for Instant eChecks.

Limits of depositsAmount of money
Minimum / transactionC$ 10
Maximum / transactionC$ 1,000
Weekly maximumC$ 5,000
Daily maximumC$ 5,000
Negotiable limitsYes
Number of deposits / 24 hours2

You just have to make your first deposit at an online casino successfully, because after that you may negotiate for higher limits. Online casino websites mostly approve these raised limits, so Canadian players mostly get approval on these websites to have a maximum deposit limit of at least C$ 10,000.

eCheck Casino Withdrawals

Where you wishing for an easy and secure way to withdrawal your casino winnings? Yep, eCheck is a good choice for that. Similarly to making your deposits at eCheck casinos, a smooth withdrawal transaction has to follow correctly these steps:

You will need to visit again the cashier or banking options section in your casino account. Of course, you will have to choose here your withdrawal option as eCheck.

In order to process your eCheck withdrawal, you will have to fill in the required information.

Now is the time to be patient, because, depending on the casino and your bank’s processing time, but withdrawals might take up to even 7 business days. When the transaction is completed, the money will appear in your bank account.

These were not at all complicated steps. What do you think? By playing at eCheck casinos, all you have to focus on is the excitement and fun offered by the games, while your money transfers are done securely and efficiently using this reliable payment method.

eCheck Transactions Characteristics: Fees, Times, Limits

When it comes to your casino transaction processing times, you should keep in mind the following: while your deposits will mostly be completed instantly, your withdrawals will take three to ten days. After that you will find them in your bank account.

Limits, as already we talked about them, are used by casinos, but not only for deposit making, but for withdrawals too. Some casinos may use, for example Jackpot City Casino, a maximum withdrawal limit of C$ 5,000 / transaction.

Nothing is for free in life, we could think. Well, not even the use of eCheck is free. The usual fee you will have to pay is C$ 0.30 to C$ 1.50 / transaction from your bank, but don’t worry, generally no casino adds other fees above that for your transactions.

Online casinoTime processing a depositTime of processing a withdrawalIn / out withdrawal limits
BetwayImmediate1-7 business daysC$ 10 / No limit
Jackpot City CasinoImmediate1-7 business daysC$ 10 / C$ 5,000
Party CasinoImmediate2-4 business daysC$ 10 / No limit

The table above contains a few examples of eCheck Casinos Canada, for us, Canadian gamblers to know the limits.

Benefits And Weaknesses Of Casino Payments With eCheck

To have a clear picture about this fine payment method, we will sum up the pros and cons of the use of eCheck at online casinos.

Being an easy to process and cheap payment method, most casinos like to make eCheck payments available for their players, this way it is guaranteed that you get part of the best bonuses available at online casinos.

Casinos will not take fees for using eCheck as payment method on their websites.

Another positive characteristic is that you can make your deposits directly from your bank account. And your withdrawals can also be made directly into your account at your bank.

You do not need a bank card (ex. VISA, Mastercard) for your transactions.

Your transactions will take place in a secure and safe way.

So, what are the shady parts of eCheck use? Money transfers made using eCheck are not as quick as bank card (ex. VISA, Mastercard) transactions.

On your first deposit the limits are quite low.

It is not as commonly used on Canadian online casino websites as other payment methods, for ex. Interac.

Summary of eCheck payments

Paying by checks is a classy thing to do, but bringing this payment option with electronical checks was a great idea.

You will find on Deluxe Casino Bonus reviews of the best eCheck casinos Canada, in order to make your decision easier regarding where to sign up for a new account.

Have fun gambling!

eCheck - FAQ

From the list of the popular casinos in Canada we could mention Party Casino, Jackpot City, Zodiac, Royal Vegas or Cosmo Casino. These all accept eCheck as for deposit making and withdrawals, and also for bonuses.
It takes usually 24 to 72 hours, but it depends on the provider. Typically, your second deposit will take a shorter period of time than the first one.
You should be prepared that at your first deposit made at casino the deposit limit might be between C$ 500- C$ 1,000. Otherwise, there is no upper limit on eCheck deposits.