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What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a highly recognizable casino card game among gambling enthusiasts. It's probably the best card game out there, if you are familiar with its rules and have the real know-how of who you are aiming to beat, no matter if you play it for free or for money.

You are dealt with cards, where one of the cards is faced down, while the other card is faced up. The decision is yours at this point to count the current amount of the value of your cards or if you would fancy some other cards to get you as close as possible to 21.

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The moment you choose to stay or stand, the following player will have the same option, and it goes this way around the table until the time comes that it's the dealers turn. At that point, the person who is appointed as the dealer will have the same options as you. In every known case, the dealer will stop as soon as the quantity of the cards dealt to them comes precisely to 17 points.

The points that are accumulated on the cards go by face value, which is all the numbered cards. The amount of a face is either 1 or 11 points, while the value of all face cards is 10 points.

In a situation where the ace is dealt, you can choose how to use it: like 1 point or 11 points, depending on the current combination of other cards that you're holding. I will give you an example: you are dealt with a 6 face card, so I recommend you to turn over an ace, as you can use it as a card with 11 points which will sum it up to 17 points. Or you can use it as a card with a value of 1 point, giving you the option to hit again. No matter whether you are playing free blackjack or if there is money involved, the fundamental objective for you is not to go over 21 or to bust.

In a lot of cases when players enjoy a round of either free blackjack games or money funded ones, they think that they have to beat other players by having exactly 21 points or to get close to 21 points. But the point, when you play blackjack, is that you have to beat the dealer and set aside your worries regarding what other players hold in their hands. You can come out victorious with the lowest possible score, but with the hope that the dealer will go over the limit of 21 points or to bust.

Playing Online Blackjack - Object of the Game

In this section we provide you with a free blackjack game overview. Playing free blackjack games and playing free online blackjack is essentially the same as playing blackjack in a traditional casino. The goal is the same: everyone tries to make a combination of the cards dealt to them that totals 21 or close to 21. If you exceed this value, you lose.

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However, it is important to know that the blackjack players at the table are not playing against each other, but against the dealer's hand. This is one of the blackjack rules that is often forgotten by beginners, but it is an important aspect of this classic casino card game. There are a number of online blackjack page on the internet, you don't have to specifically look for an online casino, although I would recommend you to play blackjack online from one. Why?

It's safer, as trusted online casinos are licensed by well-known gaming authorities, meaning you're guaranteed to find the best free blackjack games on their site. You don't even need to register at most casinos, there are demo versions of this single deck game available everywhere, and you can even find free bet blackjack variants. You can read more about the variants later in this article.

One of the reasons why blackjack games are popular is that to learn blackjack rules is not a complicated matter. However, winning blackjack is somewhat more difficult, especially if you bet money on it, because it is no longer risk-free. For this reason, it works to your advantage to play free online blackjack until you really get into it.

Not all casinos give you the opportunity to play for free, quite the contrary - retail casinos rarely offer this. But the digital space has the same value in this respect, in a safe environment you can learn the blackjack rules well, if you're playing online for free to begin with. But only you can decide what's the best online blackjack Canada game for you. Until then, I am here to provide you with this free blackjack game overview.

Free Blackjack

Blackjack! What a game! It is known worldwide, played mostly in casinos in the form of free blackjack or for money, but you can also play it indoors serving as a free type of entertainment for the family or in other social gatherings. It may seem easy to conquer the rules of blackjack, but like any casino game, it has its twists and turns.

My task will be to help you master it completely, by sharing my experiences with useful tips and blackjack strategy. The best part is that if you fancy this classic casino card game, you can play free online blackjack on several online blackjack page or online casino's site. Delay aside, let's begin.

Get toKknow the Terms So You Can Play Blackjack Online

Like many other card games in casino play, free blackjack or money infused blackjack has it's own terms that help you understand and master this game more efficiently. With these terms, you are one step closer to conquer free blackjack, or maybe blackjack where bets are supported with money.

Whichever you choose, a clear understanding of the concepts is important because they have a profound impact on the decisions and playing experience of blackjack players. Playing blackjack, even playing online, can be incredibly entertaining after you get to know the glossary, and learn blackjack rules and some correct strategy!

Blackjack or Natural

Two dealt cards that consist of an ace and a ten value card - latter can be a ten, a jack, a queen or a king. If you are dealt a blackjack hand or - in other words - a natural, you are the luckiest, as the combined value of two of these cards add up to 21, which means that you immediately win the game. Therefore, the payout is higher than the amount of your original bet, or the amount you can get with other winning combinations.

If you have a blackjack and there is also a dealer blackjack, the game will be a tie. This means that a dealer blackjack will neutralize any other blackjack and also it's own.

Hit & Bust

A hit is when you ask the dealer for an additional card(s). You should do this if you want to increase the combined value of your cards. When you play blackjack online, doesn't matter if it's free blackjack or you invested some money in it, you can hit as long as you do not cross over 21 points.

But be careful! A basic rule of blackjack game is that if you go over 21 points, you lose - this is the bust. This means you also lose your bet, not just the game. The dealer can bust too, which also means the end of the game.

Stand & Split

Stand means that you decided not to ask for more cards, signaling that your turn has ended and the next player can take over. If you decide to do this, there are 2 reasons: you are happy with your current hand, or you don't want to take any more risks.

The terms split, splitting pairs and pair splitting generally refer to the same action. In a situation when you have two of the same card (for example two 6's) you are in power to split them and play each card like a separate hand. You are going to get an extra card for each of them, and then you are in the liberty to hit or stand on each hand. You must put up another bet because from this moment, you are playing two hands. It is also possible to split aces, if you've been dealt with a pair of aces, but some casinos have specific rules about whether aces count in a split or not.

Surrender & Late Surrender

With these options, blackjack players can drop out of their hands before the dealer checks if anyone has a natural, at the cost of losing half of their bet - this is the simple surrender, which is an excellent option when it seems that you will lose your whole bet.

On the other hand, late surrender happens after the dealer checked the naturals. This is more common on professional levels and gives you the option to surrender even if the dealer has a natural.

Surrender, in any of its form, is a popular move, but in some casinos it is prohibited.

Double Down & Push

With a double down you double your original bet, but at the cost of only getting one extra card. This is usually only allowed on the first two cards.

Push - or tie - happens when you and the dealer have the same total card values. You will get back the full amount of your bet, and no one loses or wins.

Insurance or Insurance Bet & Even Money

You can use insurance bet when the dealer's face up card, aka their first card is an ace. This is a separate bet - one of the blackjack side bets - which is usually half of your original bet. When a dealer blackjack occurs the dealer pays you out 2:1.

You can use even money if the dealer's first card is an ace, but the twist is that you must have a natural blackjack. If these two conditions are met, you can ask for a 1:1 even money payout, but then you don't play through the hand and forgo the 3:2 payout.

Settlement & Reshuffling

The settlement concept means the payout of winnings and the collection of losses at the end of each round.

Reshuffling is literally means the reshuffling of the deck at the end of the round or when a part of the deck has been used up.

Soft Total or Soft Hand & Hard Total or Hard Hand

These terms are used in connection with aces - they refer to whether you have an ace or not, because the value of an ace can be 1 or 11, depending on your decision.

In the case of a soft total or soft hand, you have an ace, yet the total value of your cards does not exceed 21 points. A soft hand gives you more tactical options because the value of the ace is not constant, so you can afford to be more aggressive in your strategy, as there is less chance of busting.

With a hard total or hard hand, you either don't have an ace, or if you do, you have to count it as 1, otherwise you'll go over 21 points. Therefore you have less flexibility and need to be more deliberate in your decisions.

First Base & House Edge

In blackjack, the places around the table are called bases. First base is the place on the table that is to the far left from the dealer's point of view, and the number of bases increases clockwise from the first base.

If you get a first base seat the dealer deals to you first and you start the game. This is advantageous, because you are not yet influenced by the dealer's hand or other players' hands, and you can even influence the dealer himself.

House edge exists in all casino games, whether online or retail. It is a percentage of the advantage that casinos have over players. Of course, the lower the better for player blackjack. But this classic casino card game is also special in this respect, because blackjack and its variants tend to have the lowest house edge of all the casino games - although it can vary from casino to casino, it is generally 0.5% or lower.

Hole Card & Upcard

The hole card is one of the dealer's first card, which is the face down card, adding a bit of mystery and excitement to the game. They don't turn it over until all players have played their turn.

The upcard, on the other hand, is not a card face down, but a card face up. It's placed on the table by the dealer at the start of the turn, so that it is visible to everyone.

How to Play Blackjack?

Now that you understand the key terms of blackjack, you're one step closer to develop a blackjack strategy and to find the best free blackjack games for yourself. Until then, however, there's still a little more - if you read on, you'll learn how to play blackjack, what is the course of a round, what is the case with the number of decks, and what cards, strategies and blackjack variations are out there in this entertaining world.

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Blackjack - Step by Step

  1. Go to the table and exchange your cash to blackjack chips, which are basically casino chips. You need to place a minimum bet, this amount is usually displayed on the table or somewhere close to it (general limits are from $2 to $500, most tabled in Canada require a minimum $5/hand). If you want, you can make additional bets too.
  2. After you finish placing your wagers and are comfortably settled in your designated place, the dealer will start dealing clockwise. Each player will have 2 face up cards, but the dealer will have only 1 of their cards facing up.
  3. The game will start. You will need to decide which strategy you'd like to use based on the dealer's face-up card and the cards in your hand, how to play that hand, but most importantly, enjoy the game!
  4. If you've stuck to basic strategy, it's most likely that one of the following scenarios happened: you were dealt such a good hand at the start of the game that you didn't need to draw more, so you stood immediately; you drew more cards and reached 21 points or close to it, but didn't go over 21, so you made a hand; you went over 21 (busted) or you chose to surrender. In the event that you did not make the last one, the dealer will reveal their face down card. If they have at least 17 or more points, they must make a stand. If they have only 16 or less, they will hit. The dealer is not allowed to double, split or surrender, and must always play their hand the same way, with no variation. The only exception is when they have an ace (soft 17).
  5. If the dealer busts, the payout is 1:1 for everyone at the table. If they made a hand between 17 and 21 points, then the player who has more points at the table within that interval wins.

Blackjack Cards

Blackjack is most commonly played with a French deck of 52 cards. Of these 52 cards, 4 have a value of 10 - 10, king, queen, jack - and the remaining cards range in value from 2 to 9, according to the numbers on them.

As you have already read, the Ace is a special card because it can represent two values: 1 and 11. This is what gives you space to use different strategies without going over 21.

But pay attention! Blackjack can be played with multiple decks. How many decks are played depends on the casino (whether online or real) and which version of blackjack you are playing. More decks also affects the gameplay and the card counting. Below are the most common variants of multi-deck blackjack, but I recommend you only try them once you're familiar with the basic game.

Double Deck

Blackjack played with two decks is the first step towards more advanced levels of play. The fewer decks you play with, the better it is for you because it's easier to keep track of the cards.

Shoe Games

The name comes from the fact that the decks are kept in a shoe-like box, hence it has been given the name 'shoe'. The advantage of using it is that it makes dealing faster and more efficient, and players cannot see the cards in advance until they have already taken their seats.

There are usually 4, 6 or 8 decks in a shoe.

Six Deck Game

The name says it all - this version is played with 6 decks, which is considered a medium-sized deck. So it's not too hard to count cards yet, but it's already a challenge.

The Basic Strategy of Blackjack & Counting Cards

First, if you ever want to win in blackjack you have to master the fundamental strategy. The thing you have to understand is that your decisions contribute to the winning or losing outcome.

This central strategy is proven mathematically, and you should use it every time you play either free blackjack or money funded blackjack - if you want the best odds. The following parameters define some crucial rules that you need to understand, so you can minimize the house's advantage and increase your chances of winning.

  • 4-8 decks: this interval indicates that blackjack is most often played with 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 decks.
  • The dealer stands at a soft 17: when they reach this point, they must have an ace, which they can count as 11 without going over 21 points, so they can still hit. From this you can decide whether to hit or stand in your next turn.
  • Double allowed after split: this rule allows you to double your bets after a split.
  • Initial bets lost on dealer's blackjack: if the dealer has a natural but you don't, you only lose your initial bet thanks to this rule.
  • Surrender: you already know that if you apply this, you will only lose half your bet. What you don't know is that if you have a hard 15 - so you don't have an ace - and the dealer has a card with a value of 10, then it's better if you surrender.
  • Split: you are no stranger to this concept, so it's time to add some more information to your existing knowledge. In order to optimize your chances of winning, never split a card with a value of 5 or 10, but always split cards with the value of 2 or 3, if the dealer's hole cards are 4 and 7.
  • Double down: you double your original bet and get another card. If the dealer has a 3 and a 6 and you have a hard 9, take advantage of this opportunity. Or, if the dealer has a 5 and a 6 and you have a soft 14. This is another good way to maximize your winnings.
  • Stand or hit: if you have a hard hand of 11 or less, do a stand, and if you have 17 or less, do a hit. If you have a soft 17, don't hit often.

Card Counting

Counting cards is an excellent way of gaining an edge over the house, but this is probably not for players who are beginners in blackjack, by that I mean you and the other ones who are currently playing free blackjack. So basically it's another strategy to give you an edge as one of the mainstays of this area. It is most beneficial, of course, when the composition of the deck(s) favors you.

You need to keep a count of all the cards drawn and dealt by the designated dealer if you want to know whether or not the cards in the next hand are valuable to you. So you watch the flow of low and high value cards. The former are better for you, the player, and the latter are better for the dealer.

You add up the values of the cards as they come from the deck. You can use a more aggressive strategy if the total comes out as a higher number.

Keep in mind, however, that most casinos don't accept card counting, and in some upscale places it's downright forbidden. For this reason, you need to be discreet and develop a method that works best for you. Also, know that counting cards does not guarantee you a win, it's just like any other strategy - to optimize your chances of winning.

Strategies to Avoid

It does not make a difference if you play for real money or you're playing free blackjack, in both cases it is highly recommendable to avoid certain strategies, as they are an absolute waste of a highly valued resource – time.

One of them is dealer mimicry, aka mimicking the dealer. Part of the game is to take advantage of situations when the deck is in your favor, but if you imitate the dealer, you deprive yourself of that opportunity and the game becomes passive for you. Also, depending on the rules of the casino, with this strategy, you can give it an edge from a range between 5% and 6%, which is 10 times bigger than an average advantage.

The other not so smart plan is to never bust. It means you never ask for more cards, even if you are still far from 21 points. It also means, that you always hit with a sum of 11 or below, but never go over 12 or more. This avoids situations where you would receive a card that would bring you closer to winning. Also, the house advantage is 4% in this case, which is 8 times bigger than when using the basic strategy.

Types of Blackjack Games & Side Bets

There are a variety of blackjack games you can play, but you need to know well the blackjack strategy of the base game, so you could enjoy the variations. Until then, you have a disadvantage, whether if it's free blackjack or real money involved blackjack that you play.

Before you decide to play blackjack for money, it's better to play free blackjack to introduce yourself to the types of side wagers and the odds that go with them. I will tell you information about classic blackjack games following with the side bets.

Spanish 21

spanish 21, blackjack, card game

Aside from classic blackjack, this is one of the best variations. The big difference is that the cards with a value of 10 are removed from the deck. So, instead of a regular 52-card deck, you are going to play with 48 cards. This is a significant advantage for the dealer. Nevertheless, the Spanish version of the game makes up for itself with some unique features of betting.

In a situation where you are playing Spanish 21, you have the liberty to double down regardless of what you have in your hand. Your 21 will always beat the dealer's 21, and this variant also offers various bonus options.


This version of the game is mainly played in the United Kingdom. It's quite similar to the Spanish 21, but with a more specific set of rules. The dealer has both of their cards faced down, and you as a player can only stand if your cards total value is at least 15 points.

'Pontoon' means that you have an ace and a card with the value of 10, for which the payout is 2:1. There is also a thing called 'Charlie' - if you have 5 cards and you haven't busted yet, you automatically win the game.

Double Exposure

Both cards of the dealer are visible. The advantage is that you can play better tactically, but the disadvantage is that you only get a 1:1 payout.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is a blackjack game that can also be played in free or paid form. It has some rules that are different from the classic version.

The dealer is going to use 6 or 8 decks and will always hit on a soft 17. You have the option to switch - hence the name, Blackjack Switch - the second of the 2 cards that have been dealt to you.

This possibility to switch your top card amidst the two hands can be a significant advantage. For instance, if in one hand you have 15, while on your other hand you have 16, presuming that a 5 or a 6 is a top card in both of your hands, you can turn one hand into an 11, while a 20 would be on your other hand.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

From the name, it might not surprise you that this is the most common blackjack version on the Las Vegas Strip. It is played with 4 decks. The dealer always stops on at a soft 17. You have the option for a late surrender and to double down after split.

European Blackjack

The dealer receives his second card only after all players have been dealt their cards. This reduces the chances of the dealers to have an instant natural blackjack. There is no late surrender in this variant, which is most common in Europe.

Atlantic City Blackjack

This version started in the casinos of the Atlantic coast, where it also became most popular, and has kept this coastal habit even when it reached Canada. It has fairly lenient rules, you can live with the possibilities of late surrender and double down after split, similar to the Vegas version. It is played with 8 decks, and the dealer must stop when they reach the soft 17.

Types of Side Bets

In my humble opinion, one of the reason why blackjack is a great game is because of the side bet options, that gives you more possibilities to make your game more exciting and diverse. Luckily, a lot of blackjack table offer a side bet on many outcomes.

I would like to point out, however, that they usually come with a higher house edge and lower long-term odds. Also, their availability depends on the blackjack variant. In the list below, the first 5 are common in classic blackjack, and the ones after are variant-dependent.

  1. Perfect pairs: you can bet on that your first 2 cards will have the same caliber in value and/or color. If both the value and the color are the same, they are called a perfect pair, for example a pair of aces. With these comes higher payouts.
  2. 21+3: this is also related to your first 2 cards, but the dealer's first card comes in the picture too here. A 3-card poker hand must come out, which could be a flush, straight, three of a kind etc.
  3. Insurance: I explained this in detail in the article before. It is not a specific side bet, but rather a permanent option.
  4. Bet behind: we've already established that in blackjack you're not playing against the other players, but against the dealer, but this doesn't mean that you can't bet on what the other players have in their hands around the table.
  5. Royal match: also applies to your first 2 cards - if they consist of a queen and an ace, then it is fulfilled, similar to a pair of aces in perfect pairs.
  6. Lucky lucky: like in 21+3, it's your first 2 cards and the dealer's first card that count, but you don't need to make a poker hand, you need to make a combination that 'brings good luck', like a 777 series.
  7. Lucky ladies: applies to the total value and the color of your first 2 cards, and the aim is to have a pair of queens or 2 cards with a total value of 20.
  8. Match the dealer: in this case the value of your first 2 cards needs to be equal to the value of the dealer's card. The payout varies depending on how much the cards match.

Why You Should Play Free Blackjack Games? - A Conclusion

Free blackjack needs no introduction to any experienced casino player. At some point in their lives, they most certainly played free blackjack using, it as a past-time activity with their friends, family or just on their own.

Maybe through time, the rules of free blackjack or playing it for money became different, but the objective stayed the same: do not exceed 21. It is thrilling and entertaining at the same time. This game has one of the lowest house edges compared to any other casino games known to us.

Maybe it is not that fun to play free blackjack rather than for money, because there are no risks, but let me tell you that it's most certainly the smartest way to begin if you want to become a blackjack player. You can play free blackjack almost instantly, or you can launch it from your browser, without any downloading or apps. You can enjoy free blackjack on any desktop or smart device.

All you need to have is a flash player installed. I wish you fortune in your upcoming endeavors!


The play does not differ much and it’s the same for both the facedown as well as the handheld games. The aim should be to beat the dealer, and this can only happen when you move closer to a total point score of 21. If you manage to get a card's total that is higher than what the dealers have, you will be handed a win. However, the cards should not go beyond 21. If the cards go past 21, you get what is called a bust which also means a loss to your bet.
Free online blackjack is available here at You can use the free games to develop your gaming strategy without any risk on your side. However, with most of these free blackjack games, it is not possible to keep the winnings that you accumulate in the course of your gaming. Search 'best online blackjack Canada' to start exploring.
No. This is because most free blackjack games are generally played against the computer. However, if you move from the free versions of blackjack to real money games, you can try your hand at live dealer games. These will give you an opportunity to compete against fellow players. Until then, play blackjack games online as practice.
Most reputable casinos will offer you the opportunity to play blackjack games online in demo versions, so as to practice and enhance your skills. The best way to go about practicing blackjack is by using a strategy card. These are some of the most useful tools for online casino games. Strategy cards work by informing you of the steps to take while playing the hand in the game. Take advantage of free games as they are safe to play. They have no financial implication, and so, you can afford to make mistakes without going bankrupt.
Not at all, this is because any reputable online gaming platform is duly licensed and regulated by a governing body. Additionally, the results and gaming numbers are randomly generated and the casino has no power to do this. You can check online for reviews on the game of your choice, and it will go a long way in assisting you to stay away from unscrupulous dealers.
Unfortunately, no, in free blackjack, you are not allowed to count cards. In fact, the strategy of card counting no longer works on most online blackjack games. Remember, these games rely on the random number generators (RNGs) which frequently shuffle the deck. To count cards on online blackjack, you have to work with a live dealer. Live dealers are only available for the real money blackjack games.