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Free Blackjack

Blackjack! What a game! It is known worldwide, played mostly in casinos in the form of free blackjack or for money, but you can also play it indoors serving as a free type of entertainment for the family or in other social gatherings. It may seem easy to conquer the rules of blackjack, but like any casino game, it has its twists and turns.

My task will be to help you master it completely, by sharing the experience with useful tips and strategies. Delay aside, let’s begin. We also repaired for you a Hungarian Free Blackjack page.

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a highly recognizable casino card game among gambling enthusiasts. Let me tell you this, blackjack is probably the best card game out there, if you are familiar with rules and have the real know-how of who you are exactly aiming to beat, no matter if you play it for free or for money.

Mostly, in blackjack, you are dealt with cards, where one of the cards is faced down, while the other card is faced up. The decision is yours at that point to count the current amount of the value of the card or if you would fancy some other cards to get you to 21 as close as possible.

The moment you choose to stay or stand, the following player will have the same option, and it goes that way around the table until the time comes that it’s the dealers turn. At that point, the person who is appointed as the dealer will have the same option as you.

Nevertheless, in every known case the dealer will stop their hand as soon as the quantity of the cards dealt with them comes to precisely 17 points.

The points that are accumulated on the cards go by face value, which is all the numbered cards, the amount of the face is either 1 or 11 points, while the value of all face cards is 10 points.

In a situation where the ace is dealt, you can choose how to use it, by that I mean like a 1 point or 11 points depending on the current combination of other cards that you’re holding. I will give you an example: in a random fashion you are dealt with a 6 face card, I recommend you to turn over an ace, as you can use it as a card with 11 points which will sum it up at 17 points.

Or you can use it as a card with a value of 1 point, giving you the option to hit again. No matter whether you are playing free blackjack or if there is money involved, the fundamental objective for you is not to go over 21 or to bust.

In a lot of cases when players enjoy a round of either free blackjack or money funded one, they are in delusion to think that they have to beat the players by having 21 points or get close to 21 points.

You are lucky because I am going to tell you the real secret of blackjack, no matter if it is free blackjack or if some money is invested.

You have to beat the dealer and set aside the worries regarding what other players hold in their hands. You can come out victorious with the lowest possible score, but with the hope that the dealer will go over the limit of 21 points or to bust.

What terms are used?

Like many other card games, whether it is played in casinos or indoors, in the form of free blackjack or money infused blackjack it has it’s own terms that help you understand and master this game more efficiently. Let me guide you to them one by one :

  • Hit- Receiving card or cards; in free blackjack or money invested blackjack you can hit as long as you do not cross over 21 points.
  • Stand- That means that your turn has ended and you are passing it to the next player.
  • Split- In a situation when you have two of the same card ( for example two 6’s) you are in power to split them and play each card like a separate hand. You are going to get an extra card for each of them, and then you are in liberty to hit or stand on each hand. You must put up another bet because, at that moment, you are playing two hands.
  • Surrender- This option allows you to drop out of your hand which will result in losing half of your bet. This is an excellent option when it seems that you will lose your whole bet giving that you have stayed in it. This was usually a popular move, but in some stronger casinos, it is practised no more.
  • Bust- If you cross the limit of 21 points you have busted, and the outcome is a loss, and that will also happen in a situation if the dealer busts too.
  • Push- When you and the dealer have the same total sum, it is also called a tie, and you do not win or lose the bet you are a part of.
  • Natural- When dealt with a ten (or with a face card which value is also 10 points) and an ace, then that is called Blackjack or natural.

With these terms, you are one step closer to conquer free blackjack, or maybe blackjack where bets are supported with money.

The Basic Strategy of Blackjack and Counting Cards

Basic Strategy of Blackjack

Strategy of BlackjackFirst, if you ever want to win in blackjack, in casino blackjack or free blackjack, you have to master the basic strategy. The thing you have to understand that your decisions contribute to the winning or losing outcome.

This basic strategy is proven mathematically, and you should use it every time you play either free blackjack or money funded blackjack if you want the best odds.

The basic strategy includes the next parameters:

  1. 4-8 decks
  2. The appointed dealer has hit the soft 17.
  3. Following the split, a double is going to be allowed.
  4. Just the initial bets will be lost on dealer’s blackjack.

Some rules of basic strategy:

Surrender: You have to surrender hard 15 versus dealer’s 10.


In no case, you split 10’s and 5’s.

You should split 3s and 2s versus a dealer 4 to7.

Double Down

You should double hard the 9 versus dealer 3 to 6.

You should double soft 14 or 13 versus dealer 5 to 6.

Stand or Hit

In every case, you should hit hard 11 or maybe less.

In every case, you should hit soft 17 or maybe less.

Card Counting

Counting cards is an excellent way of gaining an edge over the house, but this is probably not for players who are beginners in blackjack, by that I mean the ones who are currently playing free blackjack.

You have to keep count of all the drawn and given cards from the appointed dealer because you would want to know the next hand of cards of value to you or not.

Strategies to Avoid

It does not make a difference if you play for real money or you’re playing free blackjack it is highly recommendable to avoid the following strategy as they are an absolute waste of a highly valued resource – time.

One of them is mimicking the dealer. You do that when you hit a card of a total of 16 or less and stand on absolutely any sum of 18 or even more. Depending on the rules of the house, in a specific situation where you mimic the dealer, you give the house or casino an edge from a range between 5 and 6%.

That is ten times bigger than the house edge when you use the basic blackjack strategy, and with that, the house edge can be around half of percent.

The not so smart plan is never to bust. It means that you always hit with a sum of 11 or below and never go to a total of 12 or more. The house edge is 4% which is eight times bigger than when using the basic strategy giving you the insight not to practice this strategy.

Types Of Blackjack Games And Side Bets

There are a variety of blackjack games you can play, but without the know-how of the game types, you are looking at a disadvantage, whether if it’ free blackjack or casino blackjack where the money is in the mix.

Before you decide to play blackjack for money, it is maybe better to play free blackjack to better introduce yourself to types of side bets and the odds that go with them. First, I will tell you something about classic blackjack games following with the side bets.

Types of Blackjack Games

There is the Classic Blackjack which is explained previously but you can also play the so-called Spanish Blackjack and Blackjack Switch, in situations, that can be, free blackjack or blackjack played with money in regular and online casinos.

Aside from the Classic Blackjack, this is is one of the better types of blackjack games. The big difference between the classic version and the Spanish one is that the 10 cards are removed from the deck.

What I am trying to say is that instead of a regular 52 card deck you are going to play with 48 cards. That is a significant advantage for the dealer. Nevertheless, the Spanish version of the game makes up for itself with some unique features of betting.

In a situation where you are playing Spanish Blackjack, you are in liberty to double down at the absolutely whatever position of the hand. Giving the fact you are already in a position to double down a player, 21 is in every case a winner regardless of what the dealer has.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is also a type of blackjack game that can be chosen to play in the form of free blackjack or casinos with some payment. This particular card game has some rules that are different from the classic version of Blackjack, so you have to make sure to recognize those differences.

In this game, the dealer is going to use six or eight decks of cards. In Blackjack Switch, the dealer is always going to hit on a soft 17, and the cards are going to be dealt.

The fact of the possibility to switch your top card amidst the two hands is a significant advantage of playing either free blackjack or not. I will provide you with an example: For instance, if in one hand you have 15 while on the other hand, you have 16, presuming that the 5 or 6 is a top card for every hand, what you can do is to turn one hand into 11, while 20 would be on the other hand.

Types of Side Bets

A lot of blackjack tables no matter if it’s a free blackjack table or in a casino, offer a side bet on many outcomes, so let me tell you what those outcomes include:

  • The hand of the player and the dealer’s upcard total to 21, 20 or 19 (it is known as the „Lucky Lucky“ ).
  • The starting hand of the player is a pair ( known as „Perfect Pairs“).
  • The introductory hand of the player is suited King and Queen ( it is called „Royal Match“).
  • The hand with which the player began adding the dealer’s car will make it a straight, flush, straight flush or three of a kind poker hand ( that is the „21+3“).
  • The initial hand of the player sums to 20, that are the „Lucky Ladies“.
  • Both cards or one of the players cards have an identical sum like the dealer’s card, famously known as the „Match the Dealer

Why You Should Play Free Blackjack

Free Blackjack deserves no introduction between casino players of all generations. At some point in our lives, we most certainly played free blackjack using at as a pastime activity with our friends or family.

Maybe through time, the rules of free blackjack or playing it for money became different, but the objective has stayed the same, do not cross the limit of 21. It is thrilling and entertaining at the same. This game has been blessed with one of the lowest house edges of most probably any casino games known to us.

Maybe it is not that fun to play free blackjack rather than for money, because there are no risks, but let me tell that is most certainly the smartest way to begin as a blackjack player. You can play free blackjack almost instantly, or you can launch it from your browser, without any downloading or apps. You can enjoy free blackjack on any desktop or mobile and tablet device.

You need to have a flash player installed. You should try free blackjack right now. I wish you fortune in the upcoming endeavours!


Free online blackjack is available here at You can use the free games to develop your gaming strategy without any risk on your side. However, with most of these free blackjack games, it is not possible to keep the winnings that you accumulate in the course of your gaming.
No. This is because most free blackjack games are generally played against the computer. However, if you move from the free versions of blackjack to real money games, you can try your hand at live dealer games. These will give you an opportunity to compete against fellow players.
The play does not differ much and it’s the same for both the facedown as well as the handheld games. The aim should be to beat the dealer, and this can only happen when you move closer to a total point score of 21. If you manage to get a card's total that is higher than what the dealers have, you will be handed a win. However, the cards should not go beyond 21. If the cards go past 21, you get what is called a **bust** which also means a loss to your bet.
Most reputable casinos will offer you the opportunity to use the demo games, so as to practice and enhance your skills. The best way to go about practising blackjack is by using a strategy card. These are some of the most useful tools for online casino games. Strategy cards work by informing you of the steps to take while playing the hand in the game. Take advantage of free games as they are safe to play. They have no financial implication, and so, you can afford to make mistakes without going bankrupt.
Not at all, this is because any reputable online gaming platform is duly licensed and regulated by a governing body. Additionally, the results and gaming numbers are randomly generated and the casino has no power to do this. You can check online for reviews on the game of your choice, and it will go a long way in assisting you to stay away from unscrupulous dealers.
Unfortunately no, in free blackjack, you are not allowed to count cards. In fact, the strategy of card counting no longer works on most online blackjack games. Remember, these games rely on the random number generators (RNGs) which frequently shuffle the deck. To count cards on online blackjack, you have to work with a live dealer. Live dealers are only available for the real money blackjack games.