Like many other websites, we use cookies which help us to offer you the most convenient service when you visit our website.

The cookies help us to recognize your preferences, which allow us to offer you the most convenient service.

What are Cookies?

This is a technological word used to represent a pixel or a small file/information that is retained/ saved on your device when you visit a certain website. These cookies assist the website in remembering your preferences and previous actions (like login, font size, and language).

This makes it convenient for you, and you do not have to re-enter log in details each time you visit the website in question.

What Are Your Options?

By using our services and in particular our website, you agree to the use and storage of cookies on your device. You do not need cookies to view our website; however, you may encounter pages that are slow to navigate.

If you want to stop cookies storage on your device, you can be able to deactivate them, by using the relevant option located within the system settings. It is also possible to delete any stored cookies by following the procedure found on the system settings of your device’s browser.

How Cookies Are Categorised

We use different cookies for different functions and purposes. The three main cookie purposes are:

  • Technical necessity
  • Storage duration
  • Cookie provider

Technical Necessity

Technically necessary cookies mean that they enhance the functionality of the website. These types of cookies are automatically added to your device when you access the website. However, this will happen if you have set the device to reject cookies.

None “necessary” cookies are not a must-have, but they are placed on your device for convenience purposes, or to improve on performance.

Additionally, the not so strict cookies found on our website are useful in getting information on the frequency of use on certain parts of our website. This helps us to adapt to personal needs so that we can be able to offer you a more targeted service.

Storage Duration

Under this type, we have a number of cookies and they include:

Session cookies-With them, we only store information for the duration session that you have visited the website.

As soon as you leave the site, these cookies will be invalid or will become erased. The main aim of session cookies is to keep certain information during your web visit session.

Permanent cookies: these are the most common type of cookies. With them, your information is kept for a much longer duration, and it assists in recognizing you at a later time when you visit the website.  

This in return helps you to easily, and quickly navigate the website as some details are already stored for you. For example, you may not need to search the bar to locate your country, since this information is already stored by the cookies.

However, although they are called permanent cookies, they will be automatically deleted after a certain duration of time.

Flow cookies: These types of cookies are purely for communication, and they are used within our company’s internal servers. Flow cookies are placed on your device each time you visit our website, and they will be automatically deleted when you end your visit.

Although Flow cookies are assigned a unique identification number, we do not use this number to draw any conclusions in regard to the website visitor.

Cookie Providers

We also have different cookies providers that include the following:

Provider cookies: These types of website cookies are placed by either us, or an operator who has the authority from us.

Third-party cookies: For this type, the cookies are used /stored by other firms and/or websites. A good example of such is Web analytics tools.

In other instances, External providers may also use cookies for different reasons, like to display marketing/advertising material, or to integrate content coming from social networks (social plugin).

We have provided additional information on Web analytics tools in this cookie policy, and you can check it to get a clearer picture.

How We Use Cookies to Analyse Web Statistics

We engage the services of Google Analytics, which is a Web-analytics function that is owned by Google Inc. With the help of cookies, Google Analytics is able to identify how frequently certain parts of our website are used, which then helps to identify particular preferences.

All the information picked by this tool (this includes even a truncated IP address) is moved to the Google server located in the United States and kept there.

At this point, Google will have enough information that they can use to analyse how you use the website, and then compile a report on the usage of the website.

Where required by law, Google has the ability to transmit this type of information to third parties.

If you want to deactivate Google Analytics, you can do so by using a browser add-on. This will stop the website analysis from happening.

Follow this link to download the add-on: The “add-on” will then store the “opt-out” information within your device, and this will match up with your request for deactivation of the Google Analytics tool.

With this kind of “opt-out”, deactivation of Google Analytics happens only on the device and browser that you use to opt-out.  Some of the common cookies that you will find on our website include:

Name of cookie

Cookie provider


Google Analytics


This is owned by Google, and they also place it on our website. With its help, we are able to learn of our visitors' browsing preferences including the time of visit, previous visits, and other pages that you may have visited before coming to our page.



Google PPC (pay per click) campaigns use Adwords.



For security settings, we use Cloudflare cookies. This enables us to manage security on a per-client basis.

Change to the cookies policy

To keep up with the ever-changing nature of this industry, this cookies policy may be occasionally updated. In case of such changes, we will post the details on this page.

Last Update: March 2020